Are They Bad Girls or Brilliant?: The Truths behind the Fight for Independent Prostitutes' Rights

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9781517318055: Are They Bad Girls or Brilliant?: The Truths behind the Fight for Independent Prostitutes' Rights

This book is a message of peace from a social-revolutionary sex worker. Sex workers exist, universally persist, and they doggedly endure the world’s hatred. Phoenix enlightens the world as to why. She states that clients of compassionate escorts are inclined to reflect their kind nature. And that most escorts haven’t been forced. They literally embody the torturous collision of human rights and women’s rights issues, and Phoenix explains it with a staggering fusion of adroitness and poignant revelation. Phoenix has indeed done her research, but more importantly, she’s a seasoned insider. Norma Jean Almodovar, who is famous for her activism for sex workers' rights, criticized Phoenix in an email to her for making her title a question. She said: "We know that sex workers are bad girls AND brilliant... so why the question mark?" Phoenix's response is that sex workers may know they are brilliant, but the rest of the world does not. She figures many of the people attracted to her book will be curious fence-riders and truth-seekers, so she made the title a question because that is indeed their perspective. This book is explosive with answers.

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From the Author:

Aw, shucks. What can I say? This feels anticlimactic. Perhaps a quote from the book would suffice:     "As a whore I felt sexually spiritual.
    Every woman understands that to nurture is intrinsically spiritual. I had always been very maternal. I had always been a person who wants to help, comfort, and heal. As a whore, I was doing that. My proof was my clients' gratitude. My self as an escort was weaving into all that was nurturer---me. I was a mother, homemaker, gardener, exerciser, healer, writer, and whore. All were seamlessly, wholly, my path.  
     Holistic integrity mends dualism.   
    As a new sex worker, I realized something. With the obvious exceptions of rape and coercion, or the molestation of children, or the spreading of STD's, sex is always righteous. When professional sex is completely freed up from a conditioned sense of disgrace, its goodness is as clear as the daylight. It's as natural as the selling of the fruits from my backyard garden." 

From the Back Cover:

Carol Leigh coined the term "sex worker". Now Aphrodite Phoenix joins the forum and gives us the term "true whore."
Here are samples of the true whore's way of thinking:
"After I became an indie sex worker, I noticed I no longer feared men. Other women seemed to fear men a lot."
"'Is there anything more vulnerable than a naked man with a hard-on?' Cosi Fabian, of course, knows to ask this."
"I conduct the men's music of die-and-go-to-heaven, and I think to myself, END DEMAND? Okay...while you're at it stop the sunshine." 
"Okay, anti-trafficking zealots: Be consistent. Unite to protest against marriage. Spin it like most wives are forced."
"Many think sex working mothers need rescue. To do what, I'd like to know. Leave kids ten hours a day for shit pay?"
 "Four thousand years or so ago, female carnal knowledge was sacred. 'Vestal virgins' were unmarried sacred whores."
"Alma Mater original meaning: 'Soul Mother. A Roman teaching priestess...empowered to give instruction in the sexual Mysteries.5''"
"My clients feel rescued, bundled in from the feminist freeze, and the parched earth of male god religion."
"We are spiritually empowered, we hate no one. We see the humanity in most men, and we know that our job is to help men see it, too."
"We acknowledge the sanctity of genitals, and we don't just bless them as life-giving. We bless them as lucratively bliss-giving."
"No one has the power to change the empowered, and the antis don't like that at all."
"Of course we must rescue the forced and coerced. Pimps destroy them and the meaning of the work."
"Feminists want to rescue the victims. Well of course. Who wouldn't? So do I. But feminists should also want to save the profession."

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