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Arts and crafts of South America.: Davies, Lucy and

Davies, Lucy and Mo Fini:

Arts and crafts of South America.

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London : Thames and Hudson, 1994

Anbieter Fundus-Online GbR Borkert SchwarzZerfaß, (Berlin, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 3

160 S. Einband leicht berieben. - A wooden head carved in the north of Brazil to ward off evil spirits; belts woven with symbolic designs from Lake Titicaca in Peru; the beautiful baskets of the Cholo Indians of the Pacific coast of Colombia. Whether from coastal areas, forests or mountains, from pre-Columbian or Spanish Colonial traditions, urban workshops or remote villages, South American arts and crafts show an astonishing vitality. Lucy Davies and Mo Fini have distilled the essence of their extensive research into the creative traditions of this vast area. They include advice and reference for collectors. And with the aid of special, often spectacular photography, they examine all the main media: pottery, jewellery and metalwork; the arts of weaving plant fibre - sombreros, bags and baskets; the ancient textile tradition; painting on clay, leather and glass; wood carving; and extraordinary crafts such as figuras de masapan, colourful and imaginative bread dough figures from Calderon, Ecuador. ISBN 0500277982 Sprache: Englisch Gewicht in Gramm: 550 Mit zahlr. auch farb. Abb. Originalbroschur. Sehr gut. Artikel-Nr.: 972545.

Arts and crafts of India. Photographs by: Cooper, Ilay und

Cooper, Ilay und John Gillow:

Arts and crafts of India. Photographs by Barry Dawson.

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New York : Thames and Hudson, 1996

Anbieter Fundus-Online GbR Borkert SchwarzZerfaß, (Berlin, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 2

160 S. Einband leicht berieben. - Diversity is the hallmark of India. The many peoples that now make up the Indian nation have brought together the inspiration of many cultures, and the Indian terrain, from tropical rainforest to sandy deserts and eternal Himalayan snows, is vast and varied. From this rich repository of artistic traditions and natural materials has evolved a dynamic art and craft culture, which, through its vibrancy, inventiveness, and often superlative workmanship, has for over a thousand years enthralled all who have encountered it. From the most basic artefacts and traditions of village life - earthenware water jars, brightly coloured wooden toys and painted murals of Hindu deities on mud walls - to sophisticated and intricate geometric designs painstakingly etched on to precious metal or carved in stone, here is a spectacular array of arts and crafts, representing the wealth of the country's craft heritage. Specially taken photographs complement a lively and thorough discussion of each medium: the plastic arts; wood and stone carving; metalwork; jewelry; textiles; paint and paper; and a colourful miscellany, including leatherwork, basketry and floral work. As well as comprehensive descriptions of materials and techniques such as inlay, enamelling, sand-casting, tie-dye and papermaking, Arts and Crafts of India outlines the regional styles, history, and social and symbolic significance of many of the artefacts, informed by the authors' in-depth knowledge gleaned from first-hand research - often in remote areas of the subcontinent. ISBN 0500278636 Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: 550 Mit zahlr. auch farb. Abb. Broschiert. Sehr gut. Artikel-Nr.: 926031.


Arts of Asia 1/1978. Title: Tomb Pottery in the National Museum of History Taipei.

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Arts of Asia Hong Kong, 1978

Anbieter Antiquariat Thomas Haker GmbH & Co. KG, (Berlin, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 1

Standardeinband. ca. 120 S. Aktuelle Zeitschrift für Kunst und Antiqitäten INHALT: Marquis Roussy de Sales of Parfums Christian Dior. Anthony Gardner: Bronze Metalwork in Java. Suresh Awasthi: Chhau Dances - Tradition and Style. Sylvia Fraser: Tomb Pottery in the National Museum of History Taipei. Vance Childress and Roxanna Brown: Khmer Ceramics at Prasat Ban Phluang. George Lazarnick: The Second Netsuke Kenkyukai Convention. Mary Morrison: Snuff Bottle Exhibition at Vancouver. Guter Zustand/ Good Sprache: Englisch Gewicht in Gramm: 100. Artikel-Nr.: 378066.

Crafts of Himachal Pradesh. Photographed by R.K.: Aryan, Subhashini:

Aryan, Subhashini:

Crafts of Himachal Pradesh. Photographed by R.K. Datta Gupta.

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Ahmedabad : Mapin; Middletown, N.J. : Grantha, 1993

Anbieter Fundus-Online GbR Borkert SchwarzZerfaß, (Berlin, Deutschland)
Anzahl: 5

167 S. Umschlag leicht berieben, sonst gutes Exemplar. - Despite their beauty and variety, the crafts of Himachal Pradesh have not received the attention they deserve, nor have they been documented in a comprehensive book till now. Crafts of Himachal Pradesh is among the first books to fill this need. The picturesque people of this land, popularly known as Devabhumi, the abode of the gods, continue to express their innate creativity in numerous artefacts. Apart from fulfilling a functional purpose, these objects are steeped in tradition and are deeply rooted in the soil. All the crafts nurtured by the people of Himachal - be they clay toys, wood or stone carvings, metalwork, gold and silver ornaments, basketware, embroideries, woollen fabrics or ceremonial paintings executed in keeping with the seasonal cycle - bear the stamp of the sensitive fingers and refined sensibility of their creators. The link between the sophisticated classical tradition on the one hand and the spontaneous rural art tradition on the other has been highlighted in the chapters devoted to each of these craft traditions. One is struck by the contrast between the Himachal people's love of ornamentation and the simplicity of their lives. ISBN 094414246X Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: 1550 Mit zahlr. farb. Abb. Originalleinen mit Schutzumschlag. Sehr gut. Artikel-Nr.: 925185.




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