Dancing the Body of Light

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9789080511323: Dancing the Body of Light

Dancing the Body of Light is the title of the book that Dona has brought out with her student and fellow yoga teacher, Orit Sen-Gupta. Together they have explored the past and present stages of yoga and offer in this ambitious manuscript a way that the art of yoga can continue to develop in the future. Perfect pose, empty mind, and wide heart are at the basis of this development, in which all the aspects of the human being are brought together into one organic whole. This was undoubtedly the aim of the ancient yogi's, but as happens to all traditions, at a certain moment in history the descriptions take the place of reality, the vehicle to arrive at life becomes more important than life itself. The book "Dancing the Body of Light: the Future of Yoga", aims at refreshing old concepts and giving them a new, modern look. Using modern terminology and modern sciences, the old yogic concepts of the annamaya kosha (the physical body) and the pranamaya kosha (the energy body) are rediscovered as the twin vehicle in which the human being travels through life. The application of NOT-DOING or WU-WEI to the physical body brings again the pranamaya kosha or energy body into focus. At the same time the application of NOT-DOING to the mind and heart bring back that peacefulness and innocence that can reflect without distortion the here and now. It is out of that reflection that we can act with clarity and efficiency. The book is brought out in a beautiful hard back cover, and a deluxe paperback which contain, apart from the philosophical part, a large section with a detailed description of all the asanas, bandhas, pranayama techniques and savasana techniques. With more than three hundred photographs it gives, in addition to the description, a visual idea of the ease and fluidity with which the postures can be performed if they are done from the point of view of the energy body through the application of WU-WEI or NOT-DOING. This book is a must for all serious yoga practitioners and teachers.

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From the Author:

In the past yoga has been divided into hatha yoga(physical exercises), raja yoga (meditation), karma yoga (yoga of action), jnana yoga (yoga of knowledge), and bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion). This fragmentation has brought an uneven and incomplete development of the human being in which one aspect of his being (body, mind, actions, knowledge or emotions) has been accentuated at the cost of the others. Action, knowledge or devotion when taken out of the totality of the human being are void. Yoga postures without the others are merely physical exercises. Meditation alone can lead the practitioner into even greater illusion. In the last forty years Dona Holleman has developed a guideline of how this fragmentation can be healed. PERFECT POSE, EMPTY MIND AND WIDE HEART are the prerequisites for not only the performance of the physical postures, but for all our actions in daily life. The physical body and the mind are no longer seen as separate entities. Thus perfect pose is an expression of a mind which is empty and peaceful and a heart which is wide and joyous.

About the Author:

Dona Holleman started studying Oriental philosophy at the age of twelve while living on the isle of Java. Her main focus was Buddhism and Taoism but her real interest has been since a very early age,the body, the mystery of the body. Thus when she came in contact with yoga in the fifties, it became immediately her main path. In the mid sixties she met and studied with B.K.S. Iyengar but has since then spent the last thirty years exploring the various aspects of yoga in her own practice and teaching learning only from her own body. Her belief is that the final answer lies within the body and that each human being has to find this for him or herself alone guided only by the inner light, the inner teacher which is in each one of us. This book is the result of these forty years of research and dedicated practice. Though being one of the leading pioneer women teachers of yoga in the world, Dona has retained her privacy. Her aim is to help people to find the courage to look for their own inner light, and to help yoga make the transition into the next millennium in a form that will give people this courage.

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