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Inhaltsangabe: Frank Brockett makes his living compiling pub quizzes. Now he passes on his extensive knowledge in book form. For instance, which footballer won the League and Cup Double, the World Cup and GBP17,000 on a gambling machine on the ferry home? Or how about the number Michael Caine wore in Escape to Victory? With over 5,000 sporting teasers there's enough here to baffle your friends, stump your enemies and confound the pub know-it-all. You could even start your own pub quiz and give Frank some serious competition. Take him on, if you think you're hard enough!

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.: ACTORS 1.

Which man is known as 'The Muscles from Brussels'? 2.

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger went into films, what was his sport? 3.

Michael Jordan acts alongside cartoons in which film? 4.

Sylvester Stallone could have been a professional goalkeeper. True or false? 5.

Olympic swimmer Johnny Weismuller was most famous for playing which film character? 6.

Which star of 'Raging Bull' was told he could have been a professional boxer? 7.

At which martial art was Chuck Norris once a World Champion? 8.

Errol Flynn competed in which sport at the Olympics? 9.

Name the well-known actor who has a Sheffield United tattoo. 10.

Which footballer appeared in the 1998 film 'Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels'? 11.

Bruce Lee played 'Kato' in which TV series? 12.

Which sporting actor's last words were: "That was a great game of golf"? 13.

John Wayne had an injury which prevented him from going into which sport? 14.

Dolph Lundgren played an adversary in which Rocky film? 15.

Which Smith captained England at cricket and went on to become a Hollywood actor? 16.

Brian Bosworth went into acting after leaving which sport? 17.

Paul Newman starred in which ice hockey film? 18.

In which film does Whoopi Goldberg become the coach of an awful basketball team? 19.

Jackie Gleason played which character in 'The Hustler'? 20.

Colin Firth played the lead in which film, based on a Nick Hornby book? 21.

Who played the quarterback in the film 'Mean Machine'? 22.

Jack Johnson, the World heavyweight boxing champion played Othello on stage. True or false? 23.

Which boxer had a fistfight with Oliver Reed in the film 'Royal Flash'? 24.

'I am the Hippopotamus' and 'The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid' are two films starring which sportsman? 25.

Which man won the shot put silver medal at the 1928 Olympics and later became Tarzan? THREE LIONS 1.

A number of England footballers caused #5,000 worth of damage on a plane in 1996 when coming back home from where? 2.

Who was the youngest player to play for England in the 20th century? 3.

Which England International is in the record books for being the heaviest goalkeeper, reaching 26 stones by the end of his career? 4.

Which Englishman scored the quickest ever goal in the World Cup Finals in 1982? 5.

What is Nobby Stiles' first name? 6.

Which knight was sacked as England manager in 1974? 7.

Who still holds the record for scoring the most goals for England? 8.

Who said: "Why didn't you just belt it son"? 9.

Gary Lineker's last England game was against which country? 10.

Which England player was compared to Mary Poppins in 1998? 11.

England played which country in an ill-tempered quarter-final of the 1966 World Cup? 12.

In 1998 which Blackburn striker told Glenn Hoddle he didn't want his B squad place? 13.

'This Time (We'll get it right)' was the England anthem for which World Cup? 14.

Which two England players had a hit with 'Diamond Lights' in 1987? 15.

How many Man Utd players made it into Hoddle's final 22 at France '98? 16.

Which England Manager played for his country for the first time in 1957 and scored twice? 17.

In which year did Peter Shilton make his England debut? 18.

Which manager failed to take England to the 1994 World Cup? 19.

Who succeeded Alf Ramsey as England manager? 20.

What was the name of Glenn Hoddle's infamous faith healer? 21.

Who was sent off against Argentina at France '98 22.

When England's players were first interviewed at France '98 what did they attempt to slip into every conversation? 23.

Which footballer has the middle names Emerson Carlysle? 24.

Which Times journalist's interview led, within a week, to the dismissal of Glenn Hoddle as England manager? 25.

Which former England striker is ironically known as 'mystic Kev'? MIXED BAG 1 1.

What is the largest victory ever achieved in an official first-class match? 2.

Which game can be described as a mini snooker table with mushrooms on it, the idea being to knock balls into holes indirectly? 3.

Rachael Heyhoe-Flint is a name most closely associated with which sport? 4.

How long is a marathon in kilometres? 5.

In 1981 which horse won the Derby by a record 10 lengths? 6.

Shirley Crabtree was better known as which larger-than-life character? 7.

Which ball do you have to pot last to win a game of pool? 8.

In which country was Lennox Lewis born? 9.

Lacoste shirts get their name from Rene Lacoste. Which sport did he play? 10.

How many players make up a team on court in a game of handball? 11.

Stuart Pearce left which club to join Newcastle Utd? 12.

'The Gooner' is a fanzine associated with which football club? 13.

In cricket which county is known as the Spitfires? 14.

'Cobb' was a film about which baseball player? 15.

Back in 1957 which baseball team left Brooklyn for LA? 16.

Which Welshman won the 1979 World Snooker title at his first attempt? 17.

What does MVP mean in American sport? 18.

In cricket what does it mean if you are out 'c & b'? 19.

A 'spare' is scored in which sport? 20.

When were goal nets invented in football? 21.

Which Swedish boxer became World Heavyweight Champion with a right hand that he labelled 'The Hammer of Thor'? 22.

Bob Champion won the Grand National on which horse? 23.

When Damon Hill left Williams, which driver replaced him? 24.

Who won Britain's only gold at the 1980 Winter Olympics? 25.

What colour are Liverpool's home shirts? BOXING 1 1.

Packy East had three boxing bouts, all of which he lost. When asked about them he said: "I was on the canvas more times than Rembrandt". How is he better known? 2.

When Terry Marsh was World Champion he also had another job. What was it? 3.

Which boxing promoter is known for his distinctive electrified hair? 4.

Who bought the title 'Lord of Brighton'? 5.

Daniel Alicea was the first boxer to put which British World Champion onto the canvas? 6.

Who is the 'Fleetwood Assassin'? 7.

How many times did Chris Eubank fight Steve Collins? 8.

Alan Minter was a World Champion at which weight? 9.

Why would a cornerman put adrenaline on a cut during a fight? 10.

Joe Calzaghe comes from which country? 11.

What is the lightest weight in professional boxing? 12.

What does WBO stand for? 13.

Who was the 'Celtic Warrior'? 14.

What is the BBBC? 15.

HBO is important in boxing. What is it? 16.

What is Naseem Hamed's religion? 17.

Who was Roberto Duran fighting when he turned round to the referee and said: "No Mas"? 18.

Roy Jones played which other sport for the Jacksonville Barracudas on the same day as a title fight? 19.

Julio Cesar Chavez is Mexican. True or false? 20.

Which colour medal did Robin Reid win at the Barcelona Olympics? 21.

Who said this when asked why he shaved his head: "With four sisters running about the house I could never get my hands on a comb"? 22.

What is a rabbit punch? 23.

In which film does Paul Newman play Rocky Graziano? 24.

Which former World Middleweight Champion tragically shot himself in May 1966? 25.

How many weights are there in amateur boxing? ADVERTS 1.

Kevin Keegan and Henry Cooper both advertised which aftershave? 2.

Which Manchester United player regularly advertises Manchester Arndale Centre? 3.

In the Pizza Hut advert who put a paper bag over his head? 4.

Which breakfast cereal have Geoff Boycott, Ian Botham, Sharron Davies and Brian Clough all advertised? 5.

Name the American Footballer who complained about losing his advertising contracts after being cleared of murder? 6.

Ian Rush said, "If I don't drink my milk I'll only be good enough to play for ..." which football team? 7.

Graham Taylor sends whom a cake in the Yellow Pages advert? 8.

"Be Like Mike" is a slogan in America. Who is Mike? 9.

J.R.Hartley was looking for a book on which sport? 10.

Which tiger has played volleyball, frisbee and had a great time mountain biking? 11.

Which fast food chain did Jonah Lomu, the Underwood brothers and their mum advertise? 12.

Eric Cantona, Ian Wright, Robbie Fowler and David Seaman all play football on Hackney Marshes, in which ad? 13.

Which wrestler became the voice of Tetley Tea? 14.

Even Ian Botham couldn't eat three what? 15.

Which former Liverpool player advertised Wash 'n' Go shampoo in 1998? 16.

In which advert did Agassi say: "Call me Andre"? 17.

Which interesting man advertised Heinz Baked Beans? 18.

Sally Gunnell and Will Carling both advertised which tasty product? 19.

In 1979 which was the first British football club to have a shirt sponsorship deal? 20.

Roy Keane advertised which chocolate product when he visited confession to tell of his football sins? 21.

Which footballer starred in an advert for L'Oreal? 22.

Steve Backley and Iwan Thomas went naked to advertise whose shoes? 23.

Which Heavyweight boxer has advertised Mars, HP Sauce, Kleenex and Persil? 24.

"Hello World", were the words used by Nike in their first campaign to advertise which man's prodigious talents? 25.

Which coffee does Ian Wright drink after he runs out of petrol? AGGRO 1.

Why is Matthew Simmons infamous? 2.

Who did Zola Budd trip up at the Olympics? 3.

In 1995 which two Blackburn Rovers team-mates fought each other during a Champions League match? 4.

Which England player was punched by a West Ham fan after a 3-0 win against Portugal at Wembley? 5.

In 1974, which number was called out by the Lions to 'defend themselves'? 6.

Riddick Bowe took an injunction out against which member of his family after she hit him? 7.

Marvin Hagler defeated whom in 1980, which in turn led to a riot? 8.

Which man set a record in 1987 whilst playing for Man Utd against Southampton in a league match by being sent off after a mere 85 seconds? 9.

Shakoor Rana had an altercation with which England cricket captain? 10.

In 1998 Alan Shearer was alleged to have kicked which Leicester City player in the head but was cleared? 11.

Which Italian footballer sustained a fractured cheekbone at Grimsby Town after a fracas with his manager? 12.

Which snooker player was banned for ten months for threatening to have Dennis Taylor shot? 13.

In boxing, if a trainer throws a towel in the ring what does it mean? 14.

Which tennis player used to say: "You cannot be serious"? 15.

In which sport is defence called the back pocket and attack the front pocket? 16.

Which show-jumper showed his contempt for judges at Hickstead by giving them the 'V' sign? 17.

In 1998 which cricket coach put his job in jeopardy following his remarks about a Sri Lankan bowler? 18.

Mike Tyson bit which man's ear? 19.

Dennis Rodman is a name from which sport? 20.

Tonya Harding attempted to have which opponent dealt with? 21.

Johan Le Roux had a lengthy ban from which sport after biting an adversary's ear? 22.

Michael Schumacher accused which man of attempting to kill him in 1998? 23.

I.D. is a film about hooligans in which sport? 24.

Tommie Smith wore a black scarf on the podium at the Mexico City Olympic Games. What did his protest represent? 25.

Which team ran amok in Bournemouth in 1990 after gaining promotion to the old First Division, with fans rioting, looting and assaulting along the way? INTERNATIONAL CRICKET 1.

Why was the first Test Match between England and West Indies in Jamaica abandoned in 1998? 2.

Who was the first man in Test history to take 300 Test wickets? 3.

Which West Indian test players were known as the three W's? 4.

Which Test side does Heath Streak play for? 5.

When the Ashes are played in Australia, a Test match traditionally starts on Boxing Day at which ground? 6.

Which country holds the record highest Test score of 952-6, achieved against India? 7.

Brendan and John Bracewell were two brothers who played cricket for which country? 8.

When England toured New Zealand in 1997, which player was allegedly caught smoking an illegal substance in a restaurant? 9.

Who is 'Beefy'? 10.

Dickie Bird umpired his last Test at which ground? 11.

Which former Test cricketers lost their libel case against Imran Khan? 12.

Which South African left his country to play 44 Tests for England from 1966 to 1972? 13.

What was Don Bradman's Test batting average? 14.

England lost the first Test in the 1998 tour of the West Indies, but which bowler took 11 wickets for England? 15.

Who was the first professional captain of England? 16.

If you get a 'golden duck' in both innings of a Test, what is this called? 17.

What is TMS short for? 18.

What is the 'Death Rattle'? 19.

What did South African cricketer Pat Symcox become the first to do in over 90 years in 1998? 20.

Who was Dean Headley's famous cricketing grandfather? 21.

Who won the first Cricket World Cup? 22.

Following on from that, the first World Cup took place in which year? 23.

In 1956 which bowler took all ten Australian wickets in an innings? 24.

Which Indian bowler recently emulated that feat by taking all ten Pakistan wickets in an innings? 25.

If you were watching the home team play in Harare which country would you be in? MIXED BAG 2 1.

With which sport is the name Carling Bassett associated? 2.

How many holes in are there in a Ten Pin bowling ball? 3.

The Salford City Reds play which sport? 4.

'When You're Smiling' is a fanzine from which football club? 5.

Which Test cricketer won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1975? 6.

The golfer Jumbo Ozaki comes from which country? 7.

How many players are there on each team in a game of shinty? 8.

Which game is played in 2 halves of 30 minutes on a court of 40 metres long by 20 metres wide with goals 2 metres high and 3 metres wide? 9.

The film 'Players' is about which sport? 10.

Malcolm Cooper won two Olympic golds for Great Britain in which sport? 11.

James 'Lights Out' Toney is a name from which sport? 12.

From which country do the Olympics originate? 13.

Jonty Rhodes is regarded as one of the best fielders in world cricket. Which Test side does he play for? 14.

Villa Park is the home of which football club? 15.

Petra Felke is a name linked closely with which field event? 16.

What is the BAAB? 17.

Linford Christie won the 100 metres gold in the '92 Olympics but who was the last Briton before him to achieve the same feat? 18.

The 'Toffee Men' is the nickname of which football team? 19.

If you were watching the Atlanta Hawks playing the Indiana Pacers what sport would you be watching? 20.

Which well-known heavyweight boxer said this? "People may think all boxers are animals. But we are all brothers at the end of the day black, white, yellow or pink. We hug each other after a fight like we are gay." 21.

Who plays football at Rugby Park? 22.

Which King founded Newmarket as a sporting centre? 23.

Which football team was formed first: Sheffield Utd or She...

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