Sophia-Divine Matrix: Sacral Code of the Goddess

9781482673470: Sophia-Divine Matrix: Sacral Code of the Goddess

Introduction In Eternal Reality, Source of Deity, there is no beginning and no end. Hence there is no distinction as to which is the greater, Goddess or God. When Deity manifests from the unmanifest Matrix, the Void, Space is created. And where there is Space there is measurement, Which is Time. For every circle has a point within from which may be measured stars. And through each star is formed a spiral which forms myriad spirals. But the informing Mind which creates Space and Time and stars and spirals is Deity. And Deity in order to bring about change divides into Two, Goddess and God. And the Goddess is Daughter of the Matrix and Space, and the God is the Son of the point of Light and of Time. Through their mutual Love springs forth Creation. Both Goddess and God have two Powers within Them in perfect balance. These are the golden power of Love and the silver Power of Truth. Their polarity produces the Pantheon of Goddesses and Gods. The two powers, named Yang and Yin, Positive and Negative, Rajas and Tamas, when in equilibrium produce stasis - Peace, Nirvana, Satva. But when they are unbalanced they produce movement; they create worlds. Hence there is no harmony without stasis: no creation without action. Both are of divine origin. In each galaxy, in each atom, these two powers work, sometimes in passivity, sometimes in action. And both operate through the Great Goddess and the great God Modes. Yin-Yang may be likened to the Major and Minor keys in music, or to the two sets of colours of the spectrum: Yang; red, blue and yellow: Yin; violet, green and orange. The difference between the Goddess and God modes and the Yang and Yin powers is this: Goddess and God are direct emanations from Deity, with the qualities of Love, Beauty and Truth, and the will to express these qualities through creating the Universe. Yang-Yin, Positive and Negative forces, are the Powers through which Deity works. Power is the tool with which Divinity brings to birth suns and worlds.

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