The Penguin Book of Modern African Poetry, 4th Edition

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9780141181004: The Penguin Book of Modern African Poetry, 4th Edition

Culled from twenty-seven different countries, this survey of the verse of modern Africa includes the work of L. S. Senghor, Augustinho Neto, Christopher Okigbo, and many others. Reprint.

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About the Author:

Ulli Beier has been the director of art and research centers in Nigeria and Papua New Guinea and at the University of Bayreuth in Bavaria.
Gerald Moore is one of the foremost scholars of contemporary African anglophone poetry. He has taught at universities in various parts of Africa and in Hong Kong.


Totems by Ama Ata Aidoo
One Wife For One Man by Frank Aig-imoukhuede
And What If They Broke Wind In Public? by Funso Aiyejina
Let Us Remember by Funso Aiyejina
May Ours Not Be by Funso Aiyejina
A View Of A View by Funso Aiyejina
Bitter by Ifi Amadiume
Iva Valley by Ifi Amadiume
Fourth Poem Of A Canto Of Accusation by Costa Andrade
The Country Of The Dead by Jared Angira
If by Jared Angira
A Look In The Past by Jared Angira
Manna by Jared Angira
Request by Jared Angira
A Dirge For Our Birth by Kofi Anyidoho
Hero And Thief by Kofi Anyidoho
Soul In Birthwaters (suite For The Revolution): 6. Ghosts by Kofi Anyidoho
Sound And Silence by Kofi Anyidoho
News by Ayi Kwei Armah
Seed Time by Ayi Kwei Armah
Death Of A Chief by Khadambi Asalache
3. An American Memory Of Africa by Kofi Awoonor
At The Gates by Kofi Awoonor
Easter Dawn by Kofi Awoonor
The First Circle by Kofi Awoonor
Had Death Not Had Me In Tears by Kofi Awoonor
Lovers' Song by Kofi Awoonor
The Sea Eats The Land At Home by Kofi Awoonor
Song Of War by Kofi Awoonor
Songs Of Sorrow by Kofi Awoonor
The Weaver Bird by Kofi Awoonor
Familiar Oxen by Oumar Ba
Justice Is Done by Oumar Ba
Nobility by Oumar Ba
The Ox-soldier by Oumar Ba
Earth And Sky by Joseph Miezan Bognini
My Days Overgrown by Joseph Miezan Bognini
Poem: 1 by Joseph Miezan Bognini
Poem: 2 by Joseph Miezan Bognini
A Fistful Of News by Antoine-roger Bolamba
Portrait by Antoine-roger Bolamba
A Plea For Mercy by O. H. Kwesi Brew
The Search by O. H. Kwesi Brew
At A Funeral by Dennis Brutus
Cold by Dennis Brutus
Nightsong: City by Dennis Brutus
This Sun On This Rubble by Dennis Brutus
The Brotherhood Of Man by Syl Cheney-coker
The Hunger Of The Suffering Man by Syl Cheney-coker
Letter To A Tormented Playwright by Syl Cheney-coker
On Being A Poet In Sierra Leone by Syl Cheney-coker
The Philosopher by Syl Cheney-coker
Poem For A Guerrilla Leader by Syl Cheney-coker
Poem For A Lost Lover by Syl Cheney-coker
The Road To Exile Thinking Of Vallejo by Syl Cheney-coker
The Tin Gods by Syl Cheney-coker
I Screw My Brother's Wife by Albert Chimedza
Now That My Mind Flies by Albert Chimedza
Developments From The Grave by Steve Chimombo
Napolo: The Message by Steve Chimombo
Blantyre by Frank Mkalawile Chipasula
A Hanging, Zomba Central Prison by Frank Mkalawile Chipasula
In A Free Country by Frank Mkalawile Chipasula
A Love Poem For My Country by Frank Mkalawile Chipasula
Nightfall by Frank Mkalawile Chipasula
Nightmare by Frank Mkalawile Chipasula
The Rain Storm by Frank Mkalawile Chipasula
The Witch Doctor's Song by Frank Mkalawile Chipasula
I'm My Own Mother, Now by Stella Chipasula
Abiku by John Pepper Clark
A Child Asleep by John Pepper Clark
Cry Of Birth by John Pepper Clark
For Granny (from Hospital) by John Pepper Clark
Ibadan by John Pepper Clark
The Leader by John Pepper Clark
Night Rain by John Pepper Clark
Olokun by John Pepper Clark
Season Of Omens by John Pepper Clark
The Seed Is In Me by Jose Craveirinha
Three Dimensions by Jose Craveirinha
Kassacks by Annette M'baye D'erneville
I Come From A South by Ruy Duarte De Carvalho
Appeal by Noemia De Sousa
If You Want To Know Me by Noemia De Sousa
Ball by Birago Diop
Diptych by Birago Diop
Vanity by Birago Diop
Viaticum by Birago Diop
Africa by David Diop
Listen Comrades by David Diop
The Renegade by David Diop
The Vultures by David Diop
Your Presence by David Diop
Exile by Mbella Sonne Dipoko
From My Parisian Diary by Mbella Sonne Dipoko
Our Life by Mbella Sonne Dipoko
Pain by Mbella Sonne Dipoko
A Poem Of Villeneuve St. Georges by Mbella Sonne Dipoko
Fantasy Under The Moon by Emmanuel Dongala
Man And God Distinquished by Michael Echeruo
Melting Pot by Michael Echeruo
Hooker by Femi Fatoba
In America by Femi Fatoba
Those Lucky Few by Femi Fatoba
The Woman Who Wants To Be My Wife by Femi Fatoba
The Village by Marina Gashe
The Village by Marina Gashe
Hidesong by Aigboje Higo
Ritual Murder by Aigboje Higo
Letter From A Contract Worker by Antonio Jacinto
Monangamba by Antonio Jacinto
Monangamba by Antonio Jacinto
Iroko by Onwuchekwa Jemie
Toward A Poetics by Onwuchekwa Jemie
The Defiance Of Figures In Wood by Lemuel Johnson
Hagar, Or, The Insufficiency Of Metaphor by Lemuel Johnson
Magic by Lemuel Johnson
Incantations Of The Sea; Moand Coast by Mukula Kadima-nzuji
Love In The Plural by Mukula Kadima-nzuji
Snail's Lament by Albert Kalimbakatha
The Continent That Exists No More by Amadou Elimane Kane
Testament by Amadou Elimane Kane
Violence by Amadou Elimane Kane
A Leopard Lives In A Muu Tree by Jonathan Kariara
Song Of The Initiate by Patrice Kayo
War by Patrice Kayo
The Air I Hear by Keorapetse Kgositsile
Montage: Bouctou Lives by Keorapetse Kgositsile
The Present Is A Dangerous Place To Live: 1. In The Mourning by Keorapetse Kgositsile
The Present Is A Dangerous Place To Live: 4. Mirrors, Without Song by Keorapetse Kgositsile
Song For Ilva Mackay And Mongane by Keorapetse Kgositsile
When The Deal Goes Down by Keorapetse Kgositsile
The Bride by Maina Wa Kinyatti
The Change by Ellis Ayitey Komey
Oblivion by Ellis Ayitey Komey
In The Fist Of Yor Hatred by Gwendoline Konie
The Echoes by Mazisi Kunene
Elegy by Mazisi Kunene
Thought On June 26 by Mazisi Kunene
Black Girl, White Girl by Kojo Laing
Godhorse by Kojo Laing
I Am The Freshly Dead Husband by Kojo Laing
They Told Me by Mawete Makisosila
To The Anxious Mother by Valente Ngwenya Malangatana
Woman by Valente Ngwenya Malangatana
At The Metro: Old Irrelevant Images by Jack A. Mapanje
Before Chilembwe Tree by Jack A. Mapanje
The Cheerful Girls At Smiller's Bar, 1971 by Jack A. Mapanje
An Elegy For Mangochi Fishermen by Jack A. Mapanje
The Famished Stubborn Ravens Of Mikuyu by Jack A. Mapanje
The Famished Stubborn Ravens Of Mikuyu by Jack A. Mapanje
On Being Asked To Write A Poem For 1979 by Jack A. Mapanje
Smiller's Bar Revisited, 1983 by Jack A. Mapanje
Your Tears Still Burn At My Handcuffs by Jack A. Mapanje
Answer To A Complaint by Dambudzo Marechera
The Bar-stool Edible Worm by Dambudzo Marechera
Dido In Despair by Dambudzo Marechera
Punkpoem by Dambudzo Marechera
Indelible Traces by Makuzayi Massaki
Regressado, Yes, I Am by Makuzayi Massaki
Departure by Don Mattera
I Have Been Here Before by Don Mattera
The Poet Must Die by Don Mattera
Sobukwe by Don Mattera
Les Maneges De La Mer: 20 by Edouard J. Maunick
Les Maneges De La Mer: 6 by Edouard J. Maunick
Sometimes When It Rains by Gcina Mhlophe
The Celebration by Felix Mnthali
My Father by Felix Mnthali
The Stranglehold Of Englist Lit. by Felix Mnthali
The Season Of The Rains by Simon Mpondo
The Birth Of Shaka by Mbuyiseni Oswald Joseph Mtshali
Inside My Zulu Hut by Mbuyiseni Oswald Joseph Mtshali
Ride Upon The Death Chariot by Mbuyiseni Oswald Joseph Mtshali
I Want You To Know by Micere Githae Mugo
Wife Of The Husband by Micere Githae Mugo
Guerilla Promise by Mvula Ya Nangolo
Robben Island by Mvula Ya Nangolo
Evacuation by Pol N Ndu
Udude (at Cock 'crow) by Pol N Ndu
African Poem by Agostinho (augustinho) Neto
Farewell At The Moment Of Parting by Agostinho (augustinho) Neto
The Grieved Lands by Agostinho (augustinho) Neto
Kinaxixi by Agostinho (augustinho) Neto
My Head Is Immense by Charles Nokan
At Rest From The Grim Place by Arthur Nortje
Up Late by Arthur Nortje
If It Is True by Richard Ntiru
The Miniskirt by Richard Ntiru
Break Me Out by Odia Ofeimun
A Gong (for Miriam Makeba) by Odia Ofeimun
Let Them Choose Paths by Odia Ofeimun
A Naming Day by Odia Ofeimun
Song At The African Middle Class by Molara Ogundipe-leslie
999 Smiles by Atukwei Okai
Adhiambo by Gabriel Okara
Moon In The Bucket by Gabriel Okara
One Night At Victoria Beach by Gabriel Okara
The Snowflakes Sail Gently Down by Gabriel Okara
Spirit Of The Wind by Gabriel Okara
Bridge by Christopher Okigbo
Come Thunder by Christopher Okigbo
Distances: 1 by Christopher Okigbo
Distances: 2 by Christopher Okigbo
Elegy For Alto (with Drum Accompaniment) by Christopher Okigbo
Eyes Watch The Stars by Christopher Okigbo
Lament Of The Drums, Sels. by Christopher Okigbo
Lustra by Christopher Okigbo
Overture by Christopher Okigbo
Sacrifice by Christopher Okigbo
Siren Limits: 1 by Christopher Okigbo
Siren Limits: 2 by Christopher Okigbo
Siren Limits: 3 by Christopher Okigbo
Siren Limits: 4 by Christopher Okigbo
Water Maid by Christopher Okigbo
An African Elegy by Ben Okri
And If You Should Leave Me by Ben Okri
The Incandescence Of The Wind by Ben Okri
On The Edge Of Time Future by Ben Okri
Liberty by Emile Ologoudou
Vespers by Emile Ologoudou
I Sing Of Change by Niyi Osundare
Like The Bee by Niyi Osundare
A Nib In The Pond by Niyi Osundare
Not Standing Still by Niyi Osundare
The Sand Seer by Niyi Osundare
The Word by Niyi Osundare
The Song Of Lawino, Sels. by Okot P'bitek
Song Of Prisoner, Sels. by Okot P'bitek
Homecoming by Lenrie Peters
Isatou Died by Lenrie Peters
One Long Jump by Lenrie Peters
Parachute Men by Lenrie Peters
Song by Lenrie Peters
We Have Come Home by Lenrie Peters
Cactus by Jean-joseph Rabearivelo
Traduits De La Nuit: 14 by Jean-joseph Rabearivelo
Traduits De La Nuit: 18 by Jean-joseph Rabearivelo
Traduits De La Nuit: 2 by Jean-joseph Rabearivelo
Traduits De La Nuit: 3 by Jean-joseph Rabearivelo
Song Of A Common Lover by Flavien Ranaivo
Song Of A Young Girl by Flavien Ranaivo
Poem by Jorge Rebelo
Poem For A Militant by Jorge Rebelo
Poem Of Return by Jofre Rocha
An African Thunderstorm by David Rubadiri
After The Rain by Kristina Rungano
Sugar Daddy by Thierno Seydou Sall
The Coming Turning by Tijan M. Sallah
Sahelian Earth by Tijan M. Sallah
Grandma Mariana by Aldo Do Espirito Santo
Where Are The Men Seized In This Wind Of Madness? by Aldo Do Espirito Santo
Love That by Barolong Seboni
Memory by Barolong Seboni
Be Not Amazed by Leopold Sedar Senghor
Blues by Leopold Sedar Senghor
I Will Pronounce Your Name by Leopold Sedar Senghor
In Memoriam by Leopold Sedar Senghor
Luxembourg 1939 by Leopold Sedar Senghor
New York (for Jazz Orchestra: Trumpet Solo) by Leopold Sedar Senghor
Night Of Sine by Leopold Sedar Senghor
Prayer To Masks by Leopold Sedar Senghor
Visit by Leopold Sedar Senghor
What Dark Tempestuous Night by Leopold Sedar Senghor
You Held The Black Face by Leopold Sedar Senghor
Civilization Aba by Sipho Sydney Sepamla
On Judgement Day by Sipho Sydney Sepamla
Talk To The Peach Tree by Sipho Sydney Sepamla
Come And Hope With Me (1995),sels. by Mongane Wally Serote
The Growing by Mongane Wally Serote
Hell, Well, Heaven by Mongane Wally Serote
Ofay-watcher Looks Back by Mongane Wally Serote
The Hereafter by Hopewell Seyaseya
Nightsong by Hopewell Seyaseya
A Different Poem by Onesima Silveira
Abiku by Wole Soyinka
Bearings Iii: Amber Wall by Wole Soyinka
Civilian And Soldier by Wole Soyinka
Death In The Dawn by Wole Soyinka
Hanging Day: Procession by Wole Soyinka
I Anoint My Flesh by Wole Soyinka
Massacre, October '66 by Wole Soyinka
Night by Wole Soyinka
Prisoner by Wole Soyinka
Season by Wole Soyinka
Ujamaa by Wole Soyinka
Death And Rebirth by Jean-baptiste Tati-loutard
End Of Flight by Jean-baptiste Tati-loutard
Letter To Edouard Maunick by Jean-baptiste Tati-loutard
News Of My Mother by Jean-baptiste Tati-loutard
Noonday In Immaturity by Jean-baptiste Tati-loutard
Pilgrimage To Loango Strand by Jean-baptiste Tati-loutard
Secret Destiny by Jean-baptiste Tati-loutard
Submarine Tombs by Jean-baptiste Tati-loutard
The Voices by Jean-baptiste Tati-loutard
Home News by Ahmed Tidjani-cisse
Of Colours And Shadows by Ahmed Tidjani-cisse
Brush Fire by Tchicaya U Tam'si
Dance To The Amulets by Tchicaya U Tam'si
Epitaph by Tchicaya U Tam'si
Legacy by Tchicaya U Tam'si
A Mat To Weave by Tchicaya U Tam'si
Poem: 1 by Tchicaya U Tam'si
Poem: 2 by Tchicaya U Tam'si
Poem: 3 by Tchicaya U Tam'si
Poem: 4 by Tchicaya U Tam'si
Poem: 5 by Tchicaya U Tam'si
The Scorner by Tchicaya U Tam'si
Angola by Amelia Veiga
We Shall Return, Luanda by Ngudia Wendel
Planting by Okogbule Wonodi
Salute To Icheke by Okogbule Wonodi
When Negro Teeth Speak by Ouologuem Yambo
Her by Musaemure (masaemura) Bonas Zimunya
Jikinya by Musaemure (masaemura) Bonas Zimunya
See Through by Musaemure (masaemura) Bonas Zimunya
Tarantula by Musaemure (masaemura) Bonas Zimunya
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