Advances in Material Engineering and Electrical Engineering (Wit Transactions on Engineering Sciences)

9781784661519: Advances in Material Engineering and Electrical Engineering (Wit Transactions on Engineering Sciences)

This proceedings volume contains papers presented at the 3rd International Conference on Insulating Materials, Material Application and Electrical engineering (MAEE 2015). With the rapid development of information technology, researchers in all fields need to discuss new ideas connected with Insulating Materials, Material Application and Electrical engineering. MAEE 2015 provided a valuable opportunity for researchers, scholars and scientists to exchange their ideas face to face.Topics related to Insulating Materials and its Application include: Electrical insulating materials; Insulation casing/tube; Insulation paper; Laminate material and its application; Rubber material and its application; Plastic material and its application; Paint material and its application; Glass material and its application; Ceramics material and its application; Mica material and its application; Transformer oil; Gaseous material in air, nitrogen, sulphur hexafluoride; Mineral insulating oil, synthetic insulation oil (silicone oil, dodecyl benzene, polyisobutylene, Isopropyl biphenyl, Diaryl ethane; Insulation fibre products; Impregnated fiber products; Electrical using film; Composite products and adhesive tape; Electrical use laminates; Mica; Glass; Ceramics and its products; Electrical properties of insulating materials; Thermal properties of insulating materials; Mechanical properties of insulating materials; Resistance to chemicals of insulating materials; Resistance to climate change of insulating materials; Corrosion-resistance and other properties of insulating materials; Lac, resin, rubber, cotton, paper, hemp, rayon; Topics related with insulting materialsTopics related to Material Engineering and Material Application include: Engineering materials in different engineering field; Material Science; Metal materials; Biofuels and biological materials; Solar, biomass energy and wind power related materials; Renewable energy conversion materials; Energy-storage materials, batteries and super capacitors; Photocatalytic and solid-state lighting materials; Energy-saving and environmental regeneration materials; Battery material; Biomass energy technology; Synthetic biodegradable material; Natural biodegradable material; Green chemistry; processing and recycle waste material; Membrane materials application in environmental management; nanotechnology; Organic two-dimensional nanostructures; Functional chemical materials; Inorganic non-metallic material; Organic polymer materials; Composite materials; Electronic materials; Aerospace materials; Building materials; Energy materials; Biological materials; Structural materials; Functional materials; Semiconductor materials; Superconducting materials; Photoelectron materials; Magnetic materials; Plastic and its Application; New engineering plastic and its Application; Polymer alloy and functional polymer materials; Ceramic materials and its Application; Germanium single-crystal and its Application; Number and compound semiconductors; Evacuated tube; Massive and very large scale integrated circuits; Crystal structure; Alloy phase structure; crystallology; Metal compounds; Amorphous phase; Alloy cooling process and dual alloy phase diagram; Evenly crystalling phase diagram; Ferro-carbon alloy; Surface modification of metal materials; Laser surface modification; Ion implantation surface modification; Double glow metal seeping surface modification; Engineering design of material selection; Industry and Materials; Application in Systems Design and Analysis; Industrial engineering; Process Systems Modelling and Simulation; Applications of Micro and Nano Systems; Research on Metal materials, corrosion resistance and corrosion mechanism; Lightweight alloy material, moulding, connection and its protection technology; Metallic materials and surface modification; Metal material and energy, environment; Environmental protection for metal surface treatment technology; Metal coatings materials; Corrosion diagnosis and failure analysis, life prediction and test methods; Light functional materials and their application; Electricity functional materials and their application; Nano materials and their application; Materials with Electromagnetic wave function; Magnetic functional materials and their application; Biological function material and its application; Composite functional materials and their application. Topics related to Electrical engineering include: Electric machines and electric apparatus; High voltage and insulation technology; Power electronics and power transmission; Electrical theory and new technology; Power electronics; Electrical motors and electrical; Electric power system and its automation; System operation; Electrical and Automatic control; Power electronic technology; Information processing; Electrical experimental analysis; Electronic equipment; Power technologies in electrical engineering; Electrical Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks; Electronic Image, Video, Audio and Speech Processing; Electronics & Integrate Circuit; Subway system, power system, energy supply and national grid; Electrical System Control; Electric power tech; Electrical Engineering and Optics; Electromagnetics; Microstructure in electrical engineering; Electrical Material and equipment; Electrical engineering and information system; Electrical automation; Related system operation in Electrical engineering; Automation of electric power systems; Thermal power plant automation; electrical engineering and automation intelligent control; Topics related with electrical engineering.

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