The Prepper's Guide to Alternative Weapons: Book One: Muzzleloaders, Air Guns, Crossbows, Bows (Volume 1)

9781503290150: The Prepper's Guide to Alternative Weapons: Book One: Muzzleloaders, Air Guns, Crossbows, Bows (Volume 1)

The right to own firearms is under constant attack in our country. In some states and cities it's almost impossible to legally own a firearm for hunting, target shooting or even protection. Astute individuals recognize that restrictive gun laws do nothing to reduce crime or make the streets safer. The druggies, gang-bangers and the mentally unstable seem to have no problems acquiring firearms illegally and absolutely no qualms against using them to harm others. In fact, rather than making our cities safer, restrictive gun laws seem to do just the opposite and make it even more difficult for the law-abiding citizen to be secure. I don't recommend the weapons in this book as your primary means of defense or procuring food. In their best form they are not as effective overall as modern firearms. (Can you imagine the delight Davy Crockett would have had with a case of M-16 rifles at the Alamo! The outcome would have been considerably different!) I do, however recognize that modern firearms are not a legal option for some and for others, due to personal economics or other reasons, they may not be an option at this time. In some cases a person may desire to supplement their modern weapons with a more primitive option. (There are some occasions where a primitive weapon is superior to modern firearms.) Internet forums discussing non-firearm alternatives for hunting, target shooting and self-defense generally add more heat than light to the discussion. Everyone seems to hold a strong opinion on non-firearm alternatives yet a large percentage of them obviously don't have a clue. They make lots of assertions and speak as if their words reflect reality but if a person is familiar with the positives and negatives of primitive weapons the points these (often well-intentioned!) "experts" expound are more fable than fact. Quite frankly, I'm tired of seeing information that's long on fantasy but short on reality. This group lives in a romantic bubble that would soon burst in a real survival situation. On the other hand you have those who dismiss any and all "primitive" weapons as useless. This group seems to forget that man survived quite well prior to the existence of firearms. Both extremes are wrong. The purpose of this book is to separate the fact from the fiction. In it you'll find a detailed, logical, progressive look at the four best alternatives to the modern firearm: muzzleloaders, airguns, crossbows, and archery bows and arrows. In each category we'll look at the: options that are available, (with crossbows this includes folding models, recurve or compound, shoulder or hand-held, etc.) propellants - in airguns this includes spring piston, nitro-piston, pump, CO2, and PCP (Pre-Charged-Pnuematic). projectiles, (in archery and crossbows this include information on arrow/bolt length, shaft material, point options such as blunts, field tips, broadheads, etc.) sighting systems, (evaluation of scopes, open sights, illuminated sights, laser sights. etc.) lethality, (rates of fire, effectiveness for hunting, defense, close quarters, intimidation factors, ammo availability, effective range, concealment, accuracy, noise, etc.) in the case of muzzleloaders we'll look at priming systems, propellants and projectiles we'll go over the care, storage, cleaning and maintenance needed for each weapon we'll carefully examine and rate the overall effectiveness which will include things like the weight of the weapon and it's ammunition, training required to be proficient, lethality, and sustainability (how long can you keep using it when "the world as we know it," ends?) cost ... the bottom line for most of us! and finally ... its availability and laws regulating it's possession and use By the time you're finished reading the book you'll be able to make a rational decision based on truth.

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