Titanic 1912: The original news reporting of the sinking of the Titanic

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9781475111460: Titanic 1912: The original news reporting of the sinking of the Titanic

The original 1912 news accounts of the Titanic disaster include the first-hand accounts of survivors as told to reporters who met the ship bringing them from where they were saved from lifeboats. The surviving crew describes the crucial moments after the ship hit the iceberg. A crewman testifies just three days after the sinking that the ship had a fire in its coal bunkers from the time it set sail. Teachers across America buy this book citing the original sources detailed that enable them to teach a lesson on the Titanic.

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From the Author:

Titanic 1912 - The story of the Sinking of the Titanic from the news stories of the days and weeks after the disaster.
This book brings to life some of the very best writing about the story of the Titanic, from the newspapers of the day, both in England and America. While the first reporting of the story was tragically wrong - there were reports that the Titanic was under tow to Halifax and all the passengers had been safely transferred to the Virginian, those reports were quickly corrected. The truth came rushing through to London and New York, racing through the airwaves carrying the wireless reports.
One of the first to get the news of the Titanic sinking "by the head" was a young Marconi operator sitting in a wireless station high atop Wanamaker's Department Store in New York City.  That young man was but 21 years old, but his name would forever be connected with the news. He was David Sarnoff, who went on to found the NBC radio and then television networks.
As a reporter and editor for over twenty years, checking the facts and digging for details has become second nature. Going back into the actual news stories of 1912 and finding gems of writing as well as reporting was a pleasure. Bringing them to life now and comparing them to modern news coverage and offering my views on them is the purpose of this book. Included here are many of the great images and graphics produced by newspapers of the day. They worked on tight deadlines and in many cases produced great work in a short period of time. 
Did you know the story of the Unsinkable Molly Brown, who took command of her lifeboat and saved the lives of all aboard?

Did you know the Titanic was on fire from the time the ship left port?Please enjoy this book! - Ken Rossignol

From the Back Cover:

Passenger list of the RMS Titanic:In 1912, major newspapers routinely published Steamship passenger lists, as shown by this example from the, Los Angeles Times.
Following the disaster, newspapers around the nation and the world rushed to print lists of both the Lost and the Survivors.
The following list includes the names of all Passengers known to be aboard the Titanic on April 14, 1912.
This list is NOT authoritative.       
Allen, Miss Elizabeth WaltonAllison, Mr. H. J.
Allison, Mrs. H. J. and MaidAllison, Miss L
Allison, Master T. and Nurse

Anderson, Mr. Harry
Andrews, Miss Cornelia I.
Andrews, Mr. Thomas
Appleton, Mrs. E. D.
Artagaveytia, Mr. Ramon
Astor, Colonel J. J. and Manservant
Astor, Mrs. J. J and Maid
Aubert, Mrs. N. and Maid
Barkworth, Mr. A. H.
Baumann, Mr. J.
Baxter, Mrs. James
Baxter, Mr. Quigg
Beattie, Mr. T.
Beckwith, Mr. R. L.
Beckwith, Mrs. R. L.
Behr, Mr. K. H.
Bishop, Mr. D. H.
Bishop, Mrs. D. H.
Bjornstrom, Mr. H.
Blackwell, Mr. Stephen Weart
Blank, Mr. Henry
Bonnell, Miss Caroline
Bonnell, Miss Lily
Borebank, Mr. J. J.
Bowen, Miss
Bowerman, Miss Elsie
Brady, Mr. John B.
Brandeis, Mr. E.
Brayton, Mr. George
Brewe, Dr Arthur Jackson
Brown, Mrs. J. J.
Brown, Mrs. J. M.
Bucknell, Mrs. W. and Maid
Butt, Major Archibald W.
Calderhead, Mr. E. P.
Candee, Mrs. Churchill
Cardoza, Mrs. J. W. M. and Maid
Cardoza, Mr. T. D. M and Manservant
Carlson, Mr. Frank
Carran, Mr. F. M.
Carran, Mr. J. P.
Carter, Mr. William E.
Carter, Mrs. William E.and Maid
Carter, Miss Lucile
Carter, Master William T. and Manservant
Case, Mr. Howard B.
Cassebeer, Mrs. H. A.
Cavendish, Mr. T.W.
Cavendish, Mrs. T. W. and Maid
Chaffee, Mr. Herbert F.
Chaffee, Mrs. Herbert F.
Chambers, Mr. N. C.
Chambers, Mrs. N. C.
Cherry, Miss Gladys
Chevre, Mr. Paul
Chibnafl, Mrs. E. M. Bowerman
Chisholm, Mr. Robert
Clark, Mr. Walter M.
Clark, Mrs. Walter M.
Clifford, Mr. George Quincy
Colley, Mr. E. P.
Compton, Mrs. A. T.
Compton, Miss S. P.
Compton, Mr. A. T., Jr.
Cornell, Mrs. R. G.
Crafton, Mr. John B.
Crosby, Mr. Edward G.
Crosby, Mrs. Edward G.
Crosby, Miss Harriet
Cummings, Mr. John Bradley
Cummings, Mrs. John Bradley
Daly, Mr. P. D.
Daniel, Mr. Robert W.
Davidson, Mr. Thornton
Davidson, Mrs. Thornton
de Villiers, Mrs. B.
Dick, Mr. A. A.
Dick, Mrs. A. A.
Dodge, Dr. Washington
Dodge, Mrs. Washington
Dodge, Master Washington
Douglas, Mrs. F. C.
Douglas, Mr. W. D.
Douglas, Mrs. W. D. and Maid
Dulles, Mr. William C.
Earnshew, Mrs. Boulton
Endres, Miss Caroline
Eustis, Miss E. M.
Evans, Miss E.
Flegenheim, Mrs. A.
Flynn, Mr. J. I.
Foreman, Mr. B. L.
Fortune, Mr. Mark
Fortune, Mrs. Mark
Fortune, Miss Ethel
Fortune, Miss Alice
Fortune, Miss Mabel
Fortune, Mr. Charles
Franklin, Mr. T. P.
Frauenthal Mr. T. G.
Frauenthal, Dr. Henry W.
Frauenthal, Mrs. Henry W.
Frolicher, Miss Marguerite
Futrelle, Mr. J.
Futrelle, Mrs. J.
Gee, Mr. Arthur
Gibson, Mrs. L..
Gibson, Miss D.
Giglio, Mr. Victor
Goldenberg, Mr. S. L.
Goldenberg, Mrs. S. L.
Goldschmidt, Mrs. George B.
Gordon, Sir Cosmo Duff
Gordon, Lady Duff and Maid
Gracie, Colonel Archibald
Graham, Mr.
Graham, Mrs William G
Graham, Miss Margaret
Greenfield, Mrs. L. D.
Greenfield, Mrs. W. B.
Guggenheim, Mr Benjamin
Harder, Mr. George A.
Harder, Mrs. George A.
Harper, Mr. Henry Sleeper and Manservant
Harper, Mrs. Henry Sleeper
Harris, Mr. Henry B.
Harris, Mrs. Henry B.
Harrison, Mr. W. H.
Haven, Mr. H.
Hawksford, Mr. W. J.
Hays, Mr. Charles M.
Hays, Mrs. Charles M. and Maid
Hays, Miss Margaret
Head, Mr. Christopher

Hilliard, Mr. Herbert Henry
Hipkins, Mr. W. E.
Hippach, Mrs. Ida S.
Hippach, Miss Jean
Hogeboom, Mrs. John C.
Holverson, Mr. A. O.
Holverson, Mrs. A. O.
Hoyt, Mr. Frederick M.
Hoyt, Mrs. Frederick M.
Holt, Mr. W. F.
Isham, Mrs. A. E.
Ismay, Mr. J. Bruce and Manservant
Jakob, Mr. Birnbaum
Jones, Mr. C. C
Julian, Mr. H. F.
Kent, Mr. Edward A.
Kenyon, Mr. F. R.
Kenyon, Mrs. F. R.
Kimball, Mr. E. N.
Kimball, Mrs. E. N.
Klaber, Mr. Herman
Lambert-Williams, Mr. Fletcher Fellows
Leader, Mrs. F. A.
Lewy, Mr. E. G.
Lindstroem, Mrs. J.
Lines, Mrs. Ernest H.
Lines, Miss Mary C.
Lingrey Mr Edward
Long, Mr.. Milton C.
Langley, Miss Gretchen F.
Loring, Mr. J. H.
Madill, Miss Georgette Alexandra
Maguire, Mr. J. E.
Marechal, Mr. Pierre
Marvin, Mr. D. W.
Marvin, Mrs. D. W.
McCaffry. Mr. T.
McCarthy, Mr. Timothy J.
McGough, Mr. J. R.
Meyer, Mr. Edgar J.
Meyer, Mrs. Edgar J.
Millet, Mr. Frank D.
Missahan, Dr. W. E.
Missahan, Mrs. W. B.
Missahan, Miss Daisy
Moch, Mr. Pkdtp E.
Moch, Mr. Phillip E.
Molson, Mr. H. Markland
Moore, Mr. Clarence and Manservant
Natsch, Mr. Charles
Newell, Mr. A. W.
Newell, Miss Alice
Newell, Miss Madeline
Newsom, Miss Helen
Nicholson, Mr. A. S.
Omont, Mr. F.
Ostby, Mr. E. C
Ostby, Miss Helen R.
Ovies, Mr. S.
Parr, Mr. M. H. W.
Partner, Mr. Austin
Payne, Mr. V.
Pears, Mr. Thomas
Pears, Mrs. Thomas
Penasco, Mr. Victor
Penasco, Mrs. Victor and Maid
Peuchen, Major Arthur
Porter, Mr. Walter Chamberlain
Potter, Mrs. Thomas, Jr.
Reuchlin, Mr. Jonkheer, J. G.
Rheims, Mr. George
Robert, Mrs. Edward S. and Maid
Roebling, Mr. Washington A., 2nd
Rolmane, Mr. C.
Rood, Mr. Hugh R.
Rosenbaum, Miss
Ross, Mr. J. Hugo
Rothes, the Countess of and Maid
Rothschild, Mr. M.
Rothschild, Mrs. M.
Rowe, Mr. Alfred
Ryerson, Mr. Arthur
Ryerson, Mrs. Arthur and Maid
Ryerson, Miss Emily
Ryerson, Miss Susan
Ryerson, Master Jack
Saalfeld, Mr. Adolphe
Schabert, Mrs. Paul
Seward, Mr. Frederick K.
Shutes, Miss E. W.
Silverthorne, Mr. S. V.
Silvey, Mr. William B.
Silvey, Mrs. William B.
Simonius, Mr. Oberst Altons
Sloper, Mr. William T.
Smart, Mr. John M.
Smith, Mr. J. Clinch
Smith, Mr. R. W.
Smith, Mr. L P.
Smith, Mrs. L P.
Snyder, Mr. John
Snyder, Mrs. John
Soloman, Mr. A. L.
Spedden, Mr. Frederick O.
Spedden, Mrs. Frederick O. and Maid
Spedden, Master R. Douglas and Nurse
Spencer, Mr. W. A.
Spencer, Mrs. W. A. and Maid
Stahelin, Dr. Max
Stead, Mr. W. T.
Steffanson, B. B.
Steffanon, H. B.
Stehli, Mr. Max Frolicher
Stehli, Mrs. Max Frolicher
Stengel, Mr. C. E. H.
Stengel, Mrs. C. E. H.
Stewart, Mr. A. A.
Stone, Mrs. George M. and Maid
Straus, Mr. Isidor and Manservant
Straus, Mrs. Isidor and Maid
Sutton, Mr. Frederick
Swift, Mrs. Frederick Joel
Taussig, Mr. Emil
Taussig, Mrs. Emil
Taussig, Miss Ruth
Taylor, Mr. E. Z
Taylor, Mrs. E. Z.
Thayer, Mr. J. B.
Thayer, Mrs. J. B. and Maid
Thayer, Mr. J. B., Jr.
Thorne, Mr. G.
Thorne, Mrs. G.
Tucker, Mr. G. M., Jr.
Uruchurtu, Mr. M. R.
Van der Hoef, Mr. Wyckoff
Walker, Mr. W. Anderson
Warren, Mr. F. M.
Warren, Mrs. F. M.
Weir, Mr. J.
White, Mr. Percival W.
White, Mr. Richard F.
White, Mrs. J. Stuart and Maid and Manservant
Wick, Mr. George D.
Wick, Mrs. George D.
Wick, Miss Mary
Widener, Mr. George D. and Manservant
Widener, Mrs. George D. and Maid
Widener, Mr.. Harry
Willard, Miss Constance
Williams, Mr. Duane
Williams, Mr. R. N., Jr.
Woolner, Mr. Hugh
Wright, Mr. George
Young, Miss Marie

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