ZVAB’s en.zvab.com website is no longer available. We recommend using AbeBooks.com or AbeBooks.co.uk as books offered by ZVAB booksellers - plus millions of other books from more sellers - are available from these two English language websites.

Both sites are ideal for customers who prefer to shop in English. AbeBooks.co.uk allows customers to pay in British pounds, while AbeBooks.com offers the same books in US dollars. Both websites offer the same inventory.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this change. ZVAB.com continues to operate as a purely German language website.

Alternatively, we have a website dedicated to Spanish speakers, IberLibro.com, that shares the same inventory as the AbeBooks sites and offers books in Euros. There are also AbeBooks websites for Italian and French speakers where payment can be made in Euros.

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