Randy Singer The Advocate

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The Advocate

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9781414391304: The Advocate

At the trial of Christ, Theophilus, brilliant young "assessore" raised in the Roman aristocracy, stands behind Pontius Pilate and whispers, "Offer to release Barabbas." The strategy backfires, and Theophilus never forgets the sight of an innocent man unjustly suffering the worst of all possible deaths--Roman crucifixion.When he returns to Rome, Theophilus must prove himself in the legal ranks of the Roman Empire. He endures the backstabbing intrigue of the treason trials and the attempts of a cruel tyrant to control the woman he loves. But his struggle for revenge leaves a stain on both the empire and his own troubled soul.Ultimately, he will face the most notorious Caesar, defending the man Paul in Nero's deranged court. Can Theophilus mount a defense that will keep another innocent man from execution?The Advocate's first trial altered the course of history. His last will change the fate of an empire.


PW Starred review: Veteran lawyer-author Singer ("The Last Plea Bargain") uses the idea advanced elsewhere that the Bible books Luke and Acts were written as legal briefs to defend the Apostle Paul against the Roman emperor Nero. The two biblical books are addressed to an enigmatic Theophilus, (a name meaning "lover of God,") and Singer develops a fictional Theophilus, a lawyer who stood behind Pilate to advise him to offer up Jesus Christ to be crucified. Theophilus witnesses the lives of Jesus and Paul unfold, and has to decide based on the evidence whether to join the early movement of Jesus followers and become a victim of the great persecution of Nero. Some of the dialog comes directly from Scripture; other speeches are faithful to biblical characters such as Paul: "The most important thing is not that the letter proclaims my innocence but that it proclaims the good news about the Messiah." Cross James Michener's great historical fiction with a John Grisham legal thriller, and you've got this epic classic by Singer.--Publishers Weekly

Singer is a well-established legal thriller author, but "The Advocate" takes a huge swing away from this genre into historical fiction as readers follow Theophilus, a real person from the New Testament books of Luke and Acts, on a fictional journey. In doing so, Singer presents a compelling tale based on two real trials: that of Jesus and that of Paul in Nero's court. This book is a riveting look into ancient Rome and offers parallels to our current political climate.Since Theophilus' early days when his prompt "offer to release Barabbas" backfired, he has been haunted by the death of Jesus, an innocent man. Theophilus rises quickly as a defender of the common people oppressed by Roman political powers. He falls in love and has a son who he will do anything to defend. His journey takes him through treason trials, gladiator fights and finally to his greatest trial: against Nero and defending Paul, a Christ follower.--RT Book Reviews

As a young man, Theophilus had lofty dreams of becoming one of Rome's elite advocates. After a childhood of privilege and rigorous training he was equipped with the skills needed to seek truth, sway Roman politics, and change the world. At age twenty, Theophilus was appointed as chief legal advisor to Pontius Pilate. It was during this time that Theophilus encountered Jesus and faced his first true test--one in which he failed miserably. When his service to Pilate ended, Theophilus returned to his beloved Rome to find mayhem in the senate and a lethally paranoid emperor. In the midst of this environment, Theophilus begins his career as an advocate--attempting to navigate the treacherous political waters of a failed republic and an insane emperor. With excellent historical details and strong spiritual components, "The Advocate" brings to life the story of Theophilus.I first heard about "The Advocate" last year in an interview with Randy Singer. At the time it sounded fantastically intriguing with an epic scope and unique speculative angle. I couldn't wait for the chance to read it. Finally, after a year of waiting I had the opportunity to dive in this book and was quite impressed by the imagination and originality of this story.About eighty percent of "The Advocate" is told from Theophilus' first-person perspective and works exceptionally well. I wasn't anticipating this approach to the story, but it has the intended effect of bringing readers deep into Theophilus' mind and helping them better understand the various situations he must work through. However, as the book switches from first-person to third-person the voice doesn't change. As a result, the portions written from the third-person point of view feel disconnected and lack the same intensity other parts of this book are able to achieve.Aside from this issue, there is really little else to criticize. This is an exceptionally well-written book. The details are amazing and the fictional story of Theophilus feels like a historical event. Additionally, Singer creates an intense and immersive environment where the reader can truly appreciate the intricacies the Roman political scene as well as the uncertainties facing Roman citizens of all classes. The progressive decline of the Roman Empire and its rulers is presented with detail, but streamlined so that the story flows smoothly and does not become cumbersome to read.In addition to creating a vibrant historical and political setting, Singer expertly portrays the various spiritual ideas of the time. While it's easy to shake our heads at these ancient beliefs, in "The Advocate," the reader gets a real sense of the history and reasons behind why the Romans worshiped as they did. As someone who likes to better understand why people believe what they do, I found these portions of the book absolutely fascinating.Given the time period in which this book is set, there are some very gritty and difficult scenes. Most readers are familiar with the brutality of the Roman justice system and the senseless death of thousands. But Singer tactfully brings these emotionally charged historical facts into his book. Not surprising, some of these scenes are difficult to read. For the squeamish--reader beware.I cannot imagine the number of hours Singer spent researching and writing this story. It is one of his finest works and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to read it. I waited a year to read "The Advocate" and I was not disappointed.--The Christian Manifesto

Randy Singer has been long known for his pulse-pounding legal thrillers that keep you turning pages late into the night. He manages to balance complex plots with deep and relevant themes, wrapping them around a storyline that pulls you in and doesn't let go. In fact, you could say that Singer writes like his main characters practice law: with razor-sharp suspense, a dash of danger, and no fear of tackling difficult cases. His newest thriller, "The Advocate," is no exception."The Advocate" is unlike anything Singer has ever written, taking readers back two thousand years to the Roman Empire and its famed legal system. It's here that he introduces us to Rome's most infamous lawyer--or advocate--a man named Theophilus. The book is really the story of Theophilus's life and how influenced he was by Jesus of Nazareth. Make no mistake: this may be historical fiction, but it's still Singer's unique brand of legal thriller. Only instead of shootouts and corrupt lawyers, you get gladiatorial games and an insane emperor.Theophilus was the perfect biblical figure for Singer to morph into his titular advocate. We literally know nothing for certain of the person to whom Luke/Acts was written, but many have speculated, based on the way he is addressed, that he was a high-ranking Roman official. Singer, with some actual factual precedent, presents Theophilus as Paul's advocate before Nero, making Luke/Acts serve as legal evidence in the case. Along the way, we meet characters such as Pontius Pilate, to whom Theophilus serves as an assistant or "asessore," the emperors Caligula and Nero, and Jesus himself.Singer, as a lawyer/pastor/storyteller, has created a story that perfectly honors all three professions. While the story is, obviously, fictional, Singer weaves the story so well that I'm convinced it could all actually have been fact. He is very careful to get his biblical and historical details correct. In fact, what I really want is an annotated version to tell me what we know for sure biblically, what's accurate historically, and where Singer takes artistic liberty.Actually, what I really want to do is give this book to every Christian ever because through it, they'll not only be entertained, they'll finish it knowing so much more about how their faith interacts with history. Most Christians have this idea of "secular" history (what they get taught in schools) and "Christian" history (what they read in Scripture and are taught in church) and rarely do the twain ever meet. Singer, through the method of fictional story, is able to factually place the early church in context of history better than most history books."The Advocate" is just simply incredible. You may think you know the story, especially since it's based on history, but Singer still pulls a few surprises. Rarely do I ever say that a book left me awestruck, but I'll say it for this one. All of Singer's books have been great, but this one...this one's special.--LifeIsStory

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