Beyond Earthway: A Comprehensive Question-and-Answer Guide to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Health

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9780671038625: Beyond Earthway: A Comprehensive Question-and-Answer Guide to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Health

BREATHE IT. FEEL IT. SHARE IT. LIVE IT. The earth around us, the heaven above us, the soul within us -- Mary Summer Rain's illuminating guide "Earthway" helped us become aware of their interconnectedness to all life. Now Mary Summer Rain responds to the thousands of letters from her readers about applying nature's centuries-old knowledge to everyday life. "Beyond Earthway" offers more empowering information about dream interpretation, the celestial pull of the stars, our relationship to the Earth's vibrations, our selection of food and herbs for vitality and healing, and our yearning to strengthen the role of meditation and spiritual practices in our increasingly complex modern world. The gifts she offers us within these pages are the strength, self-reliance, and harmony with nature that characterize the concept of "all my relations" -- a way of living filled with values that feed the mind, the body, and the hungry heart.

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Chapter One: Starstuff
Celestial Affinity

· Is astrology really a viable aspect of astronomy?

Astrology presents the definitive relationship the celestial bodies have with all of life as evidenced through their natural magnetic influences, which emanate powerful specific and unique qualities. You must keep in mind that astronomy is the study of the celestial bodies and the universe as a whole, whereas astrology is the study of the separate influence each heavenly body possesses. Though they are two entirely different fields, they are certainly so closely related as to be firmly intertwined. Some astronomers scoff at the idea of celestial bodies' giving off vibrational emanations that have the power to affect human character, yet that same skepticism does not negate the fact that those emanations exist. Reality needs no human verification or belief to sustain itself. Reality exists of its own dynamic volition and requires no human intervention or nod of approving recognition to maintain its viability. Once this is realized, society as a whole will understand that reality is not based on the ideology that the opinion of the majority rules but that rather reality rules despite the majority's opinion of it. The opinion of the majority never becomes the qualifying criterion defining a fact. A fact stands on its own. Some recognize it as a clearly perceptible means of substance, whereas others view it as a mist of the imagination. Astrology is a viable issue. Who believes in it is not germane, is it? All humanity is entitled to the right to have an opinion based on personal perspective and one's level of innate intuitiveness. Not only is the Earthway material regarding this issue clearly based on a personal, intuitive knowing that the celestial bodies have specific influences upon all life-forms but it is also supported by hundreds of years of research and development through which solid correlations have been evinced. From the time of the three wise men up to today, astrology has been taken seriously by all those who've studied it and witnessed the clear proof of its highly influential manifestations. And, we ask ourselves, how is it that so many people can accurately identify a stranger's birth sign by merely observing his or her mannerisms and animated characteristics? Lucky guess? Sure, I wouldn't doubt that some of them are lucky guesses, but the number of accurate hits far outweighs the number of inaccurate ones and exemplifies the folly of astrology's being relegated to the status of pure guesswork.

You see, astrology deals with influences that sometimes carry great magnetic strength and at other times manifest as a gentle and subtle sway. The entire concept of influence is not a touchable and seeable entity for the people of mainstream science -- the astronomers -- therefore, they are wont to remain noncommittal regarding it. The ideology of these celestial influences is not considered to be within their realm of science or expertise; they are the first to admit it. You'll find astronomers who debunk astrology and you'll also find those who will be scientifically bold enough to give it the benefit of the doubt and admit to the possibility of its viability. As with all concepts, whether scientific or philosophical, there will be strict adherents, those who are on the proverbial fence, and the confirmed skeptics. In the end, it's all up to the individual, who has the right and freedom to believe as he or she feels within the heart. This decision making is done by examining a concept through generalized reading and then spending time expanding that introductory information by going deeper into it with further research, looking at the evidence, contemplating that which has been discovered. Through these methods, we come to our own conclusions. Never should a decision of belief or acceptance be made on face value, subliminal knowledge, or surface appearances.

· In Earthway you stated that the Anasazi planetary belief system, though "roughly similar to present-day astrology, but only superficially," was far more advanced and accurate. Taking this statement to heart, should I just ignore the currently accepted form of astrology?

Ignore in deference to what, though? I understand your intent, but since the entire system of the Anasazi's astrological knowledge is currently lost to us, with what other celestial interpretation system would you replace it? Remember, the Anasazi were a Starborn race who had highly advanced knowledge of the universe. Their form of astrology would naturally be developed to a far greater degree and much finer tuned than ours because of their understanding of the complete contents of the cosmos. Though earthly humankind is knowledgeable of its universe and is still in its infancy, it is intellectually growing in that developing knowledge through increasing space technology and continuing space discovery. We are reaching farther and farther into that Unknown, and by doing this, we enhance our current base of information with new and exciting breakthroughs. Therefore, we work within our level of comprehension. We operate within the knowns that our science and technology have revealed to us. Our level of advancement is no higher and no greater than what our discoveries create. As those technologies allow us to push the envelope further and further with each small, tentative step, so too does our comprehension of reality widen and expand in a like-wise manner -- one step at a time. We are right where we should be. Think about how far we've come since the signing of the Declaration of Independence back in 1776. Take some time to really think about how far we've come in just under 230 years. Actually it's pretty amazing.

One of the main tenets I've always tried to stress to my readers as a priority in life is to "live the moment." That means to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way to practice unconditional goodness, keep your awareness heightened so you can recognize each blessing that subtly presents itself, and embrace the knowledge that's available for your personal development. This last is what we're dealing with here, to embrace the knowledge that's available. To want more, as this questioner is implying, is to be as a small child in the first grade wanting to skip the one-plus-one stage and speed right to the trigonometry. That child isn't ready for the advanced math. That child isn't understanding that he or she must first learn and comprehend the beginning basics to be able to appreciate and understand the more complex facts. We live in the moment. We cherish that which is within our realm of reality, and then we embrace the brilliance of the epiphanies as they come through inspiration or discovery.

So then, to conclude, we do not ignore a current stage of development on the probable grounds of its being better, expanded, or more advanced at some future date. Seize the day and its knowledge.

· Astrologically speaking, what about the hiring of employees? I run a small company and was thinking about hiring only those whose birth signs were compatible with mine. Would that be immoral?

Though I understand your desire to have employees who are compatible with the boss, it doesn't seem to me to be a moral kind of thing to do. It's certainly discriminatory. You can't disqualify a talented and skilled individual from employment solely on the basis of the month he or she was born. You can't do that. We already have too much prejudice and discrimination in this world of ours to exacerbate it by extending selectivity to include birthdates too. Putting it in black and white this way even makes it sound downright ridiculous, don't you think? I believe you were looking at this theoretically. In that respect, sure, it might be nice to have all the emplo


The Minneapolis Phoenix on Earthway Shows how modern life can be enriched and healed with ancient wisdom. -- Review

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