Unspoken Feelings Of A Gentleman

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9780986255601: Unspoken Feelings Of A Gentleman

A beautiful mind is priceless, but so often our most intimate and untainted thoughts go unheard. This is a passionate unfiltered story of a man stricken with pain, confused with guilt, filled with remorse, and faced with many obstacles. In this book you will enter a realm never visited. As you turn the pages, untold events will captivate your emotions and a story of the fight a man faces with finding himself and experiencing love is sure to leave your mind blown. It is those things that often go untold that can be life changing.

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About the Author:

Pierre Alex Jeanty, founder of Gentlemenhood, is a certified life coach, blogger, social media influencer and online branding specialist who is devoted to making an impact on this generation. We can t expect to live life continuously making the same bad choices. At some point we all must grow and understand that in order to get different results, we must make changes. After suffering from countless failed relationships due to his boyish ways, Pierre vows to share his experiences and testimony to all in hopes that he will inspire men to learn from his ways, and be a voice of hope for women who lost faith in good men.


In Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman, Jeanty dove right into an area underneath the surface. An area most people are too afraid to even think about, much less dream about. Fearlessly, he dissected his heart and allowed himself to be vulnerable in sharing the feelings that reside deep inside many of us, but we usually are too proud and brave to deal with or share. This book is an eye opener for both men and women. Jeanty took a vow to explain how imprisoning his emotions caused him to live years out of this so called short life, allowing his anger to order his steps and pride to close the gate for love and happiness to flow in his life. Read this book with caution, take the warning he gives at the beginning into great consideration. Continue reading with an open mind, judgeless heart, and receive a new perspective that will guide you to do something you ve been too proud to do, say something you have been too masculine to say. There you have it society, a young man who decided to take a step, gain his voice back, and explained how being a man is more than just being brave, masculine, and emotionless. Jeanty s Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman, is about the things many of us experience, feel, and know, but are too scrunched up in society s little box to get out and scream aloud. This book will anger you that your cats are out of the bag. It will sadden you that this is the world we live in. It will open your eyes wider to the fact that there are consequences to your actions; physical and emotional. It will put joy in your heart that there is a redeemer who died for your sins so you could have a chance at being whole again after being chopped into pieces by misfortunes and sins. Last but not least, it will make you laugh at the silly things we do that should only be jokes we hear on TV and gear you towards changing your ways-if you so choose. Stating this book is the definition of raw in any attempt to define the word, would be an understatement. Jeanty took a path that could not be walked on by going around the bush. He went straight for the bull s eye and he did not miss. He told it like it is, whipped it apart, put it back together and walked out of the storm a man. Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman is about lost, pain, misguidance, a turn around and a scratch on the surface that there is power in speaking the truth and letting God detour your life. Be careful, you may find something in this book that you can relate to, something to challenge your thinking and make you rethink your actions and words towards others. Read Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman with time in your hands not only to read but listen, understand, reflect, and possibly change. In the time it took me to read it, I was in tears, laughing (if you re a woman, there are times where your heart will feel warmth and your cheeks may even blush a little), and calmly reflect which allowed me to make peace with certain things. This book has a lot to offer, take what you can. Well done Jeanty, A dedicated supporter --Yvette Destine

Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman in simply riveting! The pages of this book takes you on such an emotional ride. I find it quite moving that the author has opened up some of the most vulnerable moments in his life to touch the lives of others. The dynamics and structure unveiled in this book is nothing short of brilliant! With each untold moment you feel a greater connection to the writer, and it's not hard at all to see little pieces of your personal story throughout the pages. I believe these once unspoken feelings will open the door to help others grow in many different facets. It is not everyday that a man will open up in such a vivid way exposing his flaws, his past hurts, and the desires that have kept him up late at night. There were several times throughout the pages that my eyes welled up. Yes, it is just that deep. Feelings are real. Feelings literally make and break people daily, and the exposure of these feelings help you feel a little more human. A little more understood. There is nothing like being able to relate to things that have torn at you. Somehow, after reading this book, you are reminded that it is okay to speak. It is okay to hurt. It is okay to be human. It is pertinent to grow from your experiences. I can't say enough that this is a must read! Congratulations on freeing yourself through the art of your words Pierre! --Curtrice Williams

Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman does something that a lot of books within it s niche have often fail to do, which is pull the reader in by offering something in which the reader can relate to but at the same time learn from. There s a solution within every passage and with every flip of the page, your emotional and mental strength is enhanced as you continue to read. I myself found many solutions to many of things I ve been dealing with personally and as I read on, I could relate but what I found was answers to many of my own questions. The Author has a way of expressing his own emotional truth consistently through out the entire book. From start to finish, you r taken on a ride that symbolizes the growth of an individual and most importantly, the evolution of a man. A man who has made his mistakes but realize those mistakes were just lessons, blessings, events that took place in order to promote growth and self discovery. It becomes obvious that the author has seen his fair share of both pain and happiness as the book follows somewhat in that order as you ride on pass the past into a present that appears to be more promising, leaving you with high hopes for the future. The content is easy to follow with little room for misunderstanding and I think that s what I love most about this book, it s written in a way that anyone can understand, straight to the point. I found myself intrigued by the events taken place in the writers life as I could literally visual each and every moment mentioned. Like every good book, there s a resolution but even with an end, you get the feeling that there s more and if so, I anticipate it as I d like to observe the continued evolution of the author. --Reuben Holmes

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