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Southern, Pat - Dixon, Karen R.

The Late Roman Army.

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B.T. Batsford Ltd 1996., 1996

Anbieter Rönnells Antikvariat AB, (Stockholm, Schweden)
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XVIII, 206 pp. Illustrated. Publisher's boards, dust-jacket. Artikel-Nr.: 117861.

The Late Roman Army.: SOUTHERN, P., and


The Late Roman Army.

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Anbieter Scrinium Classical Antiquity, (Aalten, Niederlande)
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Routledge, London, 2000. 1st paperback ed. XVII,206p. ills.(line drawings and B&W photographs). Paperback. Nice copy. 'The book is both readable and enjoyable, and it can be heartily recommended as a starting point for the study of the Late Roman army.' (BORIS RANKOV in The Classical Review (New Series), 1999, p.185). From the library of Professor Carl Deroux. Antiquarian. Antiquarian. Artikel-Nr.: 44503.


Southern, Pat and Karen Ramsey Dixon:

The Late Roman Army.

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

London, B.T.Batsford, 1996

Anbieter Mephisto-Antiquariat, (Willebadessen, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 1

mit zahlr. Illustr., 206 S., `Schutzumschlag mit leichten Gebrauchsspuren. In englischer Sprache, in english language. Sprache: Englisch Gewicht in Gramm: 850 24 cm, gebunden (hardcover) Pp., SU (dust-jacket). Artikel-Nr.: 55563.


Jtp) Levine, Lee


[nach diesem Titel suchen]

New York, Jewish Theological Press, 1992

Anbieter Dan Wyman Books, LLC, (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
Anzahl: 1

Hardcover. Xxiii, 410 pages. Illus. 24 cm. CONTENTS: Early Christianity in the Galilee : reassessing the evidence from the Gospels / Howard Clark Kee -- The Gospel of Matthew and Jewish-Christian conflict in the Galilee / Anthony J. Saldarini -- Literary evidence for Jewish Christianity in the Galilee / Albert I. Baumgarten -- The socio-economic and cultural ethos of the lower Galilee in the first century : implications for the nascent Jesus movement / Douglas Edwards -- Urban-rural relations in first-century Galilee : some suggestions from the literary sources / Sean Freyne -- How anti-Roman was the Galilee? / Uriel Rappaport -- The Roman army in the Galilee / Zeev Safrai -- Roman rule and the cities of the Galilee in Talmudic literature / Aharon Oppenheimer -- The Roman State and the Jewish patriarch in the third century / Martin Goodman -- Was there a Galilean Halakha? / Lawrence H. Schiffman -- The place of the Rabbi in Jewish society of the second century / Shaye J. D. Cohen -- R. Hanina bar Hama at Sepphoris / Stuart S. Miller -- The sages and the synagogue in late antiquity : the evidence of the Galilee / Lee I. Levine -- The Galilean background of Mishnaic Hebrew / Gary A. Rendsburg -- The Aramaic Targum as a mirror of Galilean Jewry / Avigdor Shinan -- Rabbinic views on the practice of Targum, and multilingualism in the Jewish Galilee of the third-sixth centuries / Steven D. Fraade -- The ancient synagogues of the Galilee / Gideon Foerster -- Roman Sepphoris in light of new archeological evidence and recent research / Eric M. Meyers -- Six campaigns at Sepphoris : the University of South Florida excavations, 1983-1989 / James F. Strange -- Social aspects of burial in Beth Shea? Rim : archeological finds and Talmudic sources / Zeev Weiss. ISBN: 0674341139. "The papers included in this volume were delivered at the First International Conference on Galilean Studies in Late Antiquity . August 13-15, 1989"--page xvii. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. New Condition. (JTS1-25). Artikel-Nr.: 28236.

The Romans in Britain: Howard Brenton

Howard Brenton

The Romans in Britain

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC Mai 2015, 2015

Anbieter AHA-BUCH GmbH, (Einbeck, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 2

200x130x10 mm. Taschenbuch. Neuware - First staged at London's National Theatre in 1980, having been commissioned by Peter Hall, The Romans in Britain contrasts Julius Caesar's Roman invasion of Celtic Britain with the Saxon invasion of Romano-Celtic Britain, and finally Britain's involvement in Northern Ireland during The Troubles of the late twentieth century. As these scenes bleed into one another, Brenton suggests what it might have been like for these people to meet. Three Roman soldiers sexually assault a young druid priest. A lone, wounded Saxon soldier stumbles into a field, a nightmare made real. An army intelligence officer begins to lose his mind in the Irish fields. Brenton's sinewy vernaculars summon a lost history of cultural collision and oppression, of fear and sorrow. This edition features an introduction by Philip Roberts, Emeritus Professor of Drama & Theatre Studies at the University of Leeds, and a foreword by director Sam West. 136 pp. Englisch. Neu. Artikel-Nr.: 9781472574398.

Last Generation of the Roman Republic: Gruen


Last Generation of the Roman Republic

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

University Press Group Ltd Feb 1995, 1995

Anbieter AHA-BUCH GmbH, (Einbeck, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 2

249x165x45 mm. Taschenbuch. Neuware - Available for the first time in paperback, with a new introduction that reviews related scholarship of the past twenty years, Erich Gruen's classic study of the late Republic examines institutions as well as personalities, social tensions as well as politics, the plebs and the army as well as the aristocracy. Englisch. Neu. Artikel-Nr.: 9780520201538.

The Amber Shadows: Lucy Ribchester

Lucy Ribchester

The Amber Shadows

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

Simon & Schuster UK

Anbieter AHA-BUCH GmbH, (Einbeck, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 2

200x130x30 mm. Taschenbuch. Neuware - In a place where everyone is keeping secrets all the time, how do you know who you can trust A brilliant novel of lies and intrigue at Bletchley Park by the author of the bestselling debut The Hourglass Factory. Perfect for all fans of The Imitation Game. On a delayed train, deep in the English countryside, two strangers meet. It is 1942 and they are both men of fighting age, though neither is in uniform. As strangers do in these days of war, they pass the time by sharing their stories. But walls have ears and careless talk costs lives. At Bletchley Park, Honey Deschamps spends her days at a type-x machine in Hut 6, transcribing decrypted signals from the German Army. One winter's night, as she walks home in the blackout, she meets a stranger in the shadows. He tells her his name is Felix, and he has a package for her. The parcel, containing a small piece of amber, postmarked from Russia and branded with two censor's stamps, is just the first of several. Someone is trying to get a message to her, but who As a dangerous web weaves ever tighter around her, can Honey uncover who is sending these mysterious packages and why before it's too late. 464 pp. Englisch. Neu. Artikel-Nr.: 9781471139284.

Legions and Veterans Roman Army Papers 1971-2000: Keppie, Lawrence:

Keppie, Lawrence:

Legions and Veterans Roman Army Papers 1971-2000

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

Franz Steiner Verlag, 01.02.2000., 2000

Anbieter Speyer & Peters GmbH, (Berlin, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 3

gebunden. 339 S. It was Romes army which conquered first Italy, then a wide geographical area centred on the Mediterranean basin. Transition and change are important themes in this collection of papers, transition not only from the short-service army of the Roman Republic to a long-serving army of professionals, but also from an army of Romans to an army defending Rome, a city the soldiers were pledged to defend but which few would ever visit.The legions came increasingly to be recruited from the provinces in which they were stationed. On retirement, they often received land, initially in Italy but later in the provinces, which formed the basis for an upward move in society. A wide variety of archaeological, epigraphic, sculptural, numismatic and literary evidence is deployed. ISBN 9783515077446 Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: 691. Neu. Artikel-Nr.: 44016.

The Queen's Gamble: Barbara Kyle

Barbara Kyle

The Queen's Gamble

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

Hachette Book Group USA Dez 2012, 2012

Anbieter AHA-BUCH GmbH, (Einbeck, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 2

171x106x41 mm. Taschenbuch. Neuware - Young Queen Elizabeth I's path to the throne has been a perilous one, and already she faces a dangerous crisis. French troops have landed in Scotland to quell a rebel Protestant army, and Elizabeth fears once they are entrenched on the border, they will invade England. Isabel Thornleigh has returned to London from the New World with her Spanish husband, Carlos Valverde, and their young son. Ever the queen's loyal servant, Isabel is recruited to smuggle money to the Scottish rebels. Yet Elizabeth's trust only goes so far--Isabel's son will be the queen's hostage until she completes her mission. Matters grow worse when Isabel's husband is engaged as military advisor to the French, putting the couple on opposite sides in a deadly cold war. . . 'Starts strong and doesn't let up. . .Kyle's latest is extremely accessible for readers unfamiliar with the series.' -- Publishers Weekly 'Memorable characters, lush historical details, fascinating intrigues, and court drama. History and romance merge, loyalty and passions run high and readers are riveted to the pages.' -- RT Book Reviews , 4 Stars 'Riveting, adventurous. . .superb!' -- Historical Novel Society 485 pp. Englisch. Neu. Artikel-Nr.: 9780758271747.


Altalena [Zhabotinsky, Vladimir Yevgenyevich; Jabotinsky, Ze'ev; Zeev]

Richter und Narr - Roman

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

Meyer & Jessen Verlag, München, 1928

Anbieter The Book Gallery, (Jerusalem, Israel)
Anzahl: 1

RARE German translation of a novel on the figure of Samson, one of the last of the judges of the ancient Israelites mentioned in the Old Testament. The author - Ze'ev Jabotinsky (born Vladimir Yevgenyevich Zhabotinsky 1880-1940) was an eminent Russian Jewish Revisionist Zionist leader, author, poet, orator and soldier, who founded the Jewish Self-Defense Organization in Odessa, and co-founded with Joseph Trumpeldor the Jewish Legion of the British army in WWI. Later he also established several militant Jewish organizations in Palestine, including Beitar, HaTzohar and the Irgun (Etzel). This novel, considered a precursor of Thomas Mann's "Joseph and his Brothers", was published in the original Russian in 1927, and immediately translated into German. 205x130mm. 382 pages [+2]. Orange cloth Hardcover. Cover and spine slightly stained. Spine rubbed. Cover corners and spine edges bumped and peeling/tattered. Spine hinges partly cracked and glued. Binding visible between inner cover and whitepages. Rear whitepage somewhat stained. Pages slightly yellowing and wavy. [SUMMARY]: This extremely rare German edition of a novel about the biblical hero Samson, written by one of the most influential figures in 20th-century Jewish history, is otherwise in good condition. The book is in : German. Artikel-Nr.: MA 14 08.

The Secret Life of Violet Grant: Beatriz Williams

Beatriz Williams

The Secret Life of Violet Grant

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

Penguin LCC US Mai 2015, 2015

Anbieter AHA-BUCH GmbH, (Einbeck, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 2

203x134x35 mm. Taschenbuch. Neuware - New from the author of A Hundred Summers : a story of love and intrigue that travels from Kennedy-era Manhattan to World War I Europe. A People StyleWatch 'Must Read Book' One of Reader's Digest's Top Summer Thrillers of the Year Fresh from college, irrepressible Vivian Schuyler defies her wealthy Fifth Avenue family to work at cutthroat Metropolitan magazine. But this is 1964, and the editor dismisses her.until a parcel lands on Vivian's Greenwich Village doorstep that starts a journey into the life of an aunt she never knew, who might give her just the story she's been waiting for. In 1912, Violet Schuyler Grant moved to Europe to study physics, and made a disastrous marriage to a philandering fellow scientist. As the continent edges closer to the brink of war, a charismatic British army captain enters her life, drawing her into an audacious gamble that could lead to happiness.or disaster. Fifty years later, Violet's ultimate fate remains shrouded in mystery. But the more obsessively Vivian investigates her disappearing aunt, the more she realizes all they have in common-and that Violet's secret life is about to collide with hers. 513 pp. Englisch. Neu. Artikel-Nr.: 9780425274842.

Barbarians and Bishops. Army, Church, and State: LIEBESCHUETZ, J.H.W.G.,


Barbarians and Bishops. Army, Church, and State in the Age of Arcadius and Chrysostom.

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

Anbieter Scrinium Classical Antiquity, (Aalten, Niederlande)
Anzahl: 1

Clarendon Press, Oxford (.), 1992. 1st paperback ed. 326p. Paperback. Nice copy. 'This book, bringing together a number of Liebeschuetz's recent articles, focuses on Constantinopolian politics, illustrated by reference to the Gainas and Chrystostom crises. The first part discusses the role of barbarians in the Roman army in the late fourth century. L. raises a number of important points. The ease of assimilation of Romans by barbarians, and vice versa, is well brought out, as are the different objectives of Gothic groups operating in the Balkans (.). The second part deals with politics in Constantinople between Rufinus' assassination and the aftermath of Gainas' revolt. It is built around Gainas' actions, which L. uses as a backdrop to explore other aspects of political life in the city at this time. The focus is, rightly, on inidividuals, their politics and their relationships. But by dividing military and civil politicians into radically different groups at time L. seems almost to envisage 'military' and 'civilian' factions (.). The actual account of Gainas' rebellion is well-handled (.) and differing sources are carefully reconciled. (.) The third part begins with a strong analysis of Chrysostom and his sermons and a weaker discussion of the clashes with Theophilus and Eudoxia. (.) The work closes with a long conclusion, briefly discussing Montesquieu and Gibbon on the fall the Empire, then analyzing Jones' and de Ste Croix's views at more lenth. (.) What L. does show is the importance of individuals' actions and motives. Under a weak emperor the energies and ambitious of prominent officials tended to turn inwards, on their political rivals, rather than being focused outwards on the efficient running of the state.' (H. ELTON in The Journal of Roman Studies, 1991, pp.233-34). From the library of Prof. Carl Deroux. Antiquarian. Antiquarian. Artikel-Nr.: 47776.

Military History of Late Rome 284-361: Ilkka Syvanne

Ilkka Syvanne

Military History of Late Rome 284-361

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

Pen & Sword Books Ltd Sep 2015, 2015

Anbieter AHA-BUCH GmbH, (Einbeck, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 2

244x168x43 mm. Buch. Neuware - Narrative of Rome's wars during a tumultuous period of civil war and mounting external threats Discusses development of the Roman army and the armies of her major enemies eg Goths and Sassanid Persians Includes such pivotal events as the battles of the Milvian Bridge, and Strasbourg. 320 pp. Englisch. Neu. Artikel-Nr.: 9781848848559.

The Ambivalence of Imperial Discourse: Aaron M. Kahn

Aaron M. Kahn

The Ambivalence of Imperial Discourse

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

Peter Lang Jul 2008, 2008

Anbieter AHA-BUCH GmbH, (Einbeck, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 1

223x149x17 mm. Taschenbuch. Neuware - This book offers a new reading of Miguel de Cervantes's play La destrucción de Numancia (c.1583), analysing the work in relation to theories of empire in sixteenth-century Spain, in the context of plays written immediately before the rise in popularity of Lope de Vega and the comedia nueva, and the playwright's innovative use of dramatic techniques in this transitional period of Spanish drama. Dramatic writers have always used the stage as a medium through which they could comment on current events involving politics, religion, philosophy, and society; Cervantes was no exception. His discourse concerning imperial expansion in La Numancia has resulted in many conflicting interpretations of the play's meaning. This book explores the drama's thematic and generic ambiguities, as well as Cervantes's representation and interpretation of the historical record in the creation of his characters and his portrayal of the fall of Numancia in 133 BC to the Roman army of Scipio Aemilianus. Finally, this study addresses the significance of seemingly intentionally unclear discourse in reference to La Numancia and the turbulent political and religious environment of late sixteenth-century Spain. 243 pp. Englisch. Neu. Artikel-Nr.: 9783039110988.


Andrew Appels, Stuart Laycock, Greg Payne (Editor).

Roman Buckles and Military Fittings.

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

Witham Greenlight Publishing 2007, 2007

Anbieter BOOKSELLER - ERIK TONEN BOOKS, (antwerpen, Belgien)
Anzahl: 1

Softcover, 285pp., 25x19cm., ills. in col., new. ISBN 9781897738290. The history of Britain is intimately tied up with the Roman army which for almost 400 years kept most of this island Roman. Much of the story of the soldiers who lived, fought and died for Rome here, can today only be reconstructed from the remnants of the kit they wore. Over the centuries that the Roman army occupied Britain, its soldiers used a bewildering variety of fittings. Many of them are not easily recognisable to the modern eye, particularly when in fragmentary state. Too many important items are lying discarded in detectorists' junk boxes, because they are simply not being recognised for what they are. That small piece of twisted copper alloy could, in reality, be a Roman military fitting with a fascinating story to tell. In this book, Laycock and Appels set out to document and identify many of the items of Roman military kit encountered today by detectorists and archaeologists and set them in their historical and military context. Late Roman buckles, and their British derivatives, for instance, give a unique insight into the last decades of Roman rule in the country and ultimately may hold the secret to the collapse of Roman Britain. Did Roman power start to collapse 40 years before the end? Was the population of Britain armed in the late 4th century? Did the British tribes re-assert their authority and raise militias for renewed inter-tribal conflict? The next buckle or fitting uncovered could help answer these questions and many more about the history of Roman Britain. But they'll only provide answers if they can be correctly identified. Instead of just line drawings, this text is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of full colour photographs of surviving Roman military kit, most of them never before published. Some of these items are unique. Many of them are rare. This is a resource for detectorists, archaeologists, museum staff, collectors and re-enactors alike, and will be of interest also to many with a more general interest in the Roman military. Contents include: Early Empire Buckles -Dolphin Buckles - Dragon Buckles - Bird Buckles - Horse head buckles - Lion Buckles - Strap ends - Belt stiffeners - Belt Plates - Helmet Fittings - Sword and Dagger Fittings - Armour Fittings - Shield Fittings - Apron Fittings - Horse harness Fittings - Roman military glossary - Bibliography 0 g. Artikel-Nr.: 42297.

Barbarians and Bishops. Army, Church, and State: Liebeschuetz, J. H.

Liebeschuetz, J. H. W. G.:

Barbarians and Bishops. Army, Church, and State in the Age of Arcadius and Chrysostom, by J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz,

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1990

Anbieter Antiquariat Kretzer, (Kirchhain, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 1

XIV, 312 Seiten, mit einigen Tafeln, Aus dem Klappentext: "Barbarians and Bishops is concerned with two fundamental themes of late antiquity: barbarization of the Roman army and the interrelation of Church and secular government. The conspicuous role, played by barbarian, particulary German, soliders in the late Roman state has always been recognized but has still not been satisfactorily explained. This is not surprising, since the development which compelled the Empire to call in foreigners for its defence is a complex one, related to changes in basic structures and attitudes of Roman society. One of these was the triumph of Christianity, which required the abandonment of a civic religion closely integrated to secular government. Conflict between representatives of the pagan Empire and major religious leaders was unthinkable and at the same time only too easy, when the Church had an elaborate empire-wide organization which reccived some support from the Empire but was quite independent of it. In this book, Professor Liebeschuetz provides illuminating discussion an a number of themes relating to the simultaneous demilitarization and Christianization of the Roman Empire. Part I deals with Alaric's Goths, whilst parts II and III deal with two conflicts at Constantinople: the Gainas rising and the confliet between the authorities and-the bishop of Constantinople, John Chrysostom." - Einband etwas berieben. Mit geklebter Rückensignatur. Wenige Seiten, Schnitte und Titelblatt gestempelt. Sonst guter Zustand. ISBN: 0198140738 Sprache: Englisch Gewicht in Gramm: 1050 Gr. 8° (23,5 x 16 cm), Orig.-Pappeinband. Gut. Artikel-Nr.: 3028426.


Baxter, Walter:

Die Suche nach dem Geliebten. Roman. Aus dem Englischen von Stefanie Neumann. Originaltitel: The Image and the search.

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

Hamburg : Zsolnay Verlag, 1955

Anbieter BOUQUINIST, (München, BY, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 1

401 (3) Seiten. 21 cm. Guter Zustand. - Walter Baxter (17 May 1915 – 25 July 1994)[1] was an English novelist, best known for writing two controversial novels. His first novel received very positive reviews. He was prosecuted on obscenity charges after the publication of his second novel, but was acquitted after two trials. He was also a successful restaurateur. Early career: Baxter was born in London and raised in Kent, he was educated at St. Lawrence College, Ramsgate and Trinity College, Cambridge where he studied law. He was articled to a solicitor in London before the war but following his service in the Army he never returned to the law. Baxter served in the British Army during the Second World War, as a company commander.[2] The company fought in Burma, retreating to India. Later, he was aide-de-camp to Lieutenant General William Slim of the Fourteenth Army.[3] He came back to London after the war and briefly joined his family's business, but in September 1949 he decided to pursue a career in writing. A few months later he became a Catholic. He was close to completing his first book when he was presented with an opportunity to volunteer with the Jesuits as a missionary. He performed that work for seven months at a jungle mission station in a remote village about 40 miles (64 km) from Ranchi, India.[3] . The Image and the Search: His second novel, The Image and the Search, was published in October 1953.[9] Baxter writes of Sarah, who is very happily married to RAF member Robert. Robert is the ideal "image" alluded to in the book's title. After Robert is killed in the war, Sarah embarks on a search for love to match that which she shared with Robert. She takes many lovers, but none can compare to Robert. While in India on business, she encounters Johan, who, although dark, bears a resemblance to Robert. Sarah tries to seduce Johan, but she does not succeed. Her quest for love has been futile.[10] The novel was praised by E. M. Forster as "a serious and beautiful book". However, a Saturday Review Book Service critic wrote that the book's theme was intractable and the protagonist was unsympathetic; this critic also quipped that the heroine's climax in her pursuit "sets some sort of a new high in phallic symbolism". In March 1954, the Sunday Express printed a column in which Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook stated that the lesson to be surmised from the book's "erotic odyssey" was that "sexual excess can be indulged in with a light heart and a clear conscience". The column went on to suggest that Alexander Stewart Frere, the chairman of the book's publisher Heinemann, should immediately withdraw the book. A week later the Express quoted a Heinemann official as saying, "We have not withdrawn the book, it just isn't for sale any more." Heinemann also withheld copies of the book from Putnam's, its New York publisher. A representative from Putnam's said that "the Sunday Express??'? attack has succeeded in having the book banned. We regard this as an extremely unfortunate case of arbitrary censorship. We do not in the least agree with the Express??'? position nor Heinemann's action."[11] In October 1954, Baxter and Frere were put on trial at the Old Bailey,[9] charged under the Obscene Publications Act 1857[12] for The Image and The Search. Baxter released a statement that "my object was a serious portrayal of the vulnerability to evil of any ego-centred personality and the disintegrating effect of sin on such a personality". Frere also released a statement, saying in part, "I regard Walter Baxter as one of the most gifted writers of this generation, whose powers are not yet fully developed. I feel that the publishers owe a duty to such writers and to the public to ensure that their creative work is not still-born. If it has value and is not deleterious to potential readers, I was, and am myself, satisfied that this book would not harm any readers."[9] The case was prosecuted by Mervyn Griffith-Jones, who six years later led the unsu. Deutsche Erstausgabe.. Gut. Artikel-Nr.: 55879.


Thirteen Years Later. Russia, 1825.: Kent, Jasper:

Kent, Jasper:

Thirteen Years Later. Russia, 1825.

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

London: Bantam, 2010

Anbieter Brungs und Hönicke Medienversand GbR, (Berlin, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 1

kartoniert. 618 Seiten, Illustrierter Originalkartonband. Einband mit minimalen Lagerspuren, insgesamt in nahezu neuwertigem Zustand. - Aleksandr made a silent promise to the Lord. God would deliver him -- would deliver Russia -- and he would make Russia into the country that the Almighty wanted it to be. He would be delivered from the destruction that wasteth at noonday, and from the pestilence that walketh in darkness -- the terror by night. 1825, Europe -- and Russia -- have been at peace for a decade. Bonaparte is long dead and the threat of invasion is no more. For Colonel Aleksei Ivanovich Danilov, life is peaceful. The French have been defeated, as have the twelve monstrous creatures he once fought alongside, and then against, all those years before. His duty is still to his tsar, Aleksandr the First, but today the enemy is merely human. But the tsar himself knows he can never be at peace. He is well aware of the uprising fermenting within his own army, but his true fear is of something far more terrible -- something that threatens to bring damnation down upon him, his family and his country. Aleksandr cannot forget a promise: a promise sealed in blood. and broken a hundred years before. Now the victim of the Romanovs' betrayal has returned to demand what is his. The knowledge chills Aleksandr's very soul. And for Aleksei, it seems the vile pestilence that once threatened all he held dear has returned, thirteen years later. (Verlagsanzeige) Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: 520. Sehr gut. Artikel-Nr.: 20116.

Opus divinum, cui titulus naturalis historiae, multoquam: Plinius Secundus, Gaius

Plinius Secundus, Gaius (Pliny the Elder).

Opus divinum, cui titulus naturalis historiae, multoquam antehac unquam prodiit in lucem castigatius, una cum annotationibus Hermanolai barbari.

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

Paris, (Nicolaus Sauetier) for Jean Petit, 1526., 1526

Anbieter Antiquariat INLIBRIS Gilhofer Nfg. GmbH, (Vienna, Österreich)
Anzahl: 1

Folio. (188), (34), CCCCCXXXVI [= CCCCCXXXVIII; 538] pp. Title-page in red and black and separate title-page to index, both with woodcut border. Elaborately decorated calf, with image of the crucifixion on both panels. Blind-tooled spine. First and only Paris edition of Historiae naturalis, with the annotations by Hermolaus Barbarus (1454-1494), an Italian Renaissance scholar. His discussions of Pliny's Naturalis Historia was first published as Castigationes Plinianae in 1492, in which he made over 5000 corrections to the original text. Due to this work and other classical works he translated or edited he was considered a leader authority on Latin and Greek work on antiquity. The present copy was published by Jean Petit, in his days a leading book seller in Paris, who's name and device are shown on the title-page with decorative woodcut border. The title-page to the index, here bound before the text, has the initials of the printer Nicolaus Sauetier. - The original text was by Gaius Plinius Secundus (AD 23 - August 25, AD 79), better known as Pliny the Elder. He was a Roman author, naturalist, and natural philosopher, as well as naval and army commander of the early Roman Empire, and personal friend of the emperor Vespasian. - The Naturalis Historia is one of the largest single works to have survived from the Roman empire to the modern day and purports to cover the entire field of ancient knowledge, based on the best authorities available to Pliny. He claims to be the only Roman ever to have undertaken such a work. It comprised 37 books in 10 volumes and covered over 20.000 facts on topics including the fields of botany, zoology, astronomy, geology and mineralogy as well as the exploitation of those resources. It remains a standard work for the Roman period and the advances in technology and understanding of natural phenomena at the time. Some technical advances he discusses are the only sources for those inventions, such as hushing in mining technology or the use of water mills for crushing or grinding corn. Much of what he wrote about has been confirmed by archaeology. ''We know from Pliny that there were important pearl fisheries in the Gulf [.] Pliny identifies Tylos (Bahrain) as a place famous for its pearls [. He] attests that pearls were the most highly rated valuable in Roman society, and that those from the Gulf were specially praised [.] The pearl related finds at the site of El-Dur indicate the site was integrated into the maritime trade routes linking the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, India and South Arabia'' (Carter). Book 6 holds a chapter that gives the first detailed account of the regions around the Gulf, including what are now Qatar, the Emirates and Oman. - Not only is it virtually the only work which describes the work of artists of the time, and has it become an important reference work for the history of art, due to the wide range of topics, the referencing system and index it became a model for later encyclopaedias. - Panels shaved, affecting the decoration, spine cracked on the hinges. With owner's manuscript ownership on title-page of the index, which is bound before text. A good copy. Bird 1910. USTC (2 copies). Not in Adams, BMC French, Durling, Hunt, Wellcome. Artikel-Nr.: 45403.

Naturalis historiae opus.: Plinius Secundus, Gaius

Plinius Secundus, Gaius (Pliny the Elder).

Naturalis historiae opus.

[nach diesem Titel suchen]

(Cologne, Eucharius Cervicornus, 1524)., 1524

Anbieter Antiquariat INLIBRIS Gilhofer Nfg. GmbH, (Vienna, Österreich)
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Folio. (16), 311, (60) ff. Title-page and sub-title to index with ornamental woodcut border. Woodcut initials, head and tail pieces. Calf, gold-tooled ribbed spine with title-label. Sprinkled edges. First edition of the "Natural history" edited by Johannes Caesarius (1468-1550), a humanist and close friend of Erasmus. The original text was by Gaius Plinius Secundus (AD 23 - August 25, AD 79), better known as Pliny the Elder. He was a Roman author, naturalist, and natural philosopher, as well as naval and army commander of the early Roman Empire, and personal friend of the emperor Vespasian. The text in the present edition is decorated with woodcut borders and many woodcut initials. - The "Naturalis Historia" is one of the largest single works to have survived from the Roman empire to the modern day and purports to cover the entire field of ancient knowledge, based on the best authorities available to Pliny. He claims to be the only Roman ever to have undertaken such a work. It comprised 37 books in 10 volumes and covered over 20.000 facts on topics including the fields of botany, zoology, astronomy , geology and mineralogy as well as the exploitation of those resources. It remains a standard work for the Roman period and the advances in technology and understanding of natural phenomena at the time. Some technical advances he discusses are the only sources for those inventions, such as hushing in mining technology or the use of water mills for crushing or grinding corn. Much of what he wrote about has been confirmed by archaeology. ''We know from Pliny that there were important pearl fisheries in the Gulf [.] Pliny identifies Tylos (Bahrain) as a place famous for its pearls [. He] attests that pearls were the most highly rated valuable in Roman society, and that those from the Gulf were specially praised [.] The pearl related finds at the site of El-Dur indicate the site was integrated into the maritime trade routes linking the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, India and South Arabia'' (Carter). Book 6 holds a chapter that gives the first detailed account of the regions around the Gulf, including what are now Qatar, the Emirates and Oman. - Not only is it virtually the only work which describes the work of artists of the time, and has it become an important reference work for the history of art, due to the wide range of topics, the referencing system and index it became a model for later encyclopaedias. - With manuscript notes of multiple owners on pastedown (including written ex-libris by Antonii Mauritii Seguin 1713 and Mathon de la cour 1744). Some underling in text, and notes in the margins (partly lost due to trimmed edges). A very good copy with bookplate of De Ponsainpierre on pastedown. VD 16, P 3531. Adams P 1556. BM-STC German 704. Durling 3689 (imperfect copy). Hunt 23. USTC (11 copies). Artikel-Nr.: 45404.


The illustrated London News, Vol. LIV. January: Latey, John Lash

Latey, John Lash [editor]

The illustrated London News, Vol. LIV. January to June 1869

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Published by George C. Leighton, London, 1869

Anbieter Keoghs Books, (Stroud, Vereinigtes Königreich)
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, iv, 652 pages, notable engravings: The Main Street of Irkutsk, The Great Electric Induction Coil at the Polytechnic Institution, The Musk Deer at the Zoological Society's Gardens, Railway Bridge and Viaduct at Runcorn, The Explorations at Jerusalem: Robinson's Arch, Wilson's Arch, Gallery at the Golden Gate, Rock Cut Tunnel, Embarkation of Dockyard Workmen as Emigrants at Portsmouth, Prince Arthur in Ireland, Art Collections in the South Kensington Museum, Port Erin, The Durbar at Umballah, The Crimea Revisited: Ruins of City of Sebastopol, Interior of the Round Town of the Malakoff, The new Elephant-House in the Zoological Society’s Gardens, Roman Pavement Found in the Poultry near the Mansion House, The Town and Camp of Colchester, Experiments with new Life Saving Apparatus on the Thames, The Disturbance in Paris: Cavalry Clearing the Boulevards on the Night of June 10, The Mob Attempting to Construct a Barricade on the Boulevard Montmartre, Opening of Southwark Park, The Regatta at Henley-on-Thames, The New Army Filter-van, The Friar's Head in the Organ Mountains, Floods at Windsor, Coronation of the Queen of Madagascar, Mount Ida, Enthronement of the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Late Collision off the Lizard, The Isthmus of Suez Maritime Canal, View of Belfast, Fireworks at The Crystal Palace, Execution of Political Prisoners at Cuba, Japan: Hakodadi The New treaty Port, Chinese Vase Purchased by the King of the Belgians, Scenes of the Accident at Glasgow, Visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Constantinople, The Royal Caverns at Jerusalem, King Thackembau of the Feejee Islands, The Volunteer Review at Portsmouth First Edition , spine sunned and with tear at tail, few small specks to front cover, binding firm, lacking pages 41-42, internally clean and with many nice engravings, the book is in good+ condition , green cloth with gilt titles and decoration to front and spine Folio, 42 x 30 cm Hardback ISBN: Artikel-Nr.: 60130.


Peace - The Work of Justice. Addresses: Daly, Cahal B.

Daly, Cahal B.

Peace - The Work of Justice. Addresses on the Northern Tragedy 1973 - 1979.

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Veritas Publications,, Dublin, 1979

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14 x 21,5 cm. Original Softcover. First Edition. Dublin, Veritas Publications, 1979. 14 x 21,5 cm. XV, 173 pages. Original Softcover. Very good condition with minor signs of external wear. Cahal Brendan Daly (1 October 1917 – 31 December 2009) was an Irish philosopher, theologian, writer and international speaker and, in later years, a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. Daly served as the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland from 1990 to 1996, the most elderly man to take up this role for nearly 200 years. He was then elevated to the cardinalate in 1991. He was the country's highest ranking Cardinal by the end of his life. His death in 2009 brought to an end a two-year period during which Ireland had three Cardinals for the first time in its history. Prior to this Daly was based for three decades in Longford as Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise. He served for much of the 1980s as Bishop of Down and Connor at which time he was based in Belfast during The Troubles. Considered "the hierarchy's foremost theologian", he strongly criticised the Irish Republican Army (IRA) throughout his reign. Daly had many published works, as recently as 2004, and was known for his views on philosophy, theology and on the Northern Ireland situation, attracting global acclaim for writing the speech which Pope John Paul II used on his 1979 visit to Drogheda to ask for an end to violence on the island. (Wikipedia) Sprache: English Very good condition with minor signs of external wear. Artikel-Nr.: 3005BB.

An Account Of Denmark, As It was: MOLESWORTH, ROBERT.


An Account Of Denmark, As It was in the Year MDCXCII.

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1694, 1694

Anbieter Peter Grosell, Antiquarian Bookseller, (Copenhagen, Dänemark)
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London 1694. Sm. 8vo. (24) + 172 pp. Later full speckled calf, spine with five raised bands. Last page with tear at edges slightly affecting text. Anonymously published. This edition has Roman numeral date in title; another edition has Arabic date. Rare pirate edition. * English diplomat and author. Born 1656, died 1725.From 1689 to 1692, Molesworth was emissary from the Court of St. James to the court of the King of Denmark - a task at which he was not particularly successful, making himself unpopular among the leading notables of the Danish court (due to ideological as well as personal disagreements - but also due to the ambiguous foreign policy that Denmark was pursuing in this period).In 1694, Molesworth published the book An Account of Denmark as it was in the Year 1692. The book was extremely critical of Danish absolutism, and of the perceived tyranny under which both the Danish army, church and general populace suffered.An Account of Denmark emphasised the values of the English electoral system as an attractive alternative to absolutism, and was thus a Whig political tract, which indirectly influenced later American ideas on independence.Molesworth's book was published in several editions, and in a number of languages. Several opposing tracts were published, with financial support from the Danish government. Artikel-Nr.: 158066.


Anon. [Southeastern Borneo, circa 1862]. Manuscript, pen and ink with watercolour, on fine laid paper watermarked "EDB" / "De Erven Dk. Blauw" (Very Good, old stains with some smudging to ink in a few places, wear along old folds with very minor loss at margin lower-centre), 44.5 x 56 cm (17.5 x.


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Anbieter Antiquariat Dasa Pahor, (München, Deutschland)
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This important manuscript is one of the finest surviving original cartographic artifacts of the Banjarmasin War (1859 – 1863), a conflict during which the Netherlands asserted her colonial power over Southeastern Kalimantan (Borneo). While the map’s author remains anonymous, the carefully drafted manuscript map was based on original reconnaissance conducted by the Dutch East Indian Army during the conflict. Is thus one of the earliest maps to detail the interior of the southeastern portion of the phenomenally rugged interior of the vast island of Borneo. The map was clearly drafted by an officer who had close proximity to the Dutch high command towards the later part of the war, as the map features incredibly detailed and militarily sensitive information, then only available to a well-placed participant in the conflict. The map is clearly a working manuscript intended to be employed for planning military operations in the field during the heady latter days of the conflict. The map is dominated by the Barito River Basin, which flows in a generally southerly direction from deep in the interior of Borneo down into the Java Sea. The region around the basin comprises the traditional territory of the Sultanate of Banjarmasin, a state with which the Dutch had maintained a relationship (of a various nature) for over 250 years. On the map, Banjarmasin is shown divided into various Dutch political jurisdictions (the sultanate was formally annexed and dissolved by the Dutch in 1860), while the various overlaying jurisdictions, labelled with Roman numerals, refer to military sub-districts, with the grater military districts divided by double intermittent red lines. The delineation of the region’s complex river systems is very thorough and broadly accurate, even if not generally based on precise scientific measurements. Numerous towns and villages are labelled, as the Dutch, by this time, had extended their control deep into the interior. The chain of locations hosting a Dutch military presence is distinguished by the appearance the Netherlands’ tricolour flag. Importantly, labelled, in the upper centre of the map, is the route of the decisive operation of the war, Lieutenant-Colonel Verspyck’s march through the jungle to Bayan Begok, which occurred in October-November 1862. The map does not feature a title or legend and is not signed, likely because it was intended to be used in the field by the mapmaker and his associates, who naturally had no need for such information to be added to the map. All original manuscript maps made in what is today Indonesia are extremely rare, and the present map is remarkable in that it contemporarily records an important historical event. It is thus an extraordinary and unique artifact of both Indonesian and Dutch colonial history. Early Relations between the Netherlands and Banjarmasin The Banjarmasin War and the Dutch expansionist policies in Kalimantan must be regarded within their greater historical context. The Dutch East India Company (known as the VOC, or, formally, the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie), was founded in 1602 as a commercial enterprise interested in profit, as opposed to gaining political power in and of itself. Establishing its headquarters in the Indonesian Archipelago at Batavia (Jakarta), in 1619, it attempted to maintain a limited footprint while extracting as great a yield as possible from the islands’ immense wealth in spices, precious woods and minerals. The Company tended to restrict its operations to fortified coastal bases and only fought wars (and preferably those of a limited scope) when they felt that their economic interests were directly threatened (wars were, of course, very expensive). While these operations resulted in sometimes exceedingly aggressive actions on the part of the VOC and their allies, this was usually done in pursuit of treasure, and not territory. Apart from the areas immediately around major VOC settlements, the vast majority of the Indonesian Arch. Artikel-Nr.: 63058.



De beroemde onderneming op de rivieren van London en Rochester gedaan den 21, 22 en 23 Junii des jaars 1667 .Rotterdam, Dirk Langendijk, Mattheus de Sallieth, Dirk de Jong, 1782. Oblong 1mo (47 x 58 cm). A large and extremely detailed engraved and etched view of the Battle of the Medway (pictorial image 42 x 58 cm), showing the stern of The Royal Charles in great detail, the capsized Loyal London in flames and the Dutch in row boats in the foreground, including Admiral Michiel de Ruyter, commander of the Dutch fleet, and Cornelis de Witt, deputy of the States General and brother of the Grand Pensionary Johan de Witt. With a 5-line engraved caption at the foot in gothic, roman and italic lettering (some decorated) on either side of the De Wi

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Anbieter ASHER Rare Books, (t Goy Houten, Niederlande)
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Muller, Ned. Historieplaten, 2261a; for Langendijk and Sallieth: Scheen pp. 303 & 449. Large etched and engraved print showing the sensational and humiliating defeat of the English by the Dutch at the Battle of the Medway at Chatham, near Rochester. Langendijk places the viewer in the midst of the action, so that one sees the ships, people and the hand-to-hand combat on the rowboats in the foreground in the greatest detail. It was the decisive event of the Second Anglo-Dutch War, forcing the British to agree to end the war with a settlement favourable to the Dutch a month later. It was also the crowning achievement of the great Dutch admiral Michiel de Ruyter (1607-1676). The daring raid was planned by the Dutch Grand Pensionary Johan de Witt and carried out under command of Admiral De Ruyter, accompanied by De Witt's brother Cornelis.Trimmed down to the edges of the image and text, but without loss and in good condition, with only some traces of former mildew slightly affecting the caption and the water at the foot of the image, and a few tiny holes or small marginal tears repaired. The margins have been extended with Japanese paper. The most detailed and spectacular view of the Battle of the Medway. Artikel-Nr.: 93NEC5BV62VD.

Street Philosopher: Matthew Plampin

Matthew Plampin

Street Philosopher

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Harper Collins Paperbacks, 2009

Anbieter Rheinberg-Buch, (Bergisch Gladbach, Deutschland)
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Taschenbuch. Gebraucht - Gut - An elegant, powerful novel, set in Victorian England, a time not so different from our own. Ambitious young journalist Thomas Kitson arrives at the battlefields of the Crimea as the London Courier's man on the ground. It is a dangerous place, full of the worst horrors of war but Kitson is determined to make his mark. Under the tutelage of his hard-bitten Irish boss Cracknell, and assisted by artist Robert Styles, he sets about exposing the incompetence of the army generals. Two years later, as Sebastopol burns, Thomas returns to England under mysterious circumstances. Desperate to forget the atrocities of the Crimea, he takes a job as a 'street philosopher', a society writer reporting on the gossip of the day. But on the eve of the great Art Treasures Exhibition, as Manchester prepares to welcome Queen Victoria, Thomas's past returns to haunt him in the most horrifying way. 496 pp. Englisch. Gebraucht. Artikel-Nr.: INF3002602729.

Mona Lisa: Alexander Lernet-Holenia

Alexander Lernet-Holenia

Mona Lisa

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Steerforth Press Pushkin Press Jun 2016, 2016

Anbieter AHA-BUCH GmbH, (Einbeck, Deutschland)
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6.5 in. Taschenbuch. Neuware - 'Love does not need any comforting. It does not even need requiting. All it needs is itself.' Florence, 1502. Marshal Louis de La Trémouille's small army has stopped off en route to Naples, to buy objects d'art for King Louis XII of France. Naturally, Leonardo da Vinci's workshop is on the shopping list; and during their visit to his house, the young nobleman de Bougainville chances upon the not-quite-finished Mona Lisa. He promptly, utterly and hopelessly falls in love with the woman in the painting, and is determined to find her - despite rumours that she has long ago died. A visit to an empty tomb, assault upon an Italian nobleman's mansion, duel and execution later, the secret of la Gioconda's smile is (possibly) revealed. An entertaining story, told with style - about love, life, art, and the Quixotic things that a man will do to realise his dream. 96 pp. Englisch. Neu. Artikel-Nr.: 9781782271901.

A God in Every Stone: Kamila Shamsie

Kamila Shamsie

A God in Every Stone

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Bloomsbury UK Mrz 2015, 2015

Anbieter AHA-BUCH GmbH, (Einbeck, Deutschland)
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198x128x30 mm. Taschenbuch. Neuware - Summer, 1914. Young Englishwoman Vivian Rose Spencer is in an ancient land, about to discover the Temple of Zeus, the call of adventure, and love. Thousands of miles away a twenty-year-old Pathan, Qayyum Gul, is learning about brotherhood and loyalty in the British Indian army. Summer, 1915. Viv has been separated from the man she loves; Qayyum has lost an eye at Ypres. They meet on a train to Peshawar, unaware that a connection is about to be forged between their lives - one that will reveal itself fifteen years later when anti-colonial resistance, an ancient artefact and a mysterious woman will bring them together again. 392 pp. Englisch. Neu. Artikel-Nr.: 9781408847237.

Textes et Etudes du Moyen Âge TEMA: O. Merisalo (ed.)

O. Merisalo (ed.)

Textes et Etudes du Moyen Âge TEMA 35 Frontiers in the Middle Ages Proceedings of the Third European Congress of the Medieval Studies (Jyväskylä, 10-14 June 2003)

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Anbieter Antiquariat-Versandbuchhandel Löb, (Heppenheim, Deutschland)
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Buch. Softcover. Textes et Etudes du Moyen Âge TEMA 35 Frontiers in the Middle Ages Proceedings of the Third European Congress of the Medieval Studies (Jyväskylä, 10-14 June 2003) O. Merisalo (ed.) approx. XII+761 p., 20 b/w ill., 165 x 240 mm, 2006 ISBN: 978-2-503-52420-7 Languages: English, French, German Paperback The publication is available. Retail price: EUR 65,00 The first uses of the term frontiere in thirteenth-fourteenth-century French were military, referring to the first line of troops in a battle. In architecture it meant the front of a building, and at the end of the fourteenth century it was first used as a geographical term, in Spain specifically about the divide between the Christians and the Muslims. More than obstacles, medieval frontiers - whether geographical, political, military, intellectual or artistic - seem to have been bridges and points of contact. Frontiers was the theme of the Third European Congress of Medieval Studies organised by the FIDEM in Jyväskylä, Finland, in 2003. True to the nature of the FIDEM, it was highly interdisciplinary, bringing together scholars from all over the world, addressing problems ranging from Byzantine administration to Icelandic vernacular scribal culture, during a week of extraordinary intellectual excitement. This volume brings together forty-four contributions by specialists of history, history of ideas, medieval philosophy, philology, linguistics, literature as well as manuscript and archival studies. Table of contents: Foreword I. Introduction Giles Constable, 'Frontiers in the Middle Ages' II. Intellectual Frontiers William Courtenay, 'Intellectual frontiers in the High and Middle Ages'; André Hubert, S.J., 'Saint Anselme à la croisée de la théologie scolastique et de la théologie monastique'; José Filipe Pereira da Silva, 'Conceptual relations in Hugh of St. Victor's thought'; Philip Reynolds, 'Thomas Aquinas, Muslims, angels and happiness' III. Representations of and encounters with Otherness Sini Kangas, 'Militia Christi meets the Prince of Babylon. The Crusader conception of encountering the enemy'; Marko Lamberg, 'Finns as aliens and compatriots in the late Medieval kingdom of Sweden'; Satu Lidman, 'Diskriminierung durch Strafe und Gesetz im Fürstentum Bayern am Beispiel des Landgebots 1516'; Marek Tamm, 'Les signes d'altérité. La répresentation de la Baltique orientale dans le De proprietatibus rerum de Barthélemy l'Anglais (vers 1245)'; IV. Concrete frontiers Sofia Lahti, 'Documents from Gustav Vasa's administration as sources for art and cult history. Confiscation lists'; Anu Lahtinen, 'Frontier and borderland. The use of natural resources in Medieval Finland from an environmental history point of view'; Giampaolo Francesconi - Francesco Salvestrini, 'La scrittura del confine nell'Italia comunale. Modelli e funzioni'; Christopher Gardner, 'Practice and rhetoric. Some perspectives on the legal frontier between "France" and Toulouse'; Anthony Perron, 'Ius metropoliticum on the Norwegian periphery from Nicholas Breakspear to William of Sabina'; Zaroui Pogossian, 'The Armenian reaction to the concept of the primacy of the Roman church in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries' V. Byzantium Guglielmo Cavallo, 'Ai confini dell'impero. Appunti sulle culture di frontiera a Bisanzio'; Gilbert Dagron, 'Byzance et la frontière. Idéologie et réalité'; Jacques Schamp, 'L'ordalie du chas de l'aiguille. Sur les limites eschatologiques à Byzance'; Dimitrios Krallis, 'The army that crossed two frontiers and established a third. The uses of the frontier in an eleventh-century author (and some implications on modern scholarship)'; Vasco La Salvia, 'Aspetti dell'economia dell'Italia alto medievale. Artigianato e commercio fra Longobardi e Bizantini'; Jukka Korpela, Beyond the borders in the European North-East'; VI. Manuscript and archival studies. Verlagsfrisch New copy. Artikel-Nr.: 202120.

Moskva: Jack Grimwood

Jack Grimwood


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Penguin Books Ltd (UK) Mai 2016, 2016

Anbieter AHA-BUCH GmbH, (Einbeck, Deutschland)
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233x154x40 mm. Taschenbuch. Neuware - Red Square, 1985. The naked body of a young man is left outside the walls of the Kremlin; frozen solid - like marble to the touch - missing the little finger from his right hand. A week later, Alex Marston, the headstrong fifteen year old daughter of the British Ambassador disappears. Army Intelligence Officer Tom Fox, posted to Moscow to keep him from telling the truth to a government committee, is asked to help find her. It's a shot at redemption. But Russia is reluctant to give up the worst of her secrets. As Fox's investigation sees him dragged deeper towards the dark heart of a Soviet establishment determined to protect its own so his fears grow, with those of the girl's father, for Alex's safety. And if Fox can't find her soon, she looks likely to become the next victim of a sadistic killer whose story is bound tight to that of his country's terrible past . . . 472 pp. Englisch. Neu. Artikel-Nr.: 9780718181567.




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