Ward Kendall Hold Back This Day

ISBN 13: 9781500800017

Hold Back This Day

9781500800017: Hold Back This Day

  • The Last Days of the White Race? 
 It is 85 years after the Unification. Mankind has been forcibly united under one government, one religion, and one Race. Yet, a handful of whites still exist, among them skoolplex administrator Jeff Huxton. As he watches his son slowly destroyed by a racially-homogenized world that will no longer accept his kind, Jeff comes to meet Karl Ramstrom. Ramstrom holds out one last hope for them--but only if they can escape the global-wide police state ruled by the iron-fisted leaders of World Gov. And the only place left to run is Mars...

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From the Author:

Since its first publication over fifteen years ago, Hold Back This Day (as one well-known white rights activist has proclaimed) has become the modern-day successor to George Orwell's 1984. High praise indeed, but if I may be forgiven a touch of immodesty, not without merit. For just as Orwell's novel spotlighted the ills of his time, most notably growing left-wing totalitarianism, my novel was the first to spotlight the very real modern-day threat of literal white racial extinction. True, Jean Raspail wrote of massive non-white invasion into Europe, but nowhere was his novel about the end of the white race itself. 

No, it was not until Hold Back This Day became the first novel to cross that literary threshold that readers got an inside glimpse at what it might be like to see the death throes of our people on a global scale, on every continent, in every country. And everywhere we look today, we see it happening. Governments are demanding that white nations be flooded with non-whites, just as they do in Hold Back This Day. From there, it is only a short step to the founding of a literal World Gov, and the end of the white race. 

Unless...we fight back. Unfortunately, today's so-called white rights activists are more akin to greed-driven televangelists than crusaders. In fact, I touch upon that in my latest novel, Eternity Beach (the closest thing to an autobiography I may ever write) where my main character minces no words as to what he thinks about our real-life "leaders". So beware - you just might find someone you know. But it too, like Hold Back This Day, is a battle cry for our people. It's also an exciting, very human tale, that explores the concept of life-after-death that I guarantee you have never seen before - either in novels or in film. 

And if today you're hearing more and more about millions of low-skilled jobs being lost to automation, I novelized that idea a decade and a half ago, in my novel The Towers of Eden. Set thirty years from now, its story is fast becoming today's headlines. Together, all three of my novels push the outer boundaries of cutting-edge thought, which I guarantee no other novelist, in or out of the white rights movement, ever has.

From the Inside Flap:

"Kendall is adept at maintaining a suspenseful narrative. As the novel progresses and the stakes rise, it becomes ever more difficult to put the novel down."
Alex Kurtagic - Occidental Observer Magazine

"I'd love to do features, dramas, with actors, as opposed to documentaries. I've always been a fan of science fiction, I'd love to do a science fiction film with our message. As a matter of fact, I just finished reading Hold Back This Day, by Ward Kendall. You guys published that, and thank you, by the way, for doing that. It's a fabulous work and we don't have enough."
Craig Bodeker - Documentary Film Producer, A Conversation About Race

"A powerful story of Earth's possible future."
Detra Fitch - Huntress Book Reviews

"Ward Kendall has written a novel that should cause plenty of discussion."
Barry Hunter - Baryon Book Reviews

"Hold Back This Day" is a must read!"
Cindy Penn - Word Weaving Book Reviews

"White men may have been rendered completely powerless in this society, but as long as they can still write first-rate fiction they have a voice, and Kendall is such a voice."
H.A. Covington - author of the Northwest Quartet

"This book is outstanding! Ward Kendall has given us a true masterpiece. This book shows the world's future when political correctness is taken to silly and deadly extremes."
Amazon.com Reader -Baltimore, Maryland

"Hold Back This Day" is surprisingly well written science fiction -- the characters actually act how real people in such a situation would act. This is unlike the typical science fiction story where the characters are often flat and/or unbelievable. Ward Kendall has a good insight into human nature, and it is a welcome change."
Amazon.com Reader - USA

"A devastating, wonderful book. YOU need to read this - now."
Amazon.com Reader - UK

"I just read your book  from cover to cover in only two sittings. It was absolutely excellent and incredibly profound; without a doubt, it is in the same league as The Camp of the Saints. As I read your book, I could not but help but think how the the nightmare of World Gov is coming to fruition in our time. You have scared the hell out of me."
Kyle Bristow - author of "White Apocalypse"

"Beware! You'll be thinking about it after you read it!"
Ernest Hoffman - Illinois, USA

"I don't want to give too much away but it's stirring stuff - I read the whole thing in two days and there were tears in my eyes by the climax."
Amazon.com Reader - UK

"This is a truly brilliant, terrifying, yet ultimately uplifting tale which would make one hell of a movie."
Amazon.com Reader - UK

"I finished "Hold Back This Day" yesterday. It is a splendid read. Riveting. Scary. And so close to "real"....very Orwellian...very "1984." The book moves right along and was one of those that is hard to put down from the beginning. I'm ready for the follow-up book!
Lynne Smith Neal - Australia

Jared Taylor's American Renaissance Magazine

"This book has power...."
Michael Rienzi - Scientist & Editor of Legion Europa

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