Al Schneider New Age Quantum Physics

ISBN 13: 9781467938006

New Age Quantum Physics

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9781467938006: New Age Quantum Physics

This book is presented in two parts. The first details the origin and developments of quantum physics. It begins over 2000 years ago when people like Aristotle began contemplating the structure of the universe. The book discusses where even he got some of his ideas. The goal in this presentation is to look at the experiments done so, you dear reader, have a chance to draw your own conclusions instead of accepting the conclusions of others. An effort is made to peer into the minds of Planck, Einstein, and deBroglie. In addition, some incidents from the lives of the long trail of people developing these concepts are related. This is fascinating in and of itself. The second part of the book is to review the experiments done and see if one might come to other conclusions. This author feels that if we understood Einstein’s theory of special relativity a new door would open revealing a totally unique understanding of the universe. This book is difficult for the establishment of physics to see. This author has wondered about this for some time. During the past 5 years, an answer to this question has emerged. The physics community believes that math is the fabric of the universe. When I was an undergraduate taking a class in theoretical mechanics, the professor made a stunning declaration near the beginning of this class. He said that, up to that time, we had been studying physics with models using lines, circles, and things that represented things in the visible universe. He said from that point forward, all discussions of physics would use math explanations. This author believes that has led us down an awkward path. This book presents a model that describes the mechanics of special relativity. That understanding is like a thread that can unravel a rug when pulled. It is the beginning of a journey like no other.

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About the Author:

The quest for the information in this book essentially began in 1953 when Al read ABC of Relativity by Bertrand Russell. At the time, it was a very popular book. He was fired up by the weirdness of Special Relativity. How in the world could time change when something moved quickly through space. He attempted to come up with some mechanism that would enable such a thing to happen. The interest in this never stopped. Al went on to get a physics degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, 1969. After graduating, Al pursued a career in computers working in a variety of industries, mostly engineering and industrial controls. Eventually he became a contract programmer. Between contracts, he studied a wide variety of subjects. They included martial, spiritual and magic arts. His involvement in each of these went far beyond the average person's interest. During all of this, the interest in mastering Special Relativity never waned. In the summer of 2002, while living in an apartment above a barbershop in Cornell, Wisconsin; Al decided to resolve the issue. Armed with concepts from his junior class in college, specifically Theoretical Mechanics and a computer, he decided to write a program that would simulate a universe that would support the postulates Einstein used in formulating Special Relativity. The initial concept was that a computer could simulate anything. The plan was to create a universe in the computer similar to the one we see around us. Another part of the plan was to create a universe that was like Einstein's universe. The idea was to use the Lorentz Transformation to represent this space. During this process, the relationship between an Einstein like universe and a normal Galilean universe appeared. A physical model for Special Relativity manifested itself. Now, this concept was the end of a thread that, for the author, unwound the rug called universe. Understanding how time, mass and even space could change when something moved, opened a door to understanding what light is, what matter is, what gravity is and even what space is. Understand, none of this happened all at once. Grabbing the end of the thread and yanking on it revealed a gem to study for some time. When that was absorbed, another yank produced another gem. This study continued from 2002 until 2010. This material and its study are presented in this book.

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