The Pretender-Saving Luke

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9781940745923: The Pretender-Saving Luke

Tens of millions of people around the planet are in love with The Pretender. 
Written by the Emmy Award nominated creators of the cult-hit TV show The Pretender - Saving Luke is the second Pretender novel - a slick psychological thriller about a brilliant human chameleon named Jarod who after escaping from the notorious Centre, uses his unequaled abilities to literally become anyone he wants to be (a surgeon, a pilot, a physicist, etc.) as well as his dazzling mind over muscle vigilante-like skills to bring down the powerful and corrupt and protect those who can't defend themselves.  To do so he must stay one step ahead of his relentless pursuer Miss Parker, the sexiest, most fearless woman on the planet who just happens to be secretly in love with him.   
Tens of millions of people around the planet are in love with The Pretender - will you fall in love too? 

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From the Author:

Is it possible for story to renew your sense of wonder, that magical feeling we have as children that life is a gift to be shared with others?
Is it possible for a few pages from a novel - a psychological thriller at that - to stir anew a feeling that you have a positive place in this world? 
Is it possible that a story so compelling can not only keep you completely entertained but, at the same time, increase your self-confidence and understanding that you are not alone in this world?
The story of The Pretender has been doing that and more for tens of millions of people around the world for over a decade first as a hit cult television show and now as a series of novels and it will do it for you as well.
And the reason is - The Pretender makes you feel - like you haven't felt in years.
I got his great fan letter recently from a wonderful woman in Australia saying that to her the Pretender was like the Roberta Flack song Killing Me Softly;  Strumming my pain with his fingers,
Singing my life with his words.  To her the Pretender reached into her soul, read her pain and emotions and understood her.  "It say what I am thinking before I say it myself. When I read The Pretender I feel like I belong to something larger than myself.  Something special."   
People are affected on a personal, emotional, level The Pretender empowers them, dissolves their feelings of isolation- it connects people from various walks of life in a very special way.
A reporter wrote an article about the books and the upcoming graphic novels that really speaks to that. 
"Somewhere in the late 1990s there was an odd moment in my life. I sat around visiting with my parents and my older brother. My brother and I are very different. He's the off-roading, gun shooting, get drunk and party type. I'm more of the plus hotel, fine art, sipping whisky and conversing type. My folks are blue-collar, do-it-yourself, poker night couple. But we have two things in common, we all love football and that one weird night in the late 90s we discovered that we all loved The Pretender.
We have literally received thousands letters - thousands of emotional connections people have to the characters and the story.
From a grateful father in France thanking us for The Pretender - and telling us that when his six year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer the fearlessness of the character of Miss Parker gave her the strength to endure and finally win her battle with it.
From a vibrant woman in in the US who wrote to tell of harrowing childhood of sexual abuse and how on her 16th birthday she was writing her suicide note until she started listening to the story of The Pretender and strengthened by the characters within it put down her pen.  Along with her letter this incredible woman sent us a photograph of her with her five children.
Or the young man who recently emailed us saying: "I'm sure you've heard this before but children from broken or disorganized family units can really relate to the characters in tP.  Reading Rebirth and Saving Luke I am remembering why this resonated with me so much when I was eight and the subject of EPIC custody battle.
If you don't mind hearing it yet again, potent stuff.   Thanks..."
People ask often how we planned a story and created characters that resonate emotionally with so many people?  But the truth is we didn't we didn't plan it.  We wrote a story from our hearts and it has and continues to somehow touch other people's hearts.  
I guess no matter where you are in the world we're not that different.
You see I grew up in a broken, crazily dysfunctional family in New Orleans - one so full of secrets and lies that it would have made Tennessee Williams really start drinking.
As a little boy - much like the character of Jarod in our novels - I never felt comfortable in my world where psychological and physical abuse was the norm. 
Intrinsically I felt that this couldn't be the way life was supposed to be
Luckily I spent two weeks a year at my grandfather's - my 'Big Daddy's' house in a little town in north Louisiana.  He was my island of sanity - he showed me what it was to be a man and a real, loving person and that no matter what you could over come anything in life.  That you could be anyone you wanted to be.
More importantly my Big Daddy taught me to tell stories - and I guess it is no mistake that the stories I like to tell best are imbued with his optimism and realization that life is a gift to be enjoyed by all.
I think you will enjoy The Pretender as much as the millions of other have around the world.
Steve Mitchell 

About the Author:

Steven Long Mitchell
Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, by a family so dysfunctional it would have driven Tennessee Williams to drink even more, Steven is the Emmy Award nominated Writer and Executive Producer of Tin Man, the highest rated miniseries in the history of the Syfy Channel; Co-Creator/Executive Producer of the hit cult classic TV show The Pretender.
Along with his writing partner, Craig W. Van Sickle, Steven has written, produced and/or directed over 200 hours of entertainment programing, including feature films, TV movies, and has worked on series as varied as 24, NCIS, Medical Investigation, Alien Nation, Murder She Wrote and many more.
Steven currently resides in the Los Angeles area with seven females; one wife, three daughters, two dogs - is there any wonder why he has such little hair? To celebrate and/or commiserate with the increasingly follicle-less Steven, please contact him through his website
and follow him on twitter @pretendersteve

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