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Inhaltsangabe: 'The Enlightenment' is a collection of readings which contains the highest spiritual essence of sacred knowledge, embodying wisdom, strength and the divine power of transformation. By reading The Enlightenment you will benefit from: - A spiritual revelation or deep insight into the meaning and purpose of all things. - A communication with or understanding the mind of God. - The realization of the non-duality of the observer and the observed. - An entirely new consciousness whereby everything is perceived as a unity. - A passage beyond the material world into a thought-transcending realm. - A deep interior peace and a state of complete emptiness. - The discovery of one's own inherent goodness. These are all experiences along the path to full Enlightenment. "Enlightenment is not the achievement of something, but the absence of something". It is a state where the ego and the small self have been transcended. - The Enlightenment Anyone is capable of attaining Enlightenment. It has been claimed that Enlightenment cannot be described in language, expression or communication of any form. Paradoxically, the understanding of these truths, described in this book, is itself part of the Enlightenment experience. "Reading The Enlightenment will inspire you to embrace the values of peace, love, respect, morality and harmony. Nicholas Socrates' The Enlightenment is an inspiring and timely reading and serves as a gentle reminder for us to collectively act on bringing forth that Enlightened Society. Doing so will make this world a better place to live." - Maria Josefa "The Enlightenment is the paramount anthology of spiritual and blessed knowledge." - Rahman "The truest test of your life is what we do for one another; The difference you can make in the lives of others." - The Enlightenment "Asking you to turn inward, claim your mastery and plant the seeds of peace." - The Enlightenment Socrates is a well wisher of humanity and wants people to use his experience and attained wisdom for the betterment of universe and humanity. His message is a reminder to establish Peace, Love, Happiness, Truth, and Unification in the world. - Muhammad Akhtar Pervez "Nicholas gives us hope when he says, 'Understand this absolute truth; that there will be peace and prosperity in the world." - The Enlightenment

From the Author: Preface

This Enlightened discourse is,
The result of a period of intense study,
Working patiently, consistently and lovingly.

Comprised of many years of studying the sacred scriptures,
The secret teachings of supreme importance,
From all different angles of vision.

Collecting the most poignant statements of our time,
Words, which resonate, which are empowering, insightful, wise and alive.

Connecting and interweaving these different sources of wisdom,
And filtering them through an integrity gained from,
The integration of this study with my personal experience.

It has been a deductive process,
Stripping away all but the essentials.

Enlightenment is not the achievement of something,
But the absence of something.

The intention is to share this received wisdom,
Wisdom, which has been around for thousands of years,
And adapting it for you, for this time, which we are living in, now.

It is the correct teaching for the peace of the world,
Advancing the world's dialog on morality and respect,
Showing the way forward in a dignified direction.

It is a proposal for peace.

These honorable writings,
Upholding the teachings;
It is just so immediate and touching,
All of this is absolutely crucial.

Linked to the desire to transcend our future situation,
This is improving the world,
A future era is being prepared.

Opening a door for you,
If you want to go further,
To explore the spiritual path.
It is a festival of ideas for the future,
Learned from higher knowledge,
Expressing the possibilities within reach of the human mind.

It is not a concept or a random technique thought up for self-improvement.

Rather, it is a basic principle; being-human,
And how to use our sense perceptions, mind and body together.

It is with an open heart and an open mind that I ask you to receive these teachings.

It is a fine beneficial experience,
It is intimate, sexy, friendly, auspicious, enjoyable and fun.

It is a very contemporary technique and methodology;
Delightfully cool and energized;
It is what the world needs.

It is a full-on gift of love,
Written for your enjoyment.

Provoking you to understand,
Promoting peace.
It is always available,
And it is always there.

It is a story, which unfolds over time,
Giving you continued support and guidance.

Both in the reading,
And the after effect it has on your life.

It is an interactive reading experience,
Presented to you in a way, which makes sense.

Arranged into easily downloadable,
Voluptuous and sensuous, chunks of data,
Facilitating easy absorption.

First thought best thought,
Your total presence is required.

Being present and therefore receptive,
To the nexus of communicative forces happening all around you.

Giving you access to your Higher Self,  
And to new ways of thinking.

It is the supreme and ultimate truth.

Its words are excellent,
It is completely perfect and completely pure,
It brings you complete vision,
It is always timely,
And it directs you further.

Possessing immeasurable wisdom,
Perfecting all the wisdoms,
Abiding in the ultimate perfection.

It is trustworthy,
And it puts an end to the journey.

Rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins,
These words appeal to your true intelligence,
Appealing to both the eye and the stomach.

The very essence of life,
A drop of golden liquid,
A taste of the exotic.

Rich in complex,
And of new importance,
This book is dedicated to;
The growth of world humility, peace and understanding,
The motivation is to heal.

A message, which is conveyed emotionally and sensuously,
Full of insight, revelation, healing and calm,
Reaching contact with the deepest part of you.

The information, ideas and suggestions contained in this manuscript are;
Intended to enhance your experience of reality,
And by extension the lives of those around you.

May your life be positively affected in great measures,
With lots and lots of fun, laughter and smiles,
Health, happiness and wellbeing maintained.

Now easily transmitting these teachings,
With love.

Shifting you inwardly,
A time of great purification,
The dawning of a new era.
It is utterly magnificent,
It is extremely powerful,
Amazingly wonderful.

A deep radical enterprise,
A revolution of the heart,
A spiritually dignified joyous memory.

Emerging with;
Radical realization shining from our faces,
Understanding more of what is perceived,
With a deeper understanding of reality,
And an increasing of spiritual light.

It has remarkable consequences.

Always remain humbly smiling.

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