Ahmed Fouad Negm. Egypt's Revolutionary Poet. English-Arabic Translation

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9781482742947: Ahmed Fouad Negm. Egypt's Revolutionary Poet. English-Arabic Translation

This edition comprises the English-Arabic translation and analysis of the poetry of Ahmed Fouad Negm. The work of poet Ahmed Fouad Negm has sparked flashes from my past, as all his sceneries, vernacular, and intimate connection to the poorest peasants of Egypt revived my dormant memories as never before. Negm’s brilliant and acute artistic senses enabled him to spare great traditional rituals from the sprawl of urbanization and global invasion of foreign cultures, throughout all corners of the universe. His unwavering expression of ideas, over many decades ahead of his own generation, has concluded mostly in realistic prophecies. That made the profane and rejected poet a true prophet of his era. The myth of how a poor orphaned city dweller could have expanded his knowledge, where many affluent figures of society failed to attain, invoked my deepest curiosity. The poem “Ward”, or “Al Anbarra” in Arabic, is an emotional depiction of the salute of release of an imprisoned person by the prison guards. This is a traditional Opera-styled salute executed by all prison guards when a release order arrives "Al-Anbara" Waaaaaaaaaaard .. All hear me I Shook the dice.. Never aided me even once Gambled with dowry and tipping.. Over One Imprisonment for the free... Even was bitter Not once!..Reminded me with repentance of that turn Not once! The first to the Prophet .. The second to Ayoub .. Third my solitude.. And the Fourth the fate of And the fifth..That bullied Must end up defeated The first, O Prophet liberator of man, the balsam for the afflicted and rescue of the oppressed Honored the class of men over all animals And raised the sword of guidance higher against tyranny And shouted O my people .. At all times Injustice if ever rules .. And right if ever demeaned Deprives you of rain and harvest and civilization Seas turn thirsty – In man and plants Snakes run loose.. Vultures fill skies Ruin falls on the mountain and the valley and the plains Light parts skies.. Moon's face disappear Sight lost in blindness and darkness and grief And fear topples humans by the cruelty of the jailer People fear each other ..Scare Sultan The Second, I said, Ayoub and I are two examples Ayoub when afflicted...Ayoub persevered two days Stories about Ayoub gave him two names Considered amongst prophets and illuminators together And my patience here ..in the asylum is two My patience for snatching me ..from knowledge and love My patience on ..the rule of the age The bully among us rules ..and the bully’s rule shame Rule of animals over men ..rule of two horns I swear by the grave of prophet ..Mohamed with his straight eyes One day, will be erected..two scales not one I look with satisfaction for ..justice in the two scales And the Third, my solitude ..in the world of bullies The bully is protected.. the free is afflicted The jerk when empowered ..hired few drummers Hustlers, imposters, thieves, and muggers Those who love the prophet ..give another applause Dancing spread in the country right and left Flesh exposed.. Rose above words Sounds of tunes unheard..Lyrics of poetry unnoticed Strangulated words of sons..Tunes of bracelets One for the one God Two for the seriousness of Hussein Three for the misery of envy Four for the printing ink Five for my living will Six for coming tomorrow Seven for my broken heart Eight for the wanting of fellows Nine for the world at large Ten for the traitor insect I inform all of you that the prison is a fence .. I inform all of you that the thought is a light I inform all of you that the prison is senile I inform all of you that its door is fragile I inform all of you that the revolution is a thought I inform all of you that it will become a memorial I promise all of you that the gathering is tomorrow And the light within us and you.. Friends.

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