realization of the absolute


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Waddell, Donald L.
Comb Binding w/cardstock Cover Good Includes 3 seperate volumes. Divinity uncovered through Mysticism has a clear plastic cover. Enclosed in protective clear plastic bag. Professional book dealer since 1975. All orders are processed promptly and packaged with the utmost care. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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Katalog Metaphysics beim Anbieter Peace of Mind Bookstore, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (USA)

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G. Martin
Brepols Verlag
ISBN 9780905203720

Harvey Miller Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard HMCRLB 15 The Ceiling Decoration of the Banqueting Hall G. Martin 524 p., 220 b/w ill. + 12 colour ill., 180 x 265 mm, 2006 ISBN: 978-0-905203-72-0 Languages: English Hardback The publication is available. Retail price: EUR 190,00 Rubens's nine paintings in the ceiling of the Banqueting Hall, in Whitehall, London, provided the main decoration of this magnificent room, which was the focal point of Stuart Court ceremonial. Commissioned by King James I and his son, the future Charles I, following the destruction of the early Jacobean Banqueting Hall, their role in enhancing court spectacle came to an end with the fire that destroyed the rest of Whitehall Palace in 1598. The delay in executing the commission was due to matters of state, in which Rubens was involved as a diplomat. His stay in London in this capacity in 1629/30 made possible the realization of this commission. Rubens would have been aware that the Stuarts owed their position to the regal union of the crowns of England and Scotland, that his royal patron had now embraced his father's pacific policy and that he was the more determined to impose an absolute rule, which his father had eloquently expounded in speeches ad treatises. These three themes form the central core of the cycle which glorified the reign of the late king, James I. The cycle presented Rubens with a great challenge, not only because of the novelty of the subject matter, but also because of the formal problems presented by the huge scale of the work. This volume of the Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard provides the fullest review to date of the history of the commission, it also unravels the complex preparatory work and places the subject matter in the context of early Stuart political and ethical aspirations. "Gregory Martin's two volumes on Rubens's paintings for the Whitehall Ceiling is the most exhaustive and up-to-date study of this major work, and, apart from possible interpretive refinements, is unlikely to be superseded." (Christopher White, in: HNA Newsletter, Vol. 23, No. 2, Nov. 2006) "Gregory Martin has written a work of exemplary scholarship. (...) The book benefits greatly from Martin's experience and maturity as a scholar who has spent his life thinking about Rubens." (D. Howarth in: Times Literary Supplement, 14 November 2008, p. 34) Hardcover Buch

9780905203720 Neu


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Die Bildung der Moderne. - Dreyer, Michael und Klaus Vieweg:
Dreyer, Michael und Klaus Vieweg:
Tübingen : Francke, 2013.
ISBN 9783772084690

292 S. Originalbroschur.

Humboldts Bildungsideal und sein Modell der Universität MICHAEL N. FORSTER -- Humboldts Konzept der Freiheit und die Politik der Bildung MICHAEL DREYER -- "A Not Yet Invented Logic": Herder on Bildung, Anthropology, and the Future of Philosophy KRISTIN GJESDAL -- "Freies Spiel" und "Spieltrieb": Ästhetische Bildung bei Kant und Schiller FOLKO ZANDER -- Die Dialektik der subjektiven Rechte als Komponente der Moderne JEAN-FRANCOIS KERVEGAN -- Bildung, Logik und Wissenschaft in Hegels theoretischer und praktischer Philosophie (1801-1805) KAI-UWE HOFFMANN -- Sittlichkeit - Nicht ohne Geist: Zum Zusammenhang von Bildung, Freiheit, Negativität und Sittlichkeit -- STEFFEN SCHMIDT -- Burroteca oder der Citoyen als gebildeter Bürger: Hegels epistokratische Konzeption des modernen Staates KLAUS VIEWEG -- Bildung and the Realization of Freedom in Hegel ANGELICA NUZZO -- Das Bildungsprojekt der Volksreligion und die Entstehung von Hegels Sittlichkeitskonzeption BERTOLT FESSEN -- Das reine Zusehen: 'Absolute Bildung' in Hegels Wissenschaft der Logik CLAUDIA WIRSING -- A Vital Question: The Quest for Bildung in Russia, 1860s-80s LINA STEINER -- Bildung der Moderne: Der Bildungsbegriff bei Johann Friedrich Herbart KATJA GRUNDIG DE VAZQUEZ -- Die Unfreiheit der Freiheit: Anmerkungen zur Bildungssituation in der Moderne MICHAEL WINKLER -- Können die Geisteswissenschaften den Neo-Liberalismus überstehen? RAYMOND GEUSS -- Hoffnung und Elend der Epistokratie ANDREAS BRAUNE -- Bemerkungen über Freiheit und Zeit ANTON FRIEDRICH KOCH. ISBN 9783772084690

[Schlagwörter: Erziehung, Schul- und Bildungswesen]

Sprache: Deutsch

Artikel-Nr.: 1022475

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Stefano Frances
Lanham University Press of America 1992
ISBN 0819185116

The book is fine condition. The inside is clean with no highlights, or remarks. 298 pages with the index. The study shows how all the elements of Segundo's theology-his evolutionary understanding of grace and sin, his liberationist hermeneutic, his original treatment of the significance of the historical Jesus, his radically historical eschatology-converge to focus on one essential point: the works of human action that are built of love have absolute value in the eyes of God. They contribute to realization of the eschaton, where they constitute the manifestation of human freedom and the created substance of the glory of God. Hardcover


[Schlagwörter: Praxeology, 20th Century History, Individual Theologians And Their Works,]


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Reasons for Frequent Failure in Mergers and Acquisitions - Thomas Straub
Thomas Straub
Deutscher Universitätsvlg,Aug 2007
ISBN 9783835008441

NEUBUCH! 210x148x17 mm

Despite the goal of performance improvement, results from mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are often disappointing. Numerous empirical studies show high failure rates of M&A deals. Studies are mostly focused on individual determinants. The literature therefore lacks a more comprehensive framework that includes different perspectives. Using four statistical methods, Thomas Straub shows that M&A performance is a multi-dimensional function. For a successful deal, the following key success factors should be taken into account: Strategic logic which is reflected by six determinants: market similarities, market complementarities, operational similarities, operational complementarities, market power, and purchasing power. Organizational integration which is reflected by three determinants: acquisition experience, relative size, cultural compatibility. Financial / price perspective which is reflected by three determinants: acquisition premium, bidding process, and due diligence. All 12 variables are presumed to affect performance either positively or negatively. Post-M&A performance is measured by synergy realization, relative performance (compared to competition), and absolute performance.

[Schlagwörter: Mergers and Acquisitions]

Softcover, Sprache: Deutsch

Artikel-Nr.: 9783835008441

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Katalog HC/Wirtschaft/Werbung, Marketing (lieferbare_neubuecher) beim Anbieter AHA-BUCH GmbH, Deutschland
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Industrial Moisture and Humidity Measurement - Roland Wernecke
Roland Wernecke
Wiley VCH Verlag GmbH,Mrz 2014
ISBN 9783527331772

NEUBUCH! 251x174x32 mm

Written by experts with over 20 years of experience in the field, this one-stop guide covers all aspects, including both the theory and a wealth of practical know-how. As such, it includes guidelines on the installation, realization of standards for absolute and relative humidity, verification and traceability measurements, equipment calibration methods and the latest research developments. As a result, the scientist or engineer has all the information required for accurate, reliable, economically viable and efficient moisture measurement. Backed by numerous case studies, this practical book serves the needs of those working in the industry tasked with performing or developing new techniques and processes for moisture and humidity measurements.

[Schlagwörter: Feuchtigkeit; Messung]

Sprache: Englisch

Artikel-Nr.: 9783527331772

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