ISRAEL FIRST! The Key to Understanding the Blood Moons, Shemitah, Promises to Israel, the Coming Jubilee, and How it all Fits Together

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9789657738009: ISRAEL FIRST! The Key to Understanding the Blood Moons, Shemitah, Promises to Israel, the Coming Jubilee, and How it all Fits Together

Israel FIRST! is the book that reshaped the thinking of the Blood Moons, Shemitah and Jubilee. Israel FIRST! stood out amongst the foreboding and proclaimed God s hope in the Blood Moons, God s patience in the Shemitah cycle, and God s restoration in the Coming Jubilee. Why has this book predicted so many events so accurately so far? Perhaps because the authors decided to view events through the lens of Israel first, a novel approach it introduces to the world. The book represents the first time an Orthodox Jew from Israel and an American Christian have co-wrote a book on Christian prophecy. They even offered to grade their predictions publicly and to learn from mistakes. Israel FIRST! stood against apocalyptic fears and said the Blood Moons are good for Israel, a sign of God s covenant love throughout history, and suggested no major Israeli war was coming just yet. They were right. Israel FIRST! says the Shemitah theory has merit, but predicted no Wall Street meltdown in Fall 2015. They were right. The book proposed a new sobering perspective on Shemitah from Leviticus they call God's Seven Year Forecast, showing the exact judgments God will bring upon America if it does not repent. They said the first indication of this idea would be a dramatic increase in terrorism in Fall 2015. They were right. Israel FIRST! says that the blessings and curses God spoke over Abraham are still in force today. It asks and answers what specific Presidential actions might unleash a curse today. It also offers a new idea regarding a 1929 Jewish Immigration law it says might have cursed the USA and triggered The Great Depression. Israel FIRST! finally asks if we have just entered a new Jubilee year, by showing the amazing pattern of God s work in Jerusalem in 1917 and 1967. It predicts how Israel and the world might change in a Jubilee year. The book is amazingly relevant with many of its remaining predictions coming due in 2016 and 2017. Over fifty predictions and scores of new ideas summarized in its appendices for easy reference.

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About the Author:

Gidon Ariel is the founder and CEO of Root Source. Gidon made Aliyah to Israel in 1978 at age 14, and spent close to a decade in advanced Jewish studies institutes (Yeshivas) and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Raised as an Orthodox Jew, Gidon has kept Jewish traditions his entire life. Quite unexpectedly, in 2005, he felt a personal call from Hashem (God) to begin to reach out to Christians in friendship, to bless and educate them about Jewish life, thought, and insights about Hebrew Scriptures. Bob O'Dell is an evangelical Christian, former high-tech executive with Motorola and Wintegra, and astronomy enthusiast. Living in Texas, Bob has worked with Israeli Jews for over 25 years. Gidon and Bob founded Root Source to promote Gidon s vision of Israeli Jews teaching Christians worldwide.


The discussion of Israel is always a highly complex theological, religious, political phenomenon. It promotes feelings of love and hatred. I write as one who spends his life in the Middle East working Iraq, Jordan and Israel. I see that the Middle East is at the heart of God's plans and purposes. Unlike most people I ardently love both the Jews and the Arabs and refuse to see that just one side is right. Amidst this entire dilemma is the Land of The Holy One. With such profound effect in Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities. This particularly is a means of discussion amongst much of the evangelical Christian community. This book deals in depth with so many of the issues which challenge the church today; the blood moons the Shemitah Year and the Messianic age. Here is a unique book written by two unique people an Orthodox Israeli Jew and an American Evangelical Christian. From them you will get answers to your many questions enjoy this outstanding book. --The Reverend Canon Dr. Andrew White, President of the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East

The State of Israel is proud to advance values and technological innovations that serve as a light unto the nations in a variety of ways. As the Minister of Science, Technology and Space I find it to be a great honor to oversee so many of these initiatives. I know that millions of our Christian friends watch the news from our region with a Bible in their hand, as they follow the amazing rebirth of the Jewish people in our historic homeland. My friend Gidon Ariel, who is a long-time activist in the field of Christian Zionism, has shared with me his latest endeavor: his book explaining Biblical prophecy and how important it is to support Israel in our days. I found this book makes an important contribution to the study of this topic. One might not agree with all of Gidon's conclusions, but we can all agree that the Jewish people are extremely fortunate and even blessed to have such good friends around the world. Blessings from Jerusalem, --Danny Danon, Minister of Science, Technology and Space

Bob O'Dell and Gidon Ariel raise critical questions and give solid answers on topics long hidden, but recently brought to light. I hope the biblical viewpoints will garner greater support for the Roots Source work in educating all who pick it up to read. The scope of this book stimulates areas of concern for all of us and provokes us to deeper thoughts. Everyone owes it to themselves to read the book. What makes it special is that it is a joint effort by an evangelical Christian and an Orthodox Israeli Jew. Every lover of the Scriptures interested in the future of man should have this information and can do no better than to begin with this book. --Sharon K. Sanders, Co-Founder & Director Christian Friends of Israel Jerusalem

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