Can You Sing a High "C" Without Straining? with Video and CD (Audio)

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9780963233936: Can You Sing a High

Can You Sing a HIGH ‘C’ Without Straining? was the first book ever written that explains why anyone with a healthy voice can develop an extended vocal range. The book shows how to sing high notes in full voice without going into falsetto, and without straining.

For the first time ever in a book about singing, a thorough explanation about what causes a "break" in between the lower and upper registers of the voice is presented. You’ll learn why break points occur in your voice and how to eliminate them through vocal exercises.

Jeffrey Black, who starred in the role of Paul McCartney in the hit musical Beatlemania says, "My voice often felt tired and hoarse after a show. But after buying Can You Sing a HIGH ‘C’ Without Straining? I learned how to approach high notes without having to work as hard. I’ve read the book and listened to the CDs over and over again, and I can’t believe the difference it’s made. Thomas, this is a milestone you’ve created."

Sonny Joseph, M/D., P.H.D. says, "Being a medical doctor addicted to music. I was delighted to find that after learning the vocal method presented in Can You Sing a HIGH ‘C’ Without Straining? I was able to safely and effectively extend the range of my voice by 9 notes. Rather than experiencing any hoarseness, my voice has become much stronger and more pleasing."

Having good vocal technique is wonderful, but not enough. With this proven training system you’ll learn how to develop your own personal style and how to emulate the stylish tricks used by your favorite singers. You’ll also learn why the development of an extended vocal range is the key to eliminating hoarseness and protecting your speaking and singing voice.

Included in this special package are three audio CDs jamm-packed with over two hours of vocal examples and exercises plus 60 minute video training exercises on DVD for male and female singers.

Have you wondered why a young voice changes while going through puberty? Do you know how your speaking voice affects your singing voice? Would you like to know how to develop vibrato in your voice? Would you like to know why your voice flips into falsetto when you try to sing a note that is too high for your natural voice? Would you like to know how to control the tone of your voice? Find the answers to all of these questions as you read the easy-to-understand book, listen to the three audio CDs and watch the videos.

If you are truly interested in finding out all that you can about singing, you will enjoy gathering the many nuggets of wisdom found in this vocal training system about what many consider to be the most beautiful and least understood instrument – the voice.

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From the Publisher:

The vocal technique presented in Can You Sing a HIGH ‘C’ Without Straining has been taught by Thomas Appell since 1982. People who buy the book and practice the exercises typically pick up two to three notes in the first couple of weeks. Many people who buy the book call Thomas Appell and arrange for private training. Singers trained by Thomas Appell in private lessons increase their range by an average of seven notes. Singers routinely fly from around the world to train with Thomas based soley on this book as testimony of the success of his training. Singers have flown from countries as far away as Japan, England, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Australia, and Mexico, to name a few.

Noodles from the band, THE OFFSPRING, purchased a copy of the book and began training with Thomas Appell. He extended his full voice range by seven notes in seven days (after the second lesson). His newly improved voice allowed him to sing all of the background harmonies on the album Americana which sold more than 10 million copies. The band listed Thomas Appell in the album credits for Americana. Melissa from the pop group DREAM extended her full voice range by eight notes after her third private lesson with Thomas Appell.

The term HIGH ‘C’ as presented in the current edition of the book refers to tenor high ‘C’, one octave above middle ‘C’. The book’s premise is that people can be trained to sing tenor HIGH ‘C’ and above in full voice without having to go into falsetto and without straining.

From the Author:

Genetic differences allow some people to master the technique very quickly while others can take a long time. Some singers, like Noodles from the band THE OFFSPRING and Melissa from DREAM have picked up a lot of notes fast. I often have singers get six or seven notes in the first half hour. Others take several years to realize the same achievement. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, but rather how consistently you practice the exercises. People who don’t quit and keep at it always get it. The average range increase for singers who train with me is seven notes.

If you have a healthy set of vocal cords you can learn to sing a HIGH ‘C’ without straining, but not without working. It’s all about muscle control, and to develop your vocal cords, which are muscles, you’ve got to work them. For those who work at it, being able to sing high notes without straining is typically one of the more easily obtained facets of becoming a good singer. With good training, you might get a great range developed in a few months and spend the rest of your career as a singer working on the tough parts; pitch accuracy, tone, and style.

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