The Advanced Civilization of Khemit {Egypt} in Antiquity 5th Edition by D.J.R.

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9781500948313: The Advanced Civilization of Khemit {Egypt} in Antiquity 5th Edition by D.J.R.

The Magnificence, Splendor and Glory of the Advanced Civilization of Ancient Khemit {Egypt} comes to life in this book. their God called Amen and Prophets of Amen; Djehuti/Thoth - Ptah. Osiris/Ausar - Isis/auset - Horus/Heru - Lord Tera Neter, the Kings and Queens - Aha, Den, the Scorpion King - Narmer, Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure, Djoser, Imhotep. Egyptian and Old Testament Prophets - Teta -Konsu - Anen - Puinre - Abraham - Sosotris l - the Hyksos invasion and takeover of Egypt - Sequenenre Tao, Kamose, Ahmose, Joseph and the 12 sons/tribes of Jacob/Israel, Thutmoses, Hatshepsut, Amenhotep ll, Moses - the 'Oppresion and 'Exodus' of Hebrews in Egypt, Queen Tiye, Akhenaton and Nefertiti, Tut, Rameses ll and Nefartari; Nebuchadnessar - Babylon - Taharka, Essarhaddon - Assyria, Darius - Cyrus/Artaxerxes - Persia, Alexander - Greece, Cleopatra lV, Caesar - Rome and more. The spiritualism, religion, culture, lifestyles among the Egyptians, architecture, Grand Megalithic Pyramids - the Grand Gallery, columns/pillars and massive Temples and underground Tomb Complexes of ancient Egypt; Ma'at, hieroglyphics, mummification and much more.

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About the Author:

D.J.R. attended high school, university and college in N.Y.C., yet did his research on the history of the advanced Nile Valley Civilization of Kmt {Egypt} in antiquity - in his own spare time; D.J.. also met and spent significant time with and personally learned tremendously from the top Metaphysicians, Healers, Spiritual Masters, Martial Arts Grand-Masters, Gurus, Yogis, Priestesses, Qi Gong Masters and the top Historians in the World. D.J.R. also connected his knowledge of ancient and modern history with his Biblical and metaphysical knowledge - of the Prophets and historic figures in antiquity; and also Biblical history that comes vividly to life in the pages of his book, like never before.

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