Becoming Conscious: In an Unconscious World

9781481834636: Becoming Conscious: In an Unconscious World

What if almost everything you have been taught about happiness, health, wealth & love was wrong? We’re all taught “truths” about ourselves that are “facts” in our minds. This book will challenge those ineffective beliefs about who you are- and show you how to take control of your life from this moment forward by living in consciousness. You can create a different life from what you know now as your "reality" when you open to learning a new way to authentically “own” your life. Are you ready to release unhappiness, depression, anger, & unhealthy habits? Are you ready to get rid of anything that disempowers your life? Are you ready to be healthy, happy, and discover your path to abundance and love? If you are, read on, this book will show you how to move into a life of consciousness, mindfulness and awareness! If you ever ask yourself these types of questions; How come I'm not happy? Why am I unhealthy? What's wrong with my relationships? You are longing for an answer to the question of how to move into a life of consciousness. Are these questions familiar to you? For much of the population happiness, health, & love are ever-elusive goals always beyond reach. Lifetimes are wasted in misdirected pursuit of them. Happiness, health, and love exist in you right now! Peace & contentment are available for you-right now! The secret is learning how to internally shift your energy, beliefs, & actions to allow energy to "flow" through you rather than letting your subconscious, internal roadblocks run your life. If you don't have an abundant life, there's a glitch in the subconscious programming-you are acting unconsciously. You are energetically "blocked" and learning to remove these blocks is in your control and happens as you move into consciousness! Becoming Conscious shows why to experience health, happiness, and love you must first open to the concept that all exterior beauty, health, & abundance is generated first from within your soul & spirit. If you are not in touch with these parts of your being you're can't be living a full, vital life. If you are not living in consciousness, by definition you are living in unconsciousness. Now you will learn to reveal your best self. Unlock your potential rather than being locked into a self-defeating paradigm, a paradigm of stress, poor health, and more of the same old, same old in your life. Becoming Conscious is a guide that shows you how the tools of consciousness, mindfulness, and awareness energetically shift you from the inside. That shift will manifest in dramatic changes in your life. By making this shift into consciousness, your inner energetic roadblocks, roadblocks no less real than a brick wall on the physical plane of existence, will disappear. How do you do this? You embrace messages in your life, face your fears, and give up the disempowering stories that you tell to yourself. That is how you move past roadblocks. This is how you move into an exciting and fulfilling life- with more passion, energy, health, & abundance than you ever imagined! If you didn't fear these internalized energetic roadblocks and instead we were raised to own, admit, and face them, you could easily move past them. Then you could have the life that you love. But we have been taught to hide them in so many subtle ways that they have become our unconscious behaviors and we never move past them. We have been conditioned to avoid these fears with dysfunctional coping behaviors continuing this never-ending cycle of distress. How much life energy are you investing denying the existence of your energetic blocks? If these blocks existed as a brick wall in front of you- you would have to figure out a way to go through, over, around, or under it to move forward in your life or you would stay stuck- Is stuck where you are today? Our inner energetic blockages are no less real than the brick wall- we just can't see them. When you clear these blockages, you move into the state of consciouness.

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About the Author:

Don Nenninger has 20+ years of research and experience helping people design a fulfilling life that centers on abundance, energy, vitality, and uncovering the subconscious stories that we tell ourselves- And teaches how to reach beyond the visible to what is possible. His book Becoming Conscious and it's companion book co-authored with his wife Nicole Nenninger-The Secrets of Loving Relationships provide templates of proven methods of creating the life of your dreams. You live in consciousness by leaving disempowering stories and beliefs about yourself behind. When you embrace a new story in your life, you create a more vital experience of life than you ever dreamed possible. In addition he is co-creator, along with his wife Nicole, of the Parents as Coaches: The Family Transformation Program™ and InSyncHypnosis™. These CD series and workbooks are now available and focus on redefining family relationships by incorporating authentic connection and structure. These programs are designed to remove blame from relationships, replacing it with authentic and deep connection. He enjoys working with others to incorporate a life he calls practical spirituality. This way of life is not based upon any religion or living a life based upon the societal expectations that have become imprinted in your subconscious. Rather, the focus is upon how each of us can create the life we desire by removing old emotional baggage and developing a new set of empowering beliefs. We create these beliefs through consciousness and awareness today, no matter how bad our experiences were in the past. He has been blessed to work with many people and companies who have also made this their focus and he has developed lessons that speed your growth in condensed multi-media programs that focus on removing emotional and energetic blocks from your life. A life-long learner, he has extensive experience in psychology (Psy. M.) with special emphasis on personal performance, relationships, and self-growth. His academic research is focused on what really motivates people to act in certain ways and how you can use this knowledge to create a wonderful life! He has academic degrees in the fields of human development, sociology, education, and psychology. He is state certified nutritionist and nationally ranked in the men's pentathlon track and field event.

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