SVU: Love and Murder (Sweet Valley University, Thriller Edition)

John, Laurie; Pascal, Francine

Verlag: Bantam Books, 1998
ISBN 10: 055349225X / ISBN 13: 9780553492255
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Bewertung (bereitgestellt von Goodreads):
3,7 durchschnittlich
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Inhaltsangabe: The man of her nightmares...

When Lila Fowler meets the mysterious, sexy Damon Price, the connection is too intense to be explained.  Lila instantly feels as if she's known him for ages.  And when she experiences the recklessly passionate thrill of his kisses, she knows that he feels the same way.  But despite their deep bond, Lila knows nothing about Damon's past.

Then the nightmares begin.  Vivid, violent nightmares from another era in which she becomes Flora Grey, the wife of Theodore, an abusive man who looks exactly like Damon.  Before long, Lila discovers that the Greys really existed...and that Flora was murdered by her husband.  The more Lila learns about the couple, the more Damon seems to have adopted Theodore's evil ways.  Could Flora's tragic history be repeating itself?

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.: Jessica Wakefield angled her lovely face up into the sun, swept her blond hair back over her shoulders, and sighed.  Sunny mornings like this one were perfect for skipping class, especially classes taught by moldy old professors like Dr. Heckman.

Poor Lila, Jessica thought, curling her tanned legs under her as she leaned back on one arm and stared up at the window of her art history lecture hall.   Whatever made her hide herself away in class on a day like this?

She eyed a group of bare-chested guys who were heading out onto the lawn for a game of Frisbee. One blond-haired guy with an especially white set of teeth gave her a brilliant smile as he flung the disk behind his back.

Jessica tossed him a smile before stretching out her legs and rolling onto her stomach. The university quad was a great place to sunbathe. She liked its long, carefully manicured stretch of grass and trees. It was dotted with benches and bordered on three sides by stucco buildings with quaint, red-tiled roofs.

She poked her nose back into the nice trashy novel she'd brought with her. On its cover a voluptuous woman in a low-cut satin dress was draped across the arms of a ruggedly handsome man wearing a torn, ruffled shirt.

"Jessica! Jessica!"

Jessica propped herself up on her elbow and glanced in the direction of the familiar voice. Lila Fowler was hurrying down the middle of the university quad as if she were being pursued by the entire Neiman Marcus sales staff. Jessica narrowed her eyes. What was wrong with her?

Today, Jessica noted, Lila was wearing an immaculately cut, sleeveless linen pant-suit, one of the many outfits Lila had acquired in European boutiques during her whirlwind courtship and marriage to the Count di Mondicci. But her thick chestnut hair was whipping wildly around her face, and her porcelain complexion was pink with excitement.

"Jes-si-ca . . ." Lila panted, dropping down on the grass next to her. She stopped to catch her breath. "You shouldn't have skipped Twentieth-Century Art."

Jessica eyed her. "Why?" she said dryly. "Did Professor Heckman turn into a prince after you kissed him?"

Lila drew up her slender knees and hugged them, her face uncharacteristically flushed and her eyes burning. "Something along those lines."

"What?" Jessica sat up, snapping shut her romance novel. Lila Fowler had actually kissed Professor Heckman? Exactly what could she have possibly kissed? His cheek? His hand? His horrid bald spot? She shuddered at the thought. She never imagined Lila would go that far to get a good grade.

Lila's brown eyes glazed over. "Professor Heckman brought in a new TA for the class, and he's the most incredibly gorgeous guy I've ever seen in my life."

Jessica felt her mouth drop open.

"He's very tall and tanned," Lila went on breathlessly. "And he has these very green eyes and . . . once we started looking at each other, Jessica, it was like we couldn't tear our eyes away."

"I don't believe it," Jessica said. "This was in Professor Heckman's class? World headquarters for the most boring learning approaches to art history?"

"Yes," Lila gushed. "Oh, it was incredible."

Sure, it's incredible, Jessica thought miserably. Just like it was incredible when you met and actually married the Count di Mondicci. Why do you have all the luck?

"We connected, Jessica," Lila said solemnly, resting her delicate chin on her knees.

"What do you mean, you connected?" Jessica demanded.

"It means"--Lila sighed--"that I've only seen him once and that I've never even had a conversation with him, but something has happened."

Jessica looked closely at Lila's face. She could actually see stars shimmering in her friend's eyes.

"It's something important," Lila breathed. "I've heard about this kind of thing happening between two people, but I never thought it would happen to me."

Jessica looked at her skeptically. "Excuse me, Lila. But don't you already have a boyfriend?"

"I know," Lila said dreamily.

"Some guy named Bruce Patman who's conveniently studying in Japan right now?" Jessica went on. "You've been slavishly devoted to him for months now, remember?"

Lila flushed. "This doesn't have anything to do with Bruce."

"Yes, it does," Jessica reminded her. "And I don't believe you could actually be in love after seeing this guy for five minutes."

Lila's eyes remained glazed over. "When you connect with a guy like this, you have to see it through even if you do happen to be going out with someone else."

"I'll remember to tell Bruce that when he comes back," Jessica drawled.

Lila looked unfazed. "Come to the next class, Jessica. You'll see what I mean."

"I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Smiling dizzily, Lila jumped to her feet. "Gotta go."

"Don't trip all over yourself."

Lila seemed oblivious. "Catch you for dinner at the student union at six, OK?"

"Yeah," Jessica murmured thoughtfully as she watched Lila wander away down the quad. "And thanks for ruining my morning, Lila."

Jessica pressed her lips together. From what she could tell, Lila really had fallen instantly for this guy, which was pretty incredible considering Lila's naturally cool and wary personality. Jessica shook her head. I'd be cool and wary too if I were drop-dead gorgeous and had millions in my bank account, she mused. So what's up with her now?

She jammed her paperback into her backpack and stood up, flipping back one thick strand of blond hair. "Well, don't expect my bad mood to last, Lila," she murmured schemingly. "I'll be there next Wednesday, and I will definitely be looking my best. Once our new TA takes one look at me, he'll know which work of art he appreciates more."

"Directory assistance for Sweet Valley," the operator stated sourly.

"Price," Lila said, tapping her cordless phone with an impatient, glossy fingernail. "First name, Damon."

"One moment, please."

Lila's pencil was poised over the P section of her thick address book and her heart was pumping wildly. She looked out her apartment window at the falling light through the trees. It had been only nine hours since she'd last seen Professor Heckman's mysterious new teaching assistant, but she wasn't about to wait until next week to see him again.

Lila Fowler was not used to being kept waiting, after all.

"I'm sorry," the operator finally said. "I have no listing in the Sweet Valley region for anyone by that name."

Lila gritted her teeth. "Last name, Price. First name, Damon."

"I've tried P-r-i-c-e and P-r-y-c-e, and neither name is listed under the first name Damon or initial D or any first name beginning with the letter D."

"Well, I commend you for being so irritatingly thorough," Lila snapped before clicking the phone off hard with her thumb and falling backward on her fluffy bed.

Lila tried to think. Damon Price. Teaching assistant. Maybe they'd given him a private office with his own phone. With any luck he'd have one already.

Without hesitating, she clicked on the phone again and dialed the university operator.

"SVU switchboard."

"I need the number for a teaching assistant named Damon Price," Lila asked politely.

"Just a minute, please."

Lila stared up at the ceiling. I'm so crazy. I'm so crazy, she thought anxiously.

"Oh. OK," the operator began. "Mr. Price's number is 555-9045."

Lila quickly jotted down the number. "Thank you," she said triumphantly, feeling a stab of excitement in the pit of her stomach. She steadied herself, then punched the number.

"Hello. You've reached the voice mailbox of Damon Price," Damon's deep voice announced. "Please leave a message after the tone, and I'll return your call as soon as I can."

Lila took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "Hello, Mr. Price. This is Lila Fowler from Professor Heckman's Twentieth-Century Art class. I wanted to personally apologize for disturbing your introduction this morning. But there was one other thing too. . . ." Lila bit her lower lip and concentrated. "During my travels in Europe I took a special interest in the Brücke group myself," she lied. "In fact, I'm doing further research on . . . uh, Claude Monet right now and wondered if we could meet one-on-one to discuss it. My number is 555-9934."

By this time Lila could barely breathe; just thinking about Damon Price's face and the fact that he would be listening to her message within a matter of hours--if not minutes--made her panic.

"Well," Lila said quickly. "I look forward to hearing from you soon, then. Good-bye, Damon, for now."

Lila pressed the Off button on her cordless phone. The room was cool, but her back was damp with sweat. Her racing heart had begun to slow, but she could barely move a muscle, as if she'd just run a marathon.

Her eyes traveled to the small table beside her bed, where she'd arranged silver-framed photos of the people she loved most in life: Jessica, Isabella Ricci, her parents, and her boyfriend, Bruce. The largest one was of her beloved late husband, Tisiano--a shot she'd taken on their honeymoon on their private yacht in Greece. She stared at his tanned face and inexpressibly happy smile agains...

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Bibliografische Details

Titel: SVU: Love and Murder (Sweet Valley ...
Verlag: Bantam Books
Erscheinungsdatum: 1998
Einband: Mass Market Paperback
Zustand: Very Good

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