Jim Johnson Treat Your Own Knee Arthritis

ISBN 13: 9781608448432

Treat Your Own Knee Arthritis

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9781608448432: Treat Your Own Knee Arthritis

Product Description

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Book Description:

The simple exercises in this book are specifically designed to manipulate your knee's biological tissues and make it...

  • more flexible
  • much stronger
  • withstand fatigue better
  • have better proprioception (responsiveness)
Additionally, some of the exercises can help prevent the progression of knee arthritis.

From the Author:

  • Chapter 1 "Here''s What's Going On In Your Knee" will give you a new perspective on knee arthritis.  Here you learn that your knees are not like automobile tires that only have so much life left in them before they wear out.  While most readers already know that knee arthritis involves the loss of knee cartilage, research is now showing us there's a lot more to it than that.  The fact of the matter is that knee arthritis is actually a condition that involves the entire knee, with the knee suffering from some very specific problems. With over 25 pictures, this section will also introduce you to all the important parts of your knee.  Did you know knee cartilage doesn't have any nerves and cannot cause knee pain?
  • Chapter 2 is"What's Likely To Happen To Your Knee Over the Long Run?".  Here you will learn what happens to arthritic knees that don't end up having surgery. This chapter reviews the natural history studies that follow arthritis patients for many years to see what happens to them. Is knee arthritis a one-way ticket downhill? The studies might surprise you...
  • Chapter 3 "Tune-Up #1: How to Make Your Knee Much Stronger" will show you how to get your knee much stronger.  Why?  Because the latest research is telling us that people with painful knee arthritis have much weaker leg muscles than people with no knee pain.  But which muscles, which exercises, and how many times a week?  I'll show you with pictures and tell you exactly what you should be doing.  You might be surprised how a rolled up towel can be used to strengthen your quadriceps muscle in a few minutes a day... 
  • Chapter 4 "Tune-Up #2: How to Make Your Knee More Flexible" teaches you how to make your knees less stiff and more flexible.  It doesn't take a million stretches - actually just two - and if you do them correctly, you should be able to make your knees much less stiff with a minute a day of stretching.  Sound too good to be true?  Not if you've read the stretching research I cite in the book...
  • Chapter 5 is titled "Tune-Up #3: How to Improve Your Proprioception".  The knee arthritis research has made it perfectly clear that people with arthritic knee have impaired proprioception in their knee joints.  After reading this chapter, you'll know all the in's and out's of proprioception - and how to improve it!  Don't worry, this can be done quite easily with one exercise in just a few minutes a day - but VERY important to do to get a knee back in proper working order.
  • Chapter 6 is "Tune-Up #4:  How to Improve Knee Endurance".  If the book ended at Chapter 5, you'd have exercises that would make your knee much stronger, more flexible, and highly responsive. While this would be good, it still leaves out one last function an arthritic knee absolutely has to have: endurance.  Without endurance, your poor knee wouldn't let you do simple things like walk for very long at all.  In this section, I show you five ways to improve your knee endurance - and you only need to pick the one that works best or you.
  • Chapter 7 "Putting It All Together: The Six-Week Program" pulls together all the exercises in the book and puts them in one place so you'll know how to get started. It's here you are told exactly what to do each day, and how many times a day to do it. This chapter contains 6-weeks' worth of exercise sheets so you can keep track of your exercise progress by simply checking a few boxes. Making progress with a few targeted exercises is the key to getting better - and this chapter will help you do just that!
  • Chapter 8 is "Why Measuring Your Progress Is Very Important" and contains a handy scale you can use to measure improving knee function, and Chapter 9 are the references - the entire book is completely based on published research studies from peer-reviewed journals and randomized controlled trials.
  • At 105 pages, I wrote this book so the reader could finish it in a few hours, and have all the tools they need to improve the function of their arthritic knees and dramatically decrease their pain levels. Additionally, I have also written it in a little larger print, so those with vision problems will have an easy time reading it.  Not only will these exercises help the person who has knee arthritis, but they are also great exercises to keep anybody's knees in good working order.
            You can learn more about the author and his books at bodymending.com

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