Cat Sense: The Feline Enigma Revealed

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9781846145940: Cat Sense: The Feline Enigma Revealed

Cats have been popular household pets for thousands of years, and their numbers only continue to rise. Today there are three cats for every dog on the planet, and yet cats remain more mysterious, even to their most adoring owners. Unlike dogs, cats evolved as solitary hunters, and, while many have learned to live alongside humans and even feel affection for us, they still don't quite get us” the way dogs do, and perhaps they never will. But cats have rich emotional lives that we need to respect and understand if they are to thrive in our company.

In Cat Sense, renowned anthrozoologist John Bradshaw takes us further into the mind of the domestic cat than ever before, using cutting-edge scientific research to dispel the myths and explain the true nature of our feline friends. Tracing the cat's evolution from lone predator to domesticated companion, Bradshaw shows that although cats and humans have been living together for at least eight thousand years, cats remain independent, predatory, and wary of contact with their own kind, qualities that often clash with our modern lifestyles. Cats still have three out of four paws firmly planted in the wild, and within only a few generations can easily revert back to the independent way of life that was the exclusive preserve of their predecessors some 10,000 years ago. Cats are astonishingly flexible, and given the right environment they can adapt to a life of domesticity with their owners but to continue do so, they will increasingly need our help. If we're to live in harmony with our cats, Bradshaw explains, we first need to understand their inherited quirks: understanding their body language, keeping their environments however small sufficiently interesting, and becoming more proactive in managing both their natural hunting instincts and their relationships with other cats.

A must-read for any cat lover, Cat Sense offers humane, penetrating insights about the domestic cat that challenge our most basic assumptions and promise to dramatically improve our pets' lives and ours.

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About the Author:

John Bradshaw is Foundation Director of the Anthrozoology Institute at the University of Bristol, where he was previously the University Research Theme Leader for Animal Welfare and Behaviour. Author of the New York Times bestseller Dog Sense, Bradshaw has contributed articles on cats and dogs to BBC Wildlife magazine, Your Cat magazine, BBC Focus magazine, and the New York Daily News.


Publishers Weekly
[Bradshaw] engagingly synthesizes recent academic research about cats.... Readable, practical, and original, this is likely to become the go-to book for understanding cat behavior.”

A useful guide to help cat lovers better understand their elusive pets.”

Scientific American's Dog Spies blog
Cat Sense is the most recent book to dispel myths and explain the true nature of our feline friends.”

Scientific American's Dog Spies blog
Like Dog Sense, but with cats! Bradshaw has pioneered reams of research on cat behavior and cognition and produced a must-read for cat lovers.”

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author of When Elephants Weep and The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats
This fascinating book is one of the finest ever written about cats. There was hardly a page where I did not learn something new, and John Bradshaw's many practical suggestions are truly excellent. Any cat lover is bound to discover in it much that is useful, interesting, and entertaining.”

The Guardian
Bradshaw's book mixes pellets of cat lore with accounts of feline evolution, anatomy, genetics and development from newborn kitten to adulthood, plus descriptions of cat-psychology experiments in the laboratory, many of which he has conducted himself.... Inveterate cat-haters, those defective humans, probably won't appreciate this book, but anyone else might. It is written in a friendly and engaging way, has helpful tips for cat owners, and is packed with excellent cat facts.”

The Guardian, paperback
[A] thoughtful, useful and utterly absorbing book.”

The Observer
You could buy a dozen books by the many cat whisperers, cat gurus and cat therapists that exist in our feline-obsessed modern world, but their accumulated wisdom would probably not help you understand your cats where they've come from, what they want from you, and where they might be going, if we're not careful as well as Cat Sense.”

Drawing from research, the author cracks an enigma: the feline mind. A must for owners wondering how Fluffy really feels about them.”

The Sunday Times
[Bradshaw] starts with cat origins and works methodically and illuminatingly through the many daft anthropomorphic assumptions.... What makes Bradshaw's book so valuable is his positive thinking. How can we make the cat less anxious? How can we help?... [Cat Sense is] a mind-altering book.”

The Sunday Times, paperback
Cat Sense is rich in scientific research and historical anecdote.... Cat owners mostly believe that their pets look after themselves fairly well, so Bradshaw might not find an audience as avid as the one he found for dogs. It is a pity. This is a more entertaining book, written in a more relaxed style.”

The Guardian Books Blog
We're fond of cats. Our favourite cat book this year was animal behaviouralist, John Bradshaw's, Cat Sense, a truly scientific yet deeply affectionate look at the our feline companions.”

The Express
Bradshaw does a great job of explaining to the clueless cat owner what science has discovered about their pet.... [A] fascinating bookshelf essential for anyone who's ever looked at their cat and wondered what's going on behind those big eyes.”

Daily Mail
Cat lovers will certainly enjoy this book, though it does not pretend to solve all the mysteries cats present us with.”

Books about animals tend to swing from how-to manuals devoid of evidence for the tactics they propose to scientific tracts with little comment on the way we actually live with our four-legged friends. Cat Sense strikes a nice balance, perhaps because Bradshaw researched it for 30 years. He synthesizes academic articles, experiments and his own observations into a lively, readable text.”

The New Statesman
On physiology, Bradshaw goes well beyond charming did-you-knows to provide insights that could transform the average cat owner's understanding of their pet.... After reading Cat Sense, you will never look at your cat in the same way again.”

Shelf Awareness for Readers
Using research, his background in anthrozoology and his personal experiences with cats, Bradshaw has written a scientific book that remains easily accessible to any cat owner. He admits up front there is still plenty to learn about the domestic cat, but Cat Sense is a solid starting point and a must for present owners and potential owners alike. Readers will be more aware of their companions' behaviors and what those behaviors mean in terms of the human-cat relationship, thereby creating a richer, more fulfilling connection for each.”

Cat Wisdom 101
Cat Sense paves the way for the greatest gift we can give our cats: learning what makes them tick.... Cat Sense, a well-researched reference book (chock-full of lovely illustrations) delves into fascinating insights into the feline mind and their physical evolution to the present day.... No one book encompasses all aspects of cats but Cat Sense is a valuable resource with plenty of food for thought about cats today and their future as a species.”

Globe and Mail
In his wide-ranging new book, Cat Sense, English anthrozoologist John Bradshaw calls on all his scientific resources to interpret our enigmatic felines for the 21st century a restrictive era far removed from the predatory instincts of these not-quite-domesticated animals.”

Library Journal
With more than 30 years of experience studying animal behavior, [Bradshaw] is able to convey valuable information to cat owners, regardless of their experience with the species, that will assist them in providing the stable physical environment that cats crave, as well as promoting the healthiest of relationships between cat and owner.... [E]nlightening.”

They're the world's most popular pet (sorry, Spot), but who knows what goes on behind those wide, inscrutable eyes? Bradshaw's bestseller will give you a clue.”

Science News
[Bradshaw] deftly sums up the latest science that attempts to discover what's going on inside the kitty brain.... A careful read can help a cat owner understand why cats don't get along, guide efforts in training and even reveal what's behind kitty's favorite toy.”

Tuscon Citizen
This is a fascinating book that reveals much new information.... Whether you share your home with a cat or just admire them from afar, this book is must reading. It is meticulously researched, crisply written, and an essential guide that offers penetrating insights about the domestic cat, many beliefs that will challenge our most basic assumptions but promise to dramatically improve not only the lives of our pets but ours as well.”

The Telegraph
Bradshaw is...a dedicated scientist, with much to teach us about our furry darlings.”

Natural History
[Bradshaw] offers plenty of insights into what makes your tabby purr and how those insights can make a difference in your domestic life.... The understanding you gain should make for a happier cat-human household.”

Writer's Voice
Cat Sense goes a long way toward educating humans about their feline companions so that we can continue to enjoy them and, perhaps more importantly, make them happier to be around us.”

Booklist, Starred Review
This fascinating book will be a bible for cat owners.”

Modern Cat
[I]nsightful.... Using cutting-edge research, Bradshaw takes us into the mysterious mind of the domestic cat, explaining the cat's nature and needs, and, in doing, so deepens our understanding of our wild housemates and improves our relationships with them.”

Global Animal
[A] go-to cat guide in one easy read.... For cat lovers, this book gives a vital look into the perspective of the cat.... The insight this book provides will not only help cat companions better understand their pet, it will allow them to create an ideal living situation for their cat. Keeping your cat happy and stress-free will ensure a comfortable home for everyone.”

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