Our Constitution is losing "The War on Terror"

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9781493646531: Our Constitution is losing

This book tackles the seemingly impossible: “Conspiracy Theories” exist everywhere in the public domain causing universal confusion. Conspiracy Theories are not individual functions in time they are derivatives all being integrated into a single whole as a function of this time; the end time. In its pages, you'll find, this book describes that single source. In fact, you will find the confusion caused by them is made precise. Many events confirm this as the end time. Astronomical cycles are concluding simultaneously as an indicator. However, nothing is more compelling than religious doctrine that in our seeing, is unfolding the story told throughout millennia. This time, it's told revealing some particulars. The frequency spectrum, in its entirety forms the structure of creation and is the highway system of the cosmos. We are beings of certain electrical constructions existing in that frequency spectrum. But now, the virtual space = computer generated space = electrical flux fills the atmosphere of earth creating the largest computerized beast [Google Earth] ever to exist in creation. It has arrived on the virtual space written in binary bits turning the atmosphere into something like a crystal ball connected to each person, using electrical devices. [computers, cell phones, a car's computer and most electrical board operated devices] Throughout history crystal balls have been devices of sorcery associated with evil, witches, and the like. As such, they have the ability to watch someone from dimensions unseen by those they watch. It is no different today. This is used in organized crime. This entity of organized crime has amassed the largest army the world has ever known, whose secret forces attack those not numbered among them from invisible frequency bandwidth dimensions of its own construction. No person, not a member, of the crime entity knows who any army member is. This invisible insurgency has all but taken over the world from invisible dimensions controlled by organized crime, right now! Cim_Windows; Windows-Live is the engine powering the crystal ball in the atmosphere; it is a dual operating computer system constructing a physical computer while creating an invisible virtual [binary bit] dome connecting it to the medium the crystal ball sees, making you visible to others, you can’t see. Your device is connected to about 3,000 Illuminati Company URL sites - the “Generals” of Insurgency [listed in exhibit 1] - in digital streams the crystal ball sees, enabling the generals and their army to monitor, record and manipulate everyone; transmitted everywhere as Meta-Data. It's all connected to the virtual space of Google Earth - the “all seeing eye” - the single mainframe super computer of the virtual space located at - (see the internet aside) The United States is being defeated in a revolution unrealized by those not part of the invisible dimension’s movement. The “War on Terror” and the Constitution are different sets of laws for the land. In essence, they are diametrically opposed to each other; as to their form and substance. These two sets of laws operate mutually exclusive of each other; meaning the occurrence of one precludes the other. Thru its sorcery; by Presidential order the Constitution has been put on hold to accommodate the operations of the “War on Terror.” Our Constitutional rights aren’t just being violated; they’ve been put on hold. They no longer exist because the “War on Terror” can’t function if they do. The “War on Terror” is bringing in a new world government to replace the United States and every other country. Our Constitution is not surviving this war! Here, I use a unique process of building a storybook from conceptual images each depicting details from different contexts. As the pages of the storybook develop a resolution of the whole picture emerges fulfilling every expectation you've imagined you’d attain from this read. Please, enjoy its precision.

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