Rose Book of Bible & Christian History Time Lines

9781596360846: Rose Book of Bible & Christian History Time Lines

Rose Book of Bible and Christian History Time Lines is one of the top Bible timelines sold through Christian bookstores. It includes 20 feet of time lines in one beautiful hard-bound book! Compare Bible history, world history, and Middle Eastern rulers and empires side by side. Then unfold this giant Bible Timeline poster and put it up on the wall or down the church hallway. This dramatic timeline is guaranteed to grab people's attention in Bible study and adult Sunday school.

This incredible Bible timeline not only covers events from Genesis to Revelation, it also covers all of church history, including the expansion of Christianity, and persecution of Christians around the world, as well as the history of Bible translation.

The Rose Book of Bible and Christian History Time Lines is printed on heavy chart paper and can be taken out of the book, and unfolded out to full length. See the comparison chart below to see why Rose Book of Bible and Christian History Time Lines is one of the best available.

10-Foot-Long Bible Timeline Includes

  • Hundreds of key people and events from Genesis to Revelation
  • Events from world history and Middle East history to give you a comparison
  • Dates of kings, prophets, battles, births, and deaths
  • Colorful photos and illustrations.
  • Larger print than most timelines.

10-Foot-Long Church History Timeline Includes

  • Beginning with the life of Jesus, all of the major event through through modern day.
  • More than 300 key people and events that all Christians should know.
  • Emphasis on world missions, the expansion of Christianity, and Bible translation in other languages.
  • Packed with colorful photos.

Sample Comparisons of Bible History and World History Side by Side

  • Jonah lived during the time of the first recorded Olympic games, 776 BC
  • Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried Pompeii during the Apostle John's lifetime
  • Plutarch the Greek historian was born AD 46, the same year that followers of Christ were first called "Christians" in Antioch
  • The first indoor bathroom plumbing was at the time of Isaac and Jacob.
  • Confucius, Buddha, and the Prophet Daniel all lived at the same time.

This indispensable Bible study tool is a great addition for any church resource library, Christian school, or homeschoolers classroom. The Rose Book of Bible & Christian History Time Lines fold-out chart uses nine different keys to indicate these special Bible time line features:

  • Bible Development
  • Key Persons
  • Bible History
  • King of Israel
  • King of Judah
  • Key events

The Bible history timeline is divided into two eras:

  • Genesis to Revelation: 2200 BC to AD 100
  • Life of Jesus to Modern Day: AD 1 to Present - After the ascension of Jesus, Rose Book of Bible and Christian History Time Lines covers the expansion of Christianity

This is the best Bible time line available today. If you compare it to other Bible time line books you will find that it covers more years (Creation to modern day) and it includes more over 300 church history events, more than any other time line. The Rose Book of Bible and Christian History Time Lines is easier to read and is the longest time line on the market.

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About the Author:

Collin Hansen, Associate Editor, Christianity Today; Timothy Paul Jones, MDiv, EdD; Timothy Larsen, PhD, Professor of Theology, Wheaton College; John McRay, Professor Emeritus, Wheaton College Graduate School.


"A comprehensive illustrated time line of biblical events and church history. Constructed as a single, 20-foot-long, accordion-folded panel, this time line begins with a chart illustrating the lifelines of early Genesis characters from Adam to Abraham, then follows the biblical story beginning with Abraham circa 2166 B.C.E. The work is comprised of two parallel portions: The upper part follows biblical and Christian history, while the bottom covers a wide-ranging and representative set of dates and events for corresponding world history from both the East and West. Thankfully, the authors give fairly equal attention to Christianity's many expressions: Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestant forms, etc. Graphics and symbols highlight especially important points and significant people, who are denoted by red squares, and the illustrations add interest and visual appeal without cluttering the time line. But while it invites close study and concentrated browsing, the book can become cumbersome. The amount of data is almost overwhelming- one page alone examines Wilberforce to Darwin and the Opium Wars to influenza, with dozens of persons and events in between. An index would have been helpful. Nonetheless, the authors offer a feast of information for the church-history buff. Without commentary or agenda, the book stands as an objective resource for personal or group study." --Kirkus Review Discoveries - June 15, 2007

I just had to let you know how powerful and illuminating your books and charts are. I have been doing research and working at the college level for over 30 years and have never encountered materials like yours - materials that represent innumerable hours of research; materials that make Biblical study and research 100 times easier than I have encountered thus far. They truly are invaluable as reference, as outlines for courses with real content and as solid reference for writing articles, college papers, and books. I truly cannot elucidate the many advantages and sheer comprehensiveness of each book (and materials) I have read so far. Charts, for example, that represent the compilation and intensive research of Biblical history always prove to be 100% accurate and often include little or even heretofore unknown facts. Just suffice it to say that every scrap of material I have been privy to always contained amazing surprises and inexhaustible amounts of information - information that specifically enhances and illuminates every person who utilizes them. They have already made huge impacts of so many young and mature Christians. Several of the people I have mentored through their doctoral studies have sworn by these materials as one of the best sources they have ever seen. I agree with them completely. I only wish I could adequately describe the immense contributions the materials have made to myself and others and to Christian Academics in general. Thank you from my whole heart and may God richly bless you. --Dr. Wesley B Rose, Th. D., D. D., Ph. D., Director Early Christian Studies Scripture Institute

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