Stargate SG-1 Season 4 Boxed Set - 5 DVD [Import USA Zone 1]

9780792858034: Stargate SG-1 Season 4 Boxed Set - 5 DVD [Import USA Zone 1]
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Un jeune garçon pourrait détenir dans son esprit la mémoire collective des Goa'ulds. Mais l'équipe de SG1 devra aussi faire face à una race humanoïde qui pourrait anéantir leur futur, et au grand retour de Apophis !

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It wasn't until the beginning of Stargate SG-1's fourth season that fans knew to take the Replicator threat seriously. The spidery nasties had only seemed like one of many new enemies introduced in previous years. But when the one seemingly omnipotent backbone of the galaxy was asking Earth for help, clearly we were in real trouble! In fact, the team's list of enemies expanded and got far more complicated this year. Proving without a shadow of a doubt that this is science fiction, the Russians reveal they have their own Stargate program and ask the Americans for help. This twist allows for exploration of all the political machinations occurring behind the scenes of the SG-C, all of which appear to stem from the embittered Senator Kinsey (Ronny Cox).

There were quite a few Earth-based stories in the year, but not all the new enemies were originally local. Willie Garson comically guest-starred as Martin, a geekily suspicious guy with too much knowledge of the Stargate. More sinister was an old flame of Daniel's turning into something far more painful than an old wound (thanks to an ancient Egyptian curse). Thankfully, the writers hadn't forgotten the importance of one-off storylines too. In "Upgrades" the team learns a lesson in abuse of power. In "The Other Side" (featuring DS9's Rene Auberjonois) they learn about blind trust. In "Scorched Earth" a dangerous claim for a planet's ownership means they learn to value Daniel's contribution to the group dynamic. If only this last lesson were learned better, season 5 might not have ended up as muddled as it did. --Paul Tonks

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Contient 22 épisodes :
.67 (4.01) - "Victoires illusoires" (Small Victories), Martin Wood
.68 (4.02) - "L'autre coté" (The Other Side), Brad Wright
.69 (4.03) - "Expérimentation hasardeuse" (Upgrades), Martin Wood
.70 (4.04) - "Destins croisés" (Crossroads), Peter DeLuise
.71 (4.05) - "Diviser pour conquérir" (Divide and Conquer), Martin Wood
.72 (4.06) - "L'histoire sans fin" (Window of Opportunity), Peter DeLuise
.73 (4.07) - "Eaux troubles" (Watergate), Martin Wood
.74 (4.08) - "Primitifs" (The First Ones), Peter DeLuise
.75 (4.09) - "Terre brûlée" (Scorched Earth), Martin Wood
.76 (4.10) - "Sous la glace" (Beneath the Surface), Peter DeLuise
.77 (4.11) - "Point de non-retour" (Point of No Return), William Gereghty
.78 (4.12) - "Perdus dans l'espace" (Tangent), Peter DeLuise
.79 (4.13) - "La malédiction" (The Curse), Andy Mikita
.80 (4.14) - "Le venin du serpent" (The Serpent's Venom), Martin Wood
.81 (4.15) - "Réaction en chaîne" (Chain Reaction), Martin Wood
.82 (4.16) - "2010" (2010), Andy Mikita
.83 (4.17) - "Pouvoir absolu" (Absolute Power), Peter DeLuise
.84 (4.18) - "La lumière" (The Light), Peter F. Woeste
.85 (4.19) - "Prodige" (Prodigy), Peter DeLuise
.86 (4.20) - "L'entité" (Entity), Allan Lee
.87 (4.21) - "Répliques" (Double Jeopardy), Michael Shanks
.88 (4.22) - "Exode" (Exodus), David Warry-Smith

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