An Eye In Shadows: A Memoir of A Controversial Mind

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9781500345501: An Eye In Shadows: A Memoir of A Controversial Mind
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Originally published in July/August in 2007 and revamped in 2008 – Nickolaus A. Pacione's five year memoir sparked a lot of controversy. Poppy Z. Brite tried to stop this book from being published when it was in the work in progress stage. Because of the recent controversy with Legend Keeper; Angry Guinea Books, Lake Fossil Press, and Broken Mindframe Books lost their license to be published on one in the TOC took a hard swipe at Morris-Knolls High School's Class of 1994 in the TOC for their township idiot on Highway 46 off Main St. Someone who lives in a two bedroom shack smaller than his old apartment on 79th Street immortalized by his roster in the second namesake. Also contains a hard swipe at classmates who were the subjects of Legend Keeper. Saying the same or similar thing that a rival author said, "Come on you fucking assholes. You know better. I am going to show you something rather frightening of both of you -- when history itself had denied you."
     Pacione is quite candid with this book as if he was talking with friends in a diner. The friend he was talking to in a diner he was writing as if he was talking to Kristov Kemp of Marazene Machine. (1974-2009, God rest his soul as cancer claimed him at 35.) One of his contributors likened this book to The Chocolate War and in many ways it does have those traits. Pacione revamped this one more time and this is the third edition. This is formatted with the programs Pacione wanted to use with it from the beginning. Tabloid Purposes when he introduced it to -- the additional commentary is like he was also sitting in a diner. Pacione wrote this to take the heat off his publishers for publishing him. When he wrote something that took the heat from his contributors they tossed him off without a chance to speak up for Legend Keeper. The namesakes more so namesake one is a direct result of this book.
     Pacione fought hard for his catalog and everything is back in his possession. Tabloid Purposes -- as of this it had been returned and moved into it's new address. This book along with his first book along with both namesakes made it to the Poe Museum Library. This book as a incarnation along with the version of Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape. This book has a strong feel when you throw in Iron Maiden's Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. Since he took on -- he taken on a hack director, Joe Ripple, over the recent events. He asked, "what about the sick from those of suicide and war they left behind?"
     He even became brazen enough to engage Kent Hovind's son to invite him to defend his young earth argument. Pacione acknowledges the science of total evolution for a Christian. His 2007 era photograph promoting Lake Fossil 3 debunked Answers in Genesis; had taken during the development of Tabloid Purposes IV. The mandate he's doing is named for his first science fiction story to introduce science (real science in every educational system. His blog reveals the real sciences he uses in his paranormal stories -- showing that he does research his material. Lake Fossil made fun of "Hovind Theory." Made grisly jokes implying all the larger prehistoric sharks in the water with Noah's Ark to disprove young earth creationism. The new story he's working on at the time of this gives the blueprint for this mandate.) This is the sister book to Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape. If you're a fan of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, H. P. Lovecraft, Tabloid Purposes IV, The Bizarro Starter Kit: Orange, and Rod Serling's Night Gallery era shit -- give this a test spin. A memoir with a touch of ghoulish surrealism, bastard humor, and paired up with the yearbook photos of Pacione from the era. His modern photos on the back cover from 2005 and 2008.

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Nickolaus A. Pacione (B. Aug 3, 1976) is the editor and publisher behind the moniker Lake Fossil Press which he edited nine anthologies up to this point, now being moved to But this book had been nearly lost because of the Legend Keeper controversy. If is used more often by his rivals in the business where they claimed, “We came to to make fun of” Pacione will employ for highly controversial anthologies and his full length efforts because he thinks there will be more like Legend Keeper and An Eye In Shadows. He's wrote seven books – one is out of print because didn't do him justice with this. This version of An Eye In Shadows has a bonus story and formatted in a way that reflects one of the anthologies he's planning. He lives in the Joliet, Illinois, area and has a blog on under his short name.
      He just re-issued his first namesake with and the battle to get his entire catalog into circulation. Pacione is back as's Elder Statesmen. Pacione is currently working on a lot of longer new material. One of them was a direct result of those getting Legend Keeper ganked -- now it's in Metascape. He is born one day before Kealan Patrick Burke who could had very easy had gone to school with either him or his "friend." Pacione revealed the monstrous controversy that his friend done in the wake of Robin Williams killing himself. He with Tabloid Purposes IV was sizing up Kealan Patrick Burke. In the recent years he pulled out The Ward to show him what he was up against when Kealan snubbed Pacione along with a story Pacione bought of Burke's from What Pacione did was equal to clocking him -- and his new readers were going, "holy shit!"
     Legend Keeper was a direct result. Especially Kealan refuses to listen to his fans as one of them happens to be a friend of Pacione's. Pacione was inviting him to join him on an ensemble project but Kealan was a punk about it. Pacione equates Kealan going hardcore as equal to Limp Bizkit because Pacione has piss in his veins. He did a blurb in Italian that no writer wants to be on the receiving end of. His company page is on facebook too so go hang out too. He left the masses unhinged for years and scarred for life.

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