Healing Fibromyalgia: A medical researcher?s personal journey out of the pain and despair of Fibromyalgia

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9781492761792: Healing Fibromyalgia: A medical researcher?s personal journey out of the pain and despair of Fibromyalgia

If you are frustrated with traditional medical symptomatic treatments that do not cure your fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome and make you dependent on pain killers, you need to read this book.

This book offers fibromyalgia relief and will eventually result in total healing of men and women who are suffering from the chronic pain of fibromyalgia and or chronic fatigue syndrome as a result of PTSD.
In this approach both the body and the mind are treated simultaneously. This treatment will especially help sufferers that developed chronic pain as a result of traumatic experience, such as some veterans after returning from war, abuse victims, accident victims, and other traumas. The author herself has suffered through the trauma of war as a child in World War II and she suffered from years from fibromyalgia from a young age. She has completely overcome the disease after years of research.
And it is a process, not a short term quick fix, but you will eventually overcome the ailment with total dedication. Fibromyalgia affects young and old, men and women, all weights and age groups, it doesn't discriminate.  Many veterans coming from Iraq and Afghanistan are young men and women who suffer from this disease today finding no ultimate cure, but merely temporary relief from the constant discomfort. 
All of these sufferers should read what this author has presented as a treatment in this book. She gives you back the steering wheel so you are finally in control of your own health. Some of the treatments are conventional and others holistic. This is not one single simple solution, but a combination of treatments that you continue daily experiencing gradual but real natural relief.
About the author
Dr. Ewa is a World War II survivor who experienced extreme trauma as a child. As a result of physical and psychological effects of war she developed Fibromyalgia and suffered from constant pain from very early age.  Her tenacity and irrepressible spirit led her to become a leading medical researcher in Poland despite her ailments. She was determined to get well and overcome the disease which her own medical science could not heal. 
Fibromyalgia for years has been treated symptomatically, with pain relief medications. Because the disease itself generally presents no inflammation, it is difficult for medical practioners to measure the pain involved and today there are still few total cures available. The symptomatic treatments available involving pain killers last only a few hours, and the pain returns again and again, with no end to the suffering because these chemicals cannot, according to Dr. Ewa, treat the root cause of the disease which may damage coming from the mind as a result of trauma related stress. Psychosomatic originated disease is real disease, it is not just in the mind. It seriously will affect the entire body and may cripple its victims. The author, Dr. Ewa Danuta Bialik PhD has recognized that there is an inseparable connection between the body and the mind, and that association is often not considered in traditional medicine. You are referred to a pain specialist, for example, that may have chemical tools to treat the pain but may not recognize or have the time for an in-depth inquiry about the patient's traumatic experiences that may be preventing healing.

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From the Author:

This is not a book that brings a ready, immediate prescription or the only solution. This book is about a holistic approach, so you have to watch all the affected parts in the body that require healing. This book introduces at the beginning the medical issues, to understand the processes that are happening in the body, and then shows the possibilities to make a positive change. I was long-life researcher in it. Therefore, you need to read it slowly, taking - like a small dose of medication once at a time to understand what she's showing. This book is about the process, which I applied (psycho-synthesis), on the way from disease to health, to explain myself what I can do for myself to feel better in every moment of my life, being on the road return to health. It explains it on the basis of what is stated in medicine by the doctor (he discovered the symptom) - as this symptom has become a way to return to health, to the beginning, when it appeared (to discover the cause).

Medical description is in it the basis for the building of bridges between medicine, which is what the doctor does, and what the patient feels, so it is essential to understand the different approaches to disease (doctor) and health (YOU - taking personal responsibility for your health in your hands). The book is thus showing the end (of symptoms) to the beginning of your recovery (the reasons why they occur) and bringing a holistic approach to all systems in the body to regenerate and rejuvenate them.
The book is an introduction to healing Fibromyalgia and other civilization' disorders: from general to specific. As a sufferer, you need to start watching a whole to come to any part, which adds up to the whole. Watching yourself requires patience - your patience. You have to be patient to get to know every part of you, because this is about you. I, as the author and the object who used my system and recuperation, served you as a model to show how it works. I can help you with the next steps.
As we know, every journey begins with the first step. You can do it, and then take the next and the next. But YOU have to do them. I will be your guide now and in the next books that are ready - as a self-guides to health-regeneration.

From the Inside Flap:


  • I am a longtime researcher with a doctorate in immunology, medical specialty of clinical diagnosis and post-graduate studies in psychology (Summit University, USA). 
  • I worked for many years at the Academy of Medicine and Postgraduated Medical School / Assistant Professor / in Warsaw, then in the pedagogy of health. 
  • Most recently I led my lectures at a Body & Fitness division in one of Polish High School, leading there the undergraduate work for 8 students. I love to teach, and write as well  the scientific articles as stories for children and poems (lyrics).
About my education and qualifications: Since the early 90s of the XX century, I participated in a dozens of different national professional training programs (J. Raudner, Peczko) and abroad. I was a student of Dr. E. Breadner of F & A Führung & Absatz AG), and have many teachers from abroad participating in the training at the Center for Creative Leadership. Among them there are as follows: Dr. H. Porrath-Lunken, B. Battaglia, J. Janowitz, K. Murhpy, W. Foster, Professor. J.W. Cullen - author of the MBA program managerial and organizational Psychosynthesis, Dr. V. King - creator of the "inner theater" technique, Dr. J. Lee (USA) - expert in coaching for companies, Dr. J. Truch (GB) - personal development consultant, Dr. R. Kea M. Peterson (Netherlands) - creator of programs for teachers, Dr. C. Ishigaki (USA) - the management of companies. I also participated in many scientific and educational conferences in Poland and abroad.     I constantly raise my qualifications at the top of the mentors, including Bob Proctor, Bob Doyle, Joe Vitale, Harrison Klein, Jack Canfield, the Academy of Coaching in London, and recently Max Simon and Brian Whettena Ph.D. (Entrepreneur COACHING-Core Coaching), also ACE Traing leaded by Barbara Marx-Hubbard. I have graduated at American University of NLP as a CERTIFIED LIFE COACH and MASTER LIFE COACH. .My personal story: All my life I have been looking for solution for my health problems, caused by traumatic childhood experiences. Many years later they created the symptoms of diseases caused by stress. I have not found any good answers or relief from the medicine, to whom I dedicated 23 years of my professional work and research. I found it in the "synthesis" of my experiences, life wisdom, in which helped me psychosynthesis, allowing me to see "the roots" of my health problems inherent in the traumatic experiences of childhood. I learned by and through it many techniques for working with myself, even going beyond it into energy psychology and medicine, and looking in such sciences as physics and quantum mechanics..The foundation of all my work is my story. Health problems plagued me since 2 years of age. I was constantly sick. Subsequent years brought me many diagnosis: and 40 years after  I felt disability and pain everywhere and took a lot of drugs in tablets, drops, ointments, injections At this time I stopped to walk normally, or move without suffering incredible pain. I never gave up despite the  "medical judgments" and constantly looked for answers to my questions. I studied medical sciences: clinical diagnostics, immunology, received PhD, specialization; working as a scientist (23 years) at Medical Academy and, Postgraduate Medical School. After years I found prescription for my health. Contact with Psychosynthesis enabled me to reach the grounds of my health problems to decode them and to start recovery. In these years, I made a change of direction in my life and started to look for the cause of my health problems - on a psychological level, which leaded me to the root of diseases caused by stress, (psychosomatic, self-immunaggressive disorders). At the end I have diagnosed Fibromyalgia - one of the newest, described residually, generalized muscle pain disorder, ligaments, fascia. The Institute of Rheumatology confirmed the diagnosis offering steroids. The outcome of my inner work was creation of my programs of diseases prevention - "HEALTH EDUCATION" and "SELF_EDUCATION" - so there is no need of therapy. Another effect is my exceptional creativity, which led me to write 25 books and over 130 scientific articles..Present: I have succeeded, because not only I decoded my own health problems (gastric mucosa insuficiency, gastric and duodenal ulcers, coronary heart disease, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and others). Meanwhile I created the foundation for an integrated approach to health and human development and "a  model of education for the future". .I am now healthy and telling my story. You can read my story among the pages of my 25 books, including several biographies. I learned all of these from my life experiences, so it is not imaginative theorie. I am sure that only a living AUTHORITY can understand the problems of others, showing them a way to decipher it. Today I can say - after 6 years of the latest diagnosis.I have developed a comprehensive, systematic and multi-level impact. I used a thorough, long-term observation - the equivalent of a medical interview, but significantly enhanced through the daily confrontation of symptoms and effects, both used drugs / supplements, and life situations and emotional reactions, ways of coping with life's problems and stress and habitual reactions, diet, value and meaning of my experiences (the meaning of life).      Through this kind of integrated, comprehensive influence I obtained positive results not only in detail on individual symptoms (including pain), but strengthened my entire body, which could take over the functions of self-regulation and self-healing. I found this is not the sole reason inherent in the traumatic experiences of childhood, but I could heal it, de-code them (PSYCHO-SOMATIC reasons), developing at the same time my own creative skills (writing - 25 books, nearly 150 scientific articles), leading workshops, individual consultations, teaching students and teachers. All of my educational programs and books are the result of exploration of my life conditions, searching a "prescription" for health. On the one hand there are an articulation of a "model of education for the future" - education for health, not to treat diseases after (my books: Confluent education - an alternative or a necessity?, Psychosynthesis in education - raising human self-awareness, Harmonious child development in light of new challenges and many more). On the other hand, there are running to the causes of health problems and restore health (FIBROMYALGIA. Is there any hope to recovery?, Psychosomatic, emotional and spiritual aspects of the disease caused by stress).      I am passionate about education for sustainable development and holisic health, creating systemic solutions for raising children, health education and health care. I created the foundation of SCIENCE OF SELF and SCIENCE FOR LIFE in my theoretical books. The biggest discovery was, however, my understanding the concept of health - homeostasis, the harmonious functioning of the body, the meaning of life, love (my books: QUANTUM MAN, A MEANING OF LIFE, LOVE HAS MANY NAMES, NEW LYRICS, FAIRLY TALES FOR MY GRANDDAUGHTER). I have the following international certificates: 
  • 1st. Diploma: 21 st Century Award for Achievement in Recognition of Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Pedagogy - as the Author of Health Promotion Programs - International Biographical Centre, Cambridge (February 2007; 2nd. 
  • Diploma: Woman of the Year 2007, the American Biographical Institute (USA) (March 2007) 3rd. 
  • Diploma: Outstanding Scientist of the 21st Century (IBC) (January 2008) and put the names in the preparation of this title; 4th Diploma: Great Minds of the 21Century (ABI, USA) 
  • Hall of Fame (in the Field of Psychology - Psychosynthesis) and put my name in the book(2007/2008 Edidtion) (January 2008). 

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