Try It On Everything - The Revolution Starts Within

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9780981536309: Try It On Everything - The Revolution Starts Within

There is a wonderful new DVD called The Tapping Solution, documenting a retreat with 10 participants whose issues ranged from back pain to grief, and from weight loss to insomnia. You will see brief snippets of their EFT sessions conducted at the retreat and witness the exciting changes the participants made.
In addition to watching real stories unfold, there are dozens of thoughtful comments and insights shared by world renowned medical doctors such as Dr. Norm Shealey and Dr. Joe Mercola. And in the Law of Attraction section of the movie, dynamic experts who appeared in The Secret such as Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale talk about our electricity and energy and how we can harness it to change our lives. Finally, there are illuminating comments from fantastic authors such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Jack Canfield and Cheryl Richardson. (You will also hear me, EFT Master Carol Look, chiming in from time to time with my own insights about Tapping and emotional conflicts. And you will be led through the basics of Tapping by Pain Relief Specialist Rick Wilkes.)
I have no doubt you'll learn a great deal from this ground breaking documentary. I recommend that you watch it numerous times to absorb all the wonderful material, and don't forget to tap along to borrow benefits. You will be so touched by the human side of the participants trying to change their lives for the better after decades of suffering.
It was a pleasure to be a part of this project, both as a therapist at the Retreat and as an expert commenting on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I know you will enjoy the personal interactions, appreciate the pace of the film, and roll with the drama! --Carol Look, EFT Master

At the beginning of the movie we see these participants in their own homes as they prepare for the Retreat. They have no idea what to expect but are showing excitement mingled with apprehension as they face the unknown.
As the experiment begins, we (as the camera) are there to greet each participant as they arrive at the retreat, to get to know their story and find out their reason for being present, their fears and hopes. Then we watch the challenges they face as they begin to use EFT under the guidance of the practitioners. Among the several practitioners who participate in the movie is EFT Master Carol Look, whom many of you know as a major figure in the world of Energy Psychology. She plays a prominent role as herself here as well as being one of the commentators in the film.
The documentary is structured so that it is a teaching vehicle without in any way being stiff or forbidding in its approach. Various luminaries who are familiar names to the general public appear throughout the film as commentators and teachers. They explain the various principles of energy psychology, of EFT and even of basic psychology itself as they emphasize to the audience the importance of early childhood experience in determining our adult lives. Their interspersed comments are put together in such a fashion that each person seems to be continuing the same talk as the former one, with each person's comments leading smoothly into the next person s, in a seemingly effortless job of editing.
The experts who explain the basics of EFT briefly and lucidly are well-known to most of us. From the EFT community we see Carol Look, Carol Tuttle, Rick Wilkes, Brad Yates, David Rourke, and myself. The broader Energy Psychology community is represented impressively as we watch Dr. Joseph Mercola of alternative health fame talk with conviction about the value and workings of EFT. Dr. Fred Gallo, a long time scholar and expert in the field of Energy Psychology describes the process itself, and Dr. Dawson Church, a prominent researcher in the field of energy psychology and author of the book The Genie In Your. We are then joined by the major pioneer in pain control in the United States, Norman Shealy, M.D. who tells us much about energy psychology, and by the leading gene biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, prominent author of The Biology of Belief. Cheryl Richardson, a well known author in the self-development field and strong fan of EFT is also included in this impressive array.
Finally, the film brings us some of those who featured prominently in the movie The Secret, last year s film about the Law of Attraction that has become so popular with the public. We visit Jack Canfield, cofounder of the legendary Chicken Soup For The Soul series, and hear his wise comments about energy psychology and EFT. We visit Joe Vitale (also from The Secret) and hear him talk about Tapping, and Bob Proctor, best-selling author of You Were Born Rich and listen to him explain points of Energy Psychology. Each time we are taken directly into these people's homes and offices to visit with them informally as they talk about the exciting potential of EFT and Energy Psychology, lending impressive authority to the movie. All of these experts speak with sincerity and passion.
What is particularly striking about this movie is that none of it is contrived. The explanations are natural, human and down to earth and there is no question in the mind of the viewer as to the genuineness and conviction of the people who are explaining the process. They know exactly what they are talking about and believe in it profoundly. In other words, this is clearly not an Infomercial nor does it even vaguely resemble one!
The movie is simple, human, and moving. --Patricia Carrington, Clinical Psychologist

I wasn't sure what to expect. Based on seeing Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, and Joe Vitale in the trailer, I wondered if it would be an attempt at a sequel to The Secret. Thankfully, I discovered that it wasn't. I really liked The Secret and preferred not to see a copycat version. The Tapping Solution; stands on its own. It combines vignettes from luminaries in the health care and life coaching arenas with real world people who want to change their lives using EFT.
This is the kind of film I might see on HBO Documentary Films or a special feature documentary from Spiritual Cinema Circle. In fact, these would be fine alternate channels of distribution for the movie. The film s strength is that it has a real, down-to-earth, non-Hollywood quality to it. It s not overproduced. It has a gentle feel to it. Even the musical score in the film purely complements what s going on visually.
In short, the movie documents ten people with health and other life issues that come together in a retreat for four days. They learn how to do EFT for their problems. I enjoyed watching Rick Wilkes skillfully, passionately and often with a sense of humor, guide people through Tapping and their processes. As always, Carol Look is so intuitive and articulate in explaining and doing EFT. And Dr. Patricia Carrington is one of those people that when she talks, you listen. She has a peaceful presence about her. Of course, these are just three fine examples.
The Tapping Solution shows what a team of people with passion, commitment and talent can do. Nicolas Ortner is the founder of Try It Productions and the producer of the film. It s one thing to have a grand vision to do a project like this. It s another thing to have the courage and tenacity to manifest it. I have great respect for what Try It Productions has done. Nick's sister, Jessica Ortner, is the assistant producer, project manager and interviewer. She s the behind the scenes person. The experts in this film are well-known and interviewed quite often. It s a real challenge to ask the right questions and build rapport to get the gems of comments these experts have provided. Nicely done, Jessica.
Nicholas Polizzi is the director and editor of The Tapping Solution. What was very impressive to me about the film was the editing. It was skillfully and beautifully woven together. In his editing, he intertwined comments with experts and participants in a smooth and natural way. It flowed together so well that the hour and 20 minutes was gone before I realized it. I imagine one of the toughest challenges to making the film was cutting it. There had to be a lot of great footage left behind. Lastly, thanks to the participants for being so open and generous in sharing their issues and allowing themselves to be filmed. Their humanity comes across. I felt very connected to them.
After watching the film by myself, I saw it with my wife, Linda. I didn t say anything to her while we were watching it. I wanted to get her spontaneous reaction. The first thing she said was that she noticed many of the retreat participants faces had changed by the end of the film. They looked softer, more vibrant and alive.
As the credits for the film were rolling, she commented, Wow. Great. Excellent. Very, very well done. So believable. I wouldn t change a thing.
I love Dr. Carrington s comment near the end of the film, EFT is, I consider to be the people s method. It s there for all of us and literally at our fingertips.
The Tapping Solution is a great way to introduce the EFT method to people. Order a copy. Invite some people over to see it or pass the DVD around to your friends and family. Do it because The Tapping Solution is a show it to everyone movie! --Ron Ball, EFT Expert

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