Things Are Going Great In My Absence-10th Anniversary Edition 2016

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9780985902605: Things Are Going Great In My Absence-10th Anniversary Edition 2016

This is not an ordinary book. It's an astonishing, mind-blowing, life-changing experience. It's beyond Law of Attraction, because it attunes you to the highly organized field of resonance that orchestrates the universe, so you get in the flow of life rather than struggling against it. Things Are Going Great In My Absence spread to over 139 countries by word of mouth, before it was in bookstores or on Amazon, because it works. Lola Jones guides you into a new paradigm where you no longer have to work on yourself, process issues, suffer, or struggle for your evolution. While many teachers can transform you in person, it's quite remarkable that Lola Jones can do it through a book. She created the book as a powerful vortex of Energy, Light, and Divine Intelligence that actually awakens you (or deepens your enlightenment.) It literally opens you up to let in more of the Grace that's been raining on you all along. When you're not able to let in that Grace, you can feel like you're dying of thirst in a rainstorm. We know, it might sound too good to be true-but it does work in your life if you simply read it, let it in, and stick to it.

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About the Author:

Lola Jones lives a quiet life, out of the public eye in Ojai California, where she rides horses, hikes, laughs, sings, and plays a lot to balance her intense work. You can find her easily on the internet.


If you're open minded enough for a method that can finally put an end to your endless cycle of working on yourself, Lola Jones' book might just be what the doctor ordered. As a matter of fact, this book is ANTI-self-improvement. It teaches you to embrace the things other metaphysical/spiritual modalities tell you to clear, release or work on. It also introduces you to a healing (for lack of a better term) energy source that almost seems too good to be true. Only it isn't. I've been practicing the principles of Things Are Going Great In My Absence for over 1 year now, and my life has done a complete 180 degree turn. After being my own worst enemy, trying just about ANYTHING to get some relief, for the better part of 20 years now, I've finally found something that works. And when I say ANYTHING, we're talking Abraham/Hicks/Law Of Attraction, Quantum Jumping, Silva Mind Control, Landmark Curriculum, Matrix Energetics, Clearing, Reiki, The One Command, Shadow Work, Eckhart, Hooponopono,and the list goes on. And on. All those methods taught me something of course, but they all kept me searching for yet another answer. I'm very happy to say that I'm no longer searching for the answer, because with this book, I learned that I, myself, is the answer. And I learned how to access that answer, in the most delightful way imaginable. For some, this book will not suffice, simply because people are such no-pain-no-gain junkies. We are so conditioned into thinking that anything worth while in life is won by hard work only. I was there myself, and when I first started reading this book, I was highly skeptical. It was one of those "there's no way the key to life is THAT simple" moments. But I was committed to giving it an honest go, and I'm eternally grateful that I did. I don't even recognize myself or my life from before I started this work (and the "work" is as simple as reading the book and trying what it suggests). It's as if someone hit the "super charge" button on my life. Sometimes that is still a bit intimidating to me, because when you're equipped with the kind of sheer torque that this method produces, all bets are off. It's a fast ride, but man is it wonderful. If I'm going to compare Things Are Going Great In My Absence to any other book, the closest I get is "Busting loose from the money game" by Robert Scheinfeld. In that book, the very same life philosophy is subscribed to, but it doesn't have the essential "secret sauce", aka that "healing energy source" that is so crucial to making this kind of method work. In conclusion, Thing Are Going Great In My Absence is the last "self improvement" book you'll ever read. If you are ready to stop working on yourself.

This book combines a direct experience of grace along with clean, clear instructions for how grace works for us. The writing is non-denominational and non-hierarchical - meaning - you won't get pounded with "you should do this" and "you must do this" if you want to experience Heaven on earth. Instead, you will get Lola's direct no-nonsense and light-hearted explanation of how to take abstract spiritual principles and directly experience them in your life. Many of us want to believe that God aka the Universe aka the Divine is omniscient and omnipresent, yet our busy minds and belief systems get in the way of actually letting this be real in our lives. The book can change that for you, if you can get out of the way. And even if you are having trouble with resistance (and most of us do!), this book will help with that too. Lola recommends to read it slowly; that is great advice in my experi

Life has been awesome and getting better every day since my first Divine Opening in April. As you suggested would happen, I came home, was simply BE-ing happy, grateful, and joyous. My life did take a tremendous shift all for the better! By now, I ve released 240 pounds!!! 40 pounds from my body, and about 200 pounds of business partner! That s my attempt at humor. My life has gotten so incredibly better after reading this book and attending Lola's retreat! Now, I m being asked to speak in front of our real estate investing group regularly, to share my successes and tell them how I got there. I always smile to myself, and think how grateful I am for my Divine Openings and, of course, to you, Lola! Several people have shared how inspiring I ve been to them. Lola = Laugh Out Loud Alot. Yay, let's do more of that. --Stacey Harmon

I'd been searching for almost 10 years, and getting closer, but always missing something, and you gave me the final piece. I'd never heard (or been able to hear) the piece about "diving in," and it's made all the difference. And I'm SO relieved to be able to give up the seeking. I bought your book back in late February, and I've been doing divine openings weekly since then. I have your instrument panel posted at home and at work, and my vibration about money (my last piece to fall into place) has completely shifted in the last 3 1/2 months. It's been fascinating to watch. And now that I'm no longer afraid of feeling bad, I'm not afraid of anything. I'm breathing, I'm here, I know I can handle it, whatever happens. I now know that if I can have the courage to hold on and and just sit with anything, I'll be fine. Now when my small self tries to use the threat of feeling bad to prompt me to take action in response to a lower vibration, I can laugh and say, "Bring it on. I am not afraid." and not react. And I had this whole, magnificent light bulb moment in such a quiet, simple space. No lightning bolts, just a new idea that snuck quietly into my head, and now I am revelling in the enormity of it. Wow. This feels like the biggest, shift I have ever had, and it feels wonderful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing what unfolds from here. --Nikki Chandler

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