Breast-Brains - The Vulvoid Transformation 2 - Sex Change Fantasy

9781627610070: Breast-Brains - The Vulvoid Transformation 2 - Sex Change Fantasy
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Agent Peter Yasharov, an operative for the USSR secret service, is sent on a mission: to find out more about the Vulvoid project. He is able to infiltrate the military facility where the project is carried out, never again to see the outside world. After a few days of not hearing from Yasharov, another agent, Simeon, is sent after him. What Simeon finds out is a shock to his system. But seeing Yasharov again, in a girl’s body, is more shocking than anything. Simeon’s attempt to evade the fate that is awaiting him does not end well. This Story is part of a series called “The Vulvoid Transform” SAMPLE 1: "I know they have turned you into girls!" Agent Yasharov said. Two of the girls, who had finished masturbating, began to cry and said "Yes!! It’s so fucking horrible!!! Help us!!! Plea... plea... Aaahhhh!!!" and they grabbed their breasts suddenly as if trying to tear them from their bodies. Their faces took on shocked, disbelieving looks and they moved forward to Agent Yasharov. Standing just a few feet from him, one of the girls took her hands off her breasts, thrust them in his face and whimpered as a spray of clear liquid shot from their nipples to hit Agent Yasharov. "My body!!! I can’t control it!!! I think it’s these breasts!!! God no!!! I’m being controlled, forced against my will!!!!" she wailed. Agent Yasharov said "What!!! I feel... Strange.... No!!!! I..." and with that he dropped to the floor, very much alive yet unable to move. SAMPLE 2: 'I will shoot!' Simeon said as Yasharov inched forwards, her breasts spraying the nerve agent again and narrowly missing Simeon. 'I can’t stop! I am being controlled! Oh god!!! Help me!!!!' She screamed and grabbed her vulva mound again as she groaned in birthing contractions. She moved forward again. Simeon yelled again, 'I will not let you get any closer - stop or by god I will have to shoot you to protect myself – can’t your fucking breasts understand that!' 'Please.... Shoot me! I can’t live like this... In this body... A sex slave... A girl... Ahhhhh!!!' she began to wail again as another birth contraction wracked her and she took on step forward again. Her breasts were so erect, the nipples began to spray again and Simeon was desperately scared.

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