Soul Communication: Opening Your Spiritual Channels for Success and Fulfillment (Soul Power)

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9781416588979: Soul Communication: Opening Your Spiritual Channels for Success and Fulfillment (Soul Power)

Do you want to communicate with your own soul? Do you want to communicate with your spiritual guides and angels? Do you want to communicate directly with the Divine? You can! In Soul Communication, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha reveals secret Soul Power techniques to develop the four major spiritual communication channels: Soul Language, Direct Soul Communication, Third Eye, and Direct Knowing. While the soul wisdom is profound, Dr. Sha also gives you remarkably simple and practical tools for applying it. This book empowers you to transform every aspect of your life, from health to relationships and finances. Receive guidance from the Divine, your spiritual guides, and your own soul. Empower yourself to fulfill your physical life and your spiritual life.

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About the Author:

Master Zhi Gang Sha is a soul leader, an extraordinary healer, and a divine servant. He was trained as a conventional medical doctor and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. The founder of the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment and of the World Soul Healing, Peace and Enlightenment Movement, he is a grandmaster of many ancient disciplines, including tai chi, qi gong, feng shui and the I Ching. Master Sha is also an expert in the most advanced cellular healing science now occurring in China. In the West, he is involved in breakthrough research on the effects of spirit on the human system. Master Sha was named Qigong Master of the Year at the Fifth World Congress in Qigong. In 2006, he was granted the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for his humanitarian efforts. His Soul Power Series reveals soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices to transform every aspect of life. Visit

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.:

What Is Soul Communication?

Communication is one of the most important aspects of life, not only human life but all life. In your life, you communicate with your family members. You communicate with your colleagues. You communicate with your friends. In our modern world, we communicate using telephones and the Internet, through radio and television, and via satellites. With advanced technology, scientists communicate with our cells and cell units, and with planets, stars, and galaxies. Communication is a vital part of everyone's life.

Communication is taking place constantly on Mother Earth, all around us as well as within us. We use countless ways to communicate in our lives. Communication takes place not only among human beings, but also among animals, plants, and insects. Think of the language and intelligence of dolphins, the migration of birds, and the organization of a beehive. Think of how plants respond to the beautiful melodies and harmonies of Mozart. Think of how the DNA and RNA in your cells communicate across generations. All animate things communicate.

Did you know that inanimate objects communicate also? Everything in the room in which you are reading this book communicates. The company you work for communicates. The car you drive communicates. Mountains and rivers communicate. Mother Earth communicates. They all communicate with each other. This book is communicating with you now.

You can communicate with all things, animate and inanimate. You can communicate with "things" that do not have physical form, things that are in the spiritual realms or, as I call it, the Soul World. You can do this using soul communication. Through soul communication, you can receive wisdom, knowledge, and healing from any soul in the universe. This book will teach you how.

Everything has a soul. A human being has a soul. An animal has a soul. A plant has a soul. A flower has a soul. A mountain has a soul. A river has a soul. Do souls communicate with other souls? How do souls communicate? What is the significance of doing soul communication? What are its benefits? How can you open your spiritual channels to do soul communication? I am delighted to reveal the soul wisdom and soul secrets of soul communication to you. This book will answer all of these questions and many more.

Secrets of Soul Standing

Soul communication is communication between soul and soul. Soul communication is also communication between soul and mind. Why do we need soul communication? We need it because we want to understand our soul's desires and purpose. You have no doubt thought about the purpose of your life. Does a soul have a life purpose? The answer is clear. Yes! A soul has a clear life purpose. Your soul has its life purpose. Every human being's soul has its life purpose.An animal's soul also has its life purpose. Does a plant's or a mountain's soul have a purpose for its life? The answer is clear. Yes! Every soul has a purpose for its own life.

What is the purpose of a soul's life? Every soul's purpose is to uplift its soul standing. What is soul standing? Let me reveal the soul secrets about soul standing. As human beings, we are in the realm of the universe that has nine layers or levels of souls. This realm is called Jiu Tian, which literally means "the nine heavens." The lowest layer is the ninth one, Level 9. The highest layer is Level 1.

A newborn soul comes to Mother Earth and floats in nature. It may attach to a rock or a grain of sand. It experiences physical life. These souls are in Level 9. Through many lifetimes, these souls learn and grow through their experiences. They are then ready to be uplifted to a Level 8 or Level 7 soul, which can be the soul of a mountain, a river, a flower, or a forest. At these levels, souls continue to learn from their experiences and offer service to nature and society. The soul will advance to higher layers and reincarnate as an animal. The souls of animals stand in Level 6 or Level 5. These souls continue to serve the universe. They continue to learn their lessons. They continue to improve themselves. As they do all of this, they continue to increase their spiritual standing. When they have done a good job, these animal souls are uplifted to the human being's layer. The soul standing of human beings is Level 4 or Level 3. Human beings uplift their spiritual standing by offering good service, including unconditional love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, integrity, generosity, and more. When human beings have done an exceptionally good job, the spiritual world will uplift their souls to the saint level. These souls become holy saints, buddhas, Taoist saints, ascended masters, archangels, major gurus, or major lamas. The spiritual standing of these beings is Level 2 or Level 1.

Each step in the soul's journey from Level 9 to Level 1 could take hundreds of lifetimes. This teaching on soul standing in the universe is the insight received by my spiritual father, Master Zhi Chen Guo, and me. We are honored to reveal these secrets. We are honored to have the opportunity to serve.

Why do I reveal these soul secrets? I share these secrets so that you can understand the purpose of your soul and of every soul. Now that you know about the layers of soul standing, you may ask, "Why should I care about increasing my soul standing?" Think about history. How many holy saints, healing angels, archangels, ascended masters, buddhas, Taoist saints, lamas, and Indian gurus have served humanity and Mother Earth? Why do they serve unconditionally? Their purpose is in alignment with their souls' purpose: to uplift their soul standing.

A high-level soul has high-level wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, and abilities to serve. Millions of people know the stories of the Bible. Millions of people know the stories of Buddha. Why are these stories so powerful? They are powerful because the power is given by the Divine and the universe. This power is Soul Power or spiritual power. It is not any other kind of power.

Every soul in the universe desires to uplift its spiritual standing to be closer to the Divine. Spiritual law states that the higher your spiritual standing, the greater the Soul Power given to you by the Divine. A soul does not wish to increase its standing to satisfy its ego. It wants to increase its standing to gain abilities to serve humanity, Mother Earth, and the universe.

There is only one way to uplift your soul standing: offer unconditional universal service. Universal service includes universal love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony, and enlightenment. If you offer a little service, you receive a little blessing from the Divine and the universe. If you offer more service, you receive more blessings. If you offer unconditional universal service, you receive unlimited blessings.

At this time, let us join hearts and souls in a simple practice to offer unconditional service to all of humanity and all souls in the universe. Let us offer service to uplift every soul. We can do this by chanting the mantra Unconditional Universal Service repeatedly. Say:

Dear soul, mind, and body of Unconditional Universal Service, I love you. Can you please offer service to all humanity and all souls in the universe? Uplift their hearts and souls. I am honored and blessed. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Then, chant unconditional universal service, unconditional universal service, unconditional universal service, unconditional universal service. Chant repeatedly for at least three minutes, the longer the better. The more you offer service, the more virtue you will gain and the more you will uplift your soul standing. Your life will be blessed tremendously by offering service in this way. The mantra Unconditional Universal Service connects you to the Divine and to all souls so that you can offer them your total love, forgiveness, care, and compassion. This simple soul practice can be done anytime, anywhere, silently or out loud. The only requirement is for you to be sincere and have an open heart.

The soul's journey depends on reincarnation. I personally believe deeply in reincarnation. Reincarnation is one of the most important spiritual laws. We are in the realm of Jiu Tian, the nine layers of Heaven that I briefly explained above. All souls in Jiu Tian reincarnate from lifetime to lifetime as they uplift their soul standing with the goal of reaching Level 1. But Level 1 souls, which are a very high saint level, continue to move their soul standing further. The next step for Level 1 souls is to be uplifted to a realm beyond the nine layers of Heaven. That realm is named Tian Wai Tian, which literally means the "Heaven beyond Heaven." If a Level 1 soul has served humanity, Mother Earth, and the universe very well, Heaven and the Divine can decide to uplift that Level 1 soul to Tian Wai Tian.

What is the most significant aspect of being uplifted to Tian Wai Tian? Reincarnation stops for a soul in Tian Wai Tian. That soul will stay in Tian Wai Tian, which is the divine realm. That soul will not reincarnate as a human being anymore. That soul will stay in the Soul World forever. That soul will continue to serve humanity and the universe in a special way, because a soul in Tian Wai Tian has much more powerful abilities to serve than a soul in Jiu Tian.

These are the basic soul secrets about soul standing in Jiu Tian and the possibility of being uplifted to Tian Wai Tian. This is the soul's purpose for all souls in the universe. How can you know where your soul stands? Soul communication is the treasure that can give you the answer to this question and many other questions about your soul journey.

Soul communication is vital spiritual wisdom for understanding your spiritual journey. It can tell you what your current spiritual standing is. It can tell you about your journey through your past lives, the condition of your soul journey in your present life, and the prospects for your soul journey in your future lives. Physical life is very short. S...

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