A Listener's Guide To Bob Dylan's Tempest

9781480102194: A Listener's Guide To Bob Dylan's Tempest

"Stone you to death for the wrongs you have done" Obama is accused of being a secret Muslim "The more I take the more I give" the more money Dylan takes in the more he has to give to the IRS as Obama wants to increase taxes for those in Dylan's tax bracket "another politician pumping out the piss / another ragged beggar blowin' you a kiss" Obama is just another power hungry politician pumping money into the economy, pissing it away, and as a result, another low income or unemployed American is getting a subsidy at taxpayers' expense and thanking The Food Stamp President by re-electing him "You bastard I'm supposed to respect you?" Dylan disrespected Obama when Dylan came to play at the White House. He didn't show up for rehearsal or photo ops with the President and was curt when he thanked him for having him "I've got dogs that could tear you limb from limb" I want to return to the Jim Crow era where vicious dogs were set on Blacks in the South."I'm simpering" I am a simpering wimp "wimp" Slang: a timid person: "around the southern zone" and I'm afraid to openly state that I am a neo-Confederate. "Show me your morals that you reverse" Obama's support for same sex marriage is immoral. Dylan's Soon After Midnight: "Charlotte's a harlot" the Democrats who held their 2012 convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, are political whores "Dresses in scarlet" and are flagrantly immoral or unchaste: scarlet thoughts. "Mary" a male homosexual who takes the passive role "dresses in green" is easily duped or deceived "It's soon after midnight" things are at their darkest "And I've got a date with the fairy queen" as in set a date for a wedding - but now a same sex wedding "Fairy" and "Queen" are two derogatory terms for gays. Pay in Blood continues: "You got the same eyes that your mother does If only you could prove who your father was" birther nonsense, possibly Frank Marshall Davis allegation? "You get your lover in the bed" this is a reference to the death of Osama Bin Laden who was killed in his bed. Dylan did not believe this was legal "You've been accused of murder, how do you plead?" This is a reference to the "kill list" of America citizens to be executed abroad without due process. "I came to bury, not to praise." I came to bury Caesar (Obama), not to praise him. "I'll pay in blood [death] but not my own." Dylan will pay Obama back for all of these previously enumerated sins with death. Remember that in the 1970's I wrote that Dylan was a heroin addict. No one believed me. In 2010 a tape was aired on the BBC in which Dylan admitted he had a heroin habit. In 2012 Dylan paid me a backhanded compliment: "In my case there is a whole world of Dylanologists and everything I do affects them in some way. And you know in some ways I've given them life. They'd be nowhere without me." Rolling Stone or for more information on Advanced Dylanology go to dylanology.org.

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