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Reginald Le May Illustrator: . Buddhist Art in South-East Asia: The Indian Influence on the Art of Thailand, Aryan Books International 2004 ISBN: 9788173052606

New Hardcover 22 x 28 cm. The aim of this volume is to present a connected history of different forms of Buddhist art which flourished in South-East Asia, especially Thailand, from the early years of Christian era up to the end of the sixteenth century. The book thus furnishes for the first time, a connected and comprehensive account of the art of Thailand (or Siam, as previously known) and also intimately connected arts of India, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia and other neighbouring countries. In spite of the obscure history of Thailand and the dependence of its art on the other countries for inspiration, Dr. le May has succeeded in putting together a reasoned and convincing account of over a period of 1500 years. As the origin of all the forms of Buddhist art found in South-East Asia are to be sought in India, it is essential to obtain a thorough knowledge of Indian Buddhist art as groundwork, which always had the remarkable capacity to adapt itself to the needs of every country, race and religion. Also, as the art of each and everyone of these countries in South-East Asia is complimentary to the rest and a knowledge of each, such as this book provides, is indispensable to our understanding of the whole. The book also contains over 200 photographs selected to illustrate the different phases through which various art forms in Thailand have passed and also examples from India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia and Indonesia for comparison. It, thus not only interprets thoughts, theories, meanings and views on the origin, history, diffusion, structure and inter-relation, but also provides a guiding thread among the various styles and periods while giving an adequate and correct idea of the various schools and works of Buddhist art. TABLE OF CONTENTS: LIMESTONE HEAD OF BUDDHA (Mon Type) frontispiece, FOREWORD, by SIR JOHN MARSHALL, Kt., C.LE., Litt.D., F.B.A., F.S.A, PREFACE, List of Illustrations, Chapter I Introductory II The Different Schools of Art in Siam III The Dvaravati (Mon-Indian) Period in Siam IV The Kingdom of Crivijaya and the Indo-Javanese School V Funan, and the Khmer Period in Siam VI The Khmer Period in Siam (continued) VII The Origins of the Tai and Relations with Burma VIII Further Relations with Burma and India, and the Rise of the Chiengsen School IX The Rise of the Tai in Siam and the Origin of the Suk'ot'ai School X The Suk'ot'ai School XI The Schools of U-T'ong, Lopburi (Tai) and Ayudhya BIBLIOGRAPHY: A. General B. Special C. List of Journals dealing with Far Eastern Art INDEX Two MAPS: (I) showing relations and sea-routes between India and the Indo-Chinese Peninsula (2) showing Siam and the adjoining countries Printed Pages: 188. First edition

[SW: Buddhist Art in South-East Asia: The Indian Influence on the Art of ThailandReginald Le May9788173052606]


Thailand Die Expedition des preussischen Geschwaders in den ostasiatischen Gewässern. Illustrierte anonyme Zeitschriftenartikel. Folge IX und X [Siam komplett]. Audienz bei Sr. Maj. dem ersten König von Siam. Mit 4 Abb. 1862
Behandelt den Staatsbesuch im damaligen Königreich Siam als Beginn der diplomatischen Beziehungen beider Länder mit einem "Freundschafts-, Handels und Schiffahrtsvertrag" zwischen Preußen und Siam. Der Bericht in Briefform, datiert "Fregatte 'Arcona', Rhede von Bangkok, den 9. Febr. 1862" und "S.M.S. 'Arcona', Anjer, den 2. April 1862". Neben einer interessanten Schilderung vom Leben in Bankok erfährt man von den Vorgängen im Gesandtschaftsgebäude von Preußen (weitere Gäste der Schiffsbesatzungen fanden Platz bei den Herren Markwald, Leßler, Pickenpack u. a., wohl Kaufleute aus den Hansestädten) und der in Begleitung des Außenministers Prak-Lan stattgefundenen Audienz im Palast von König Mongkut ("Am 7. Februar wurde der Vertrag mit Siam unterzeichnet...Da mit dem Abschlusse...die letzte Aufgabe des Gesandten gelöst war, so kehrte derselbe [nicht namentlich genannte Graf Friedrich zu Eulenburg] am 8. März mit dem Postdampfer über Bombay nach Berlin zurück"). Die Abbildungen mit Ansichten: "Die große Pagode in Bangkok und Auffahrt der königlich preußischen Gesandtschaft zur Audienz beim ersten König von Siam" (17 x 24,1 cm), "Bangkok, Hauptstadt des Königreichs Siam" (großformatige Ansicht "nach der Zeichnung eines Mitgliedes der preußischen Expedition", 23,9 x 36,2 cm), "Schwimmendes Haus in Bangkok" (16,1 x 23,9 cm), "Der große Verbrennungsplatz des Wat-si-ket in Bangkok" (16,5 x 2,9 cm).

4 Blatt mit 4 Seiten Text. Folio (40 x 27,5 cm).


Siam Society (JSS) (Hg.): The Natural History Bulletin of the Siam Society - Volume 18, December 1957 - Poisonous Snakers in Siam; The Forest Resources of Thailand; The Coconut Palm; Siam Crocodile, Siam Society, Bangkok 1957 ; weicher Einband / soft cover

Contents: Poisonous Snakers in Siam; The Forest Resources of Thailand; The Coconut Palm; Siam Crocodile. 38 S. Englisch. Seiten sehr gering angebräunt, sauber, Besitzvermerk auf Vorsatz, Gesamtzustand gut. Broschiert gr.8°

[SW: Thailand, Orientalistik, Geschichte, Anthropologie, Ethnologie, Ökologie, Natur, Pflanzen, Flora, Fauna, Biologie]


A copious work, covering a brief account of Siam in the 17th century, relations between Siam & Europe 1659. French influ- ences-the English bring Phaulkon to Siam. English influences & advancement of Phaulkon in Siam. Franco-Siamese negotiat- ions-Phaulkon in Power. Siam & England-Phaulkon in danger. The French garrison, Phaulkon's fall. Siam & the adventurers Phaulkon in History. Useful appendices on Siamese currency & measures, letters of Phaulkon & Pere G. Tachard, S.J. An excellent study, reliable. * * * * BUY WITH CONFIDENCE 47 YEARS EXPERIENCE AS A PROFESSIONAL BOOK DEALER * * * * ! * * * Established 1967 * * * !! WARNING: The entire above description is COPYRIGHT protected material under United States & International Copyright & Intellectual * * * * SHIPPING: WE SHIP WORLD WIDE * * * * * The shipping costs displayed for our books on ZVAB are ONLY AN ESTIMATE !!! * ACTUAL costs are based book weight, destination and value. * We will inform you of shipping costs and options once you select the book. **FOREIGN: We usually ship by registered/insured airmail to customers abroad. **DOMESTIC: We ship to USA customers by UPS/FEDEX or U.S. MAIL, appropriate insurance/registry and signature required will appply. ***** Please inquire if you have any questions regarding shipping or payments .

London 1940, Royal Asiatic Soc. Red cloth, very good, 283p., index, bibliography, 9 appendices, 27 b.w. illustrations and drawings, maps. R A R E