Rough Trip: A Spiritual Odyssey Part 2

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9781517618391: Rough Trip: A Spiritual Odyssey Part 2

The journey continues ......PART 2 Rough Trip, what is it all about? Is it a view of the consciousness and nature of mankind today? Does it contain information on how to live a fulfilled and happy life? Does it demonstrate Mysticism in the modern world? Is it a Spiritual survival guide? Is it a really unusual guidebook to life, your soul and rural Ireland? Is it about the Truth of Love? Does it gift you with greater wisdom in your daily life interactions? Does it expose the fallacies a nation holds regarding the last hundred years in Ireland? Does it answer questions around Michael Collins and Eamonn De Valera? Does it offer solutions on how to survive as a species? Is it about God and Life and Nature, People and how it all comes together? Is it all about You? Is it about healing and miracles? The answer to these questions is a resounding YES and More! With passion, humour, poignancy, strength, courage and experiential wisdom Amon & Adrianna bring you with them on a journey surely like no other you will have experienced in your life thus far… “Your World will never be the same again after reading Rough Trip, and WHAT’S even BETTER is That You Wouldn’t want it to be either” – M. Sahu Quotes-Part 2 “The funny thing is, in reality we all just presume that life is going to happen when we wake up in the morning. What if it didn’t?” “Passed on behaviour patterns tend to worsen through the generations, unless a soul is born to them that has the capability to see beyond their levels of darkness, willing to forge a path into the light, using the experiences of suffering to enlighten and purify the way rather than the opposite” “Don’t forget, if somebody is afraid of you asking questions it more often than not means they have something to hide.” “Everything that occurs in the world around you can be understood more easily the more you know yourself.” “It seems we humans can get deeply programmed with the patterns of belief “that in order to survive we “must” believe our abusers can change.” “So in a “safe”(?) world everything is regulated, nothing is done without filling in a form, there is no such thing as spontaneity, everything is planned and of course all your activities are tracked and traced, so the question to ask is. In a society run like this, is there such a thing as freedom?” “Both of us, as well as we could, settled down into the very silent night, wondering whether we would wake up again….. “There is a particular poignancy that you experience when living in a survival situation. Everything has much more depth than you normally give it. You realise how much and how little at the same time that your life affects the life around you. You realise that your physical life is fleeting and that what you perceive deserves to be acknowledged, no matter what it is. As it is all an expression of life, of God. You wonder about how much your life really means, and you question whether you have done enough to help, to make things better, to make things right, to make a difference.” “We as creatures are NOT the sum of our experiences. We are the sum of THE HEALING of our experiences.” “Still the agro goes on at kitchen tables defending lies instead of stopping and having the courage to really find out the facts, and be ok with the possibility of being “right” or “wrong”. How about we stop allowing our Limbic primitive brains from trying “win” every time, and use our more developed modern minds in alignment with our hearts to really find out how we can make better choices in the future.” “Maybe it is time to start RE-fining ourselves and redevelop our whole way of looking at the world and how we ARE VERY MUCH A PART OF IT. It seems that humanity has come to fool itself very gravely in the misunderstanding of its part to play on this planet.” “We share the planet, we do not own it.” “Your World will never be the same again. You Wouldn’t want it to be either” – M. Sahu

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About the Author:

We are Amon and Adrianna, two human beings deeply devoted to the betterment of life, and the evolution of the spiritual and emotional development of humanity. With decades of experience between us within the areas of complete human healing, covering addiction through to the emotional, energetic, psychological, psychic and spiritual realms. Miraculous would accurately describe many of our life experiences. Our aim and part of our soul purposes are to share our experiential knowledge and learning with you so you can really enjoy and understand your life and experiences more fully! It seems humans tend to be their own worst enemies, the pair of us, among many others, know that we are now an endangered species, (we don't mean under-populated............ but just that say for example if there is an island with just a herd of Deer and grass on it....well eventually doesn't that mean that there will be too many Deer and not enough grass? So what happens then?) Fortunately us humans can think ahead when we choose to get into the habit of it is now or never folks! Time to start living better and wisely with joy! We have co- authored Rough Trip A Spiritual Odyssey Parts 1, 2 & 3 which is honestly excellent. Seriously, if you want to find out what is occurring in your life and why, Rough Trip will help you greatly......Not to mind the fact that the true story used as a medium is very powerful to experience in itself. Adrianna is at present the sole author for Kadmon and Valour. Amon Ra is sole author for From Bars to the Stars which he is presently still working on. Both with more to come in time through Createspace and Amazon!

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