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Críticas: The parallels with Patricia Highsmith's The Talented Mr. Ripley are not lost on Kirn, who spends as much time trying to understand how he and others fell under Gerhartstreiter's spell as he does relating the primary tale of the criminal himself. Kirn's candor, ear for dialogue, and crisp prose make for a masterful true crime narrative that is impossible to put down. The book deserves to become a classic.

This stunning book dissects psychopathy, the perverse manners of the Internet generation, art, money, and the very nature of belief. At its core, it brilliantly portrays one man's journey through fraudulence to a point of stern resolve. It's tabloid tell-all journalism and Old Testament rebuke. It is of a piece with Roethke: it tells us that the abyss is just a step down the stair. --James Ellroy"

In Blood Will Out Walter Kirn brilliantly and with remarkable eloquence dissects one of the great impostors and along the way delves into the fraudulence within that made him so susceptible to the other man's lies. A gripping performance! --Edmund White"

Though Blood Will Out is written with Walter Kirn's usual stylistic verve, insight, and imagination it is actually a disturbing account of a one-sided, naively misguided 'friendship' with a dangerous sociopath. Here is a memoir in the guise of a 'true crime story' a double portrait of writer and subject in which the subject is partially erased even as the writer evokes the considerable tools of his imagination to reconstruct him and his own motive in the bizarre relationship. --Joyce Carol Oates"

A Hitchcockian psychological thriller and one of the most honest and affecting memoirs I've read. It is superbly written, each sentence a wonder, each page deepening my appreciation of Kirn s precise observation of human nature. --Amy Tan"

Blood Will Out is a deep meditation on wealth and class and anybody's self-destructive ability to get conned by a blackbelt liar. A must-read. --Mary Karr"

This scorching account of a friendship with a man who overturned the author's faith in his own judgment owes its strength to the author's deep understanding of 'the fathomless human genius for credulity, wishful thinking, and self deception, ' starting with his own. Kirn parses the ways in which a highly intelligent writer got caught up with a character more compelling than any he could create, such that this book has the power and insight and raw energy of an instant classic. --Amy Hempel"

There is no finer guide to the American berserk than Walter Kirn. --Gary Shteyngart"

The parallels with Patricia Highsmith s The Talented Mr. Ripley are not lost on Kirn, who spends as much time trying to understand how he and others fell under Gerhartstreiter s spell as he does relating the primary tale of the criminal himself. Kirn s candor, ear for dialogue, and crisp prose make for a masterful true crime narrative that is impossible to put down. The book deserves to become a classic. "

Kirn is such a good writer and Gerhartsreiter such a baroquely, demonically colorful subject, you could imagine this being a fine read had they no personal connection. That they did, however, elevates Blood Will Out to another level: Kirn lards his story with detail while reviewing his own psyche, in an attempt to discover how he a journalist! could have been so fooled. The irony? With all due respect to Kirn's skills as a novelist, it is hard to conceive of any fictionalized version of ''Clark Rockefeller'' being as compelling as the real thing. --Clark Collis"

In this smart, real-life psychological thriller, the fake Rockefeller is a zombie Gatsby and Kirn the post-apocalyptic Fitzgerald. --Nina Burleigh"

Kirn bravely lays bare his own vanities and follies in this heart-pounding true tale; he examines the hold of fiction on the human imagination how we live for it and occasionally die for it, too. --Judith Newman"

This fascinating account from the perspective of a victim should appeal to readers of memoirs and true crime titles. --Deirdre Bray"

The story of Blood Will Out is one of cosmic ironies and jaw-dropping reversals What makes Blood Will Out so absorbing is its teller more than its subject. Kirn s persona is captivating funny, pissed off, highly literate, and self-searching. He s also an elegant, classic writer Add the highly readable, intricately told Blood Will Out to the list of great books about the dizzying tensions of the writing life and the maddening difficulty of getting at the truth. --Amity Gaige"

[A] fascinating account of the imposter he considered his friend for 10 years Blood Will Out is an exploration of a hoaxer from the point of view of a mark, and of a relationship based on interlocking deceptions and self-deceptions. The result is a moral tale about the dangers of social climbing on a rickety ladder for both those trying to scramble up the rungs and those trying to hold it steady below. --Heller McAlpin"

Riveting and disturbing, Blood Will Out is a melange of memoir, stranger-than-fiction crime reporting and cultural critique. The literary markers run the gamut from James Ellroy s My Dark Places, and Fyodor Doestoevsky s Crime and Punishment to Patricia Highsmith s Ripley trilogy and Strangers on a Train. Kirn s self-lacerating meditations on class, art, vanity, ambition, betrayal and delusion elevate the material beyond its pulpy core Kirn s belated acceptance of reality provides the most fascinating and frustrating element of this engaging, self-flagellating memoir. --Larry Lebowitz"

One of the most honest, compelling and strangest books about the relationship between a writer and his subject ever penned by an American scribe Each new revelation comes subtly, and each adds to the pathetic and creepy portrait of Clark Rockefeller as a vacuous manipulator The ending of Blood Will Out is at once deeply ambiguous and deeply satisfying. By then, Kirn has looked into the eyes of a cruel, empty man and learned a lot about himself in the process. --Hector Tobar"

[A] tight, gripping book This bit of noir, from Mr. Kirn about Clark Rockefeller, is just right. --Janet Maslin"

Kirn's voice throughout is witty and sharp. His canny, deceptively casual organization of the narrative heightens suspense, and the words and images in his flowing prose cut like laser beams For its devastating, unsettling psychological insights and its rich, polished writing, Blood Will Out equals Truman Capote's In Cold Blood as a nonfiction novel of crime. --Gerald Bartell"

Blood Will Out makes the darkness visible. Kirn s account of his friendship with this strange and terrible man cuts through the frippery of Gerhartsreiter s outrageous affectations to reveal the Lovecraftian nightmare hiding beneath the J. Press blazer. Blood Will Out is a wise, deeply frightening, and potentially sleep-disrupting read In the end, Kirn manages to transform his personal account of one of this century s most aberrant personalities into a vessel bearing universal truths about narrative, evil, and the American Dream itself. --Eugenia Williamson"

Absorbing If there s anything rarer than a con man with Clark s gift for the game, it s a writer of Kirn s quicksilver accomplishment To have someone of Kirn s ability write about the case from the inside promises exceptional insight into the way such tricksters operate and the even greater enigma of what motivates them. --Laura Miller"

Engrossing A haunting, pained and terrifically engaging self-interrogation That's what makes great memoirs which this one is so interesting: They're at once authentic and performative. They're not all that different in that respect from the act of an impostor and murderer such as Gerhartsreiter, missing only the essential ingredient of madness It's a major step forward as a writer. --Charles Finch"

A nod to a different canon of con men and tricksters: the protagonist of Melville s The Confidence-Man, the prep-school clones of Leopold and Loeb of Hitchcock s Rope, and Highsmith s highbrow hucksters all crossed with the shadows of film noir. --Eric Banks"

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