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Weygandt, A.M. Kipling's Reading and Its Influence on His Poetry. University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, first edition, 1939.
Uncommon. An excellent and well-indexed study of lasting interest, although nearly seventy years on it could usefully be revisited in the light of subsequent scholarship. Contents: Preface; Introduction; I Kipling's Knowledge of Old and Middle English Literature; II Kipling's Knowledge of Elizabethan and Seventeenth-Century Literature; III Kipling's Knowledge of Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Literature; IV Kipling's Knowledge of Victorian Literature; V Kipling's Knowledge of American Literature; VI Kipling's Use of the Bible and Prayer Book; VII Kipling and the Song; Conclusion; Index.

Cloth, 8vo, 23 cm, xiii, 200 pp. Endpapers browned, Good.

[SW: KIPLING, R.wykbooks 11895 Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936 Criticism and interpretation. Weygandt, Ann Matlack]


Kipling, R. The Sussex Edition of the Complete Works in Prose and Verse of Rudyard Kipling. [ Complete Set ] Macmillan and Co. Ltd, London, Sussex Edition, 1937-39.
Limited edition of 525 sets of which 500, signed by the author, were for sale. However many of these were destroyed when the publisher's warehouse was bombed in 1941. The Sussex edition is the definitive edition of Kipling's works, splendidly produced and much sought after by collectors. Some contemporary Macmillan advertising material described it thus: "[The Sussex Edition] had been planned some years before the author's death, and was designed to rank as the definitive edition of all his works in prose and verse, in the most complete and handsome form. Kipling had undertaken a detailed revision of the text for this purpose, and had autographed and numbered the first volume of each set. He left behind him careful instructions regarding the unpublished or uncollected writings which are so conspicuous and interesting a feature of the Sussex Edition. This material includes over sixty stories, articles, and speeches, besides such groups of papers as The War in the Mountains, Eyes of Asia, and Brazilian Sketches, none of them previously published in book form, if at all, in this country, and the whole of his early or uncollected verse." From a contemporary review in the TLS: "The publishers are justified in the use of the epithet "superb" to describe this edition. The fine hand-made paper and Bembo type are equally satisfactory : but perhaps the binding is still more notable. It is .. Niger leather, lettered and simply ornamented in gold. The volumes, though ten inches by six and three quarter inches in size, are comparatively slim and so easy to hold; and they have an air of durability and of being meant for reading as well as for keeping, which is not always the case with editions de luxe."

35 vols, royal 8vo, full russet Niger morocco, handmade paper, top edges rough-gilded, other edges untrimmed. . Set No. 15, signed by Kipling. Unobtrusive (1 cm) scratch to spine of volume 7, some spine bands just a trifle rubbed, otherwise a splendid Fine set. Contents exceptionally clean, with many volumes largely unopened.

[SW: KIPLING, R.wykbooks 13244 Rudyard Kipling sussex edition complete works]


Kipling, R. ; Haggard, H.R. ; Cohen, M.N. Rudyard Kipling to Rider Haggard : The Record of a Friendship. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, Rutherford, first edition, 1965.
From the blurb: "Rudyard Kipling's Kim and The Jungle Books and Rider Haggard's She and King Solomon's Mines continue to attract a vast audience of readers and filmgoers to this day. But the story of these men's adventurous lives and the friendship they enjoyed are less well known than the books they wrote. It was a matter of course, moving as they both did in the small London literary world of the 1880s, that they should meet. What is surprising is that, while competing for the same reading public, these two popular writers should have liked each other from the start and quickly become close friends... But their friendship took root in similar experiences in their personal and professional lives and reached into the deeper ground of sympathetic intellectual and emotional points of view, political and social attitudes, and religious conviction. Rudyard Kipling to Rider Hnggard is the story of the friendship that grew up between these two men and which lasted for more than thirty-five years. It is also, in a single volume, the first edited collection of Kipling's unpublished letters and excerpts from Haggard 's diaries. Professor Cohen has brought together the surviving letters, diary entries, and other relevant documents, and woven them into a book that tells the full story of the friendship.... 'Rudyard Kipling to Rider Haggard' contains forty-nine letters from Kipling to Haggard; two letters from Haggard to Kipling; twenty-seven entries in Haggard's diaries; one letter from Kipling to Andrew Lang; one from Haggard to his wife; one from Kipling to Haggard's secretary ; and descriptions of other holographs that have survived, particularly the plot outlines and character sketches from three of Haggard's novels on which Kipling and Haggard worked together. These documents help us understand how these men's creative imaginations worked, reveal their attitudes to the politics and events of their time, and show them, away from the limelight, opening their minds and hearts in conversation and in letters to one another."

Cloth, 8vo, 24 cm, xvi, 196 pp, ills, facs. Slightly sunned at foot of spine, otherwise Very Good in a used dustwrapper. which is frayed at the foot of the spine. 083866881X

[SW: Kipling, R.wykbooks 23353 Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936 -- Correspondence. Haggard, Henry Rider. Haggard, H. Rider (Henry Rider), 1856-1925 -- Correspondence. Kipling, Rudyard Haggard, H. Rider Cohen, Morton Norton]


Amis, K. Rudyard Kipling and His World. Thames and Hudson, London, edition, 1975.
From the blurb : "KIPLING'S life and work are extraordinary, unlike those of any other English writer. They also vividly reflect an age that has passed and yet left strong, ineffaceable marks upon our lives today. The huge formative experience of India's colours and sounds and smells; a Victorian upbringing indulgent and tyrannical by turns; loneliness and alienation in the London of the English Decadence; lengthy travels round a world half modern, half strange and antiquated; an isolated yet active old age in Sussex: these are some of the many elements in the life of a man much admired, much hated and much misunderstood. All his best-known works, from Barrack-Room Ballads to The Jungle Book, from Stalky & Co. to Just So Stories, have provoked fanciful and extravagant comment. Exactly what do we mean by labelling Kipling 'imperialist' ? To what extent do such themes as betrayal and revenge in his work relate to his experience? In Kingsley Amis's penetrating new biography, we catch glimpses of the Kipling we think we know, but the picture is given substance through subtlety. When Kipling may seem to fail, Mr Amis says so; what is left is a remarkable achievement - remarkable both for its range of subject-matter, mood and technique, and for its tremendous power."

Cloth, small 4to, 24 cm, 128 pp, 114 ills. Good in dustwrapper. 0500130523

[SW: KIPLING, R.wykbooks 22328 Kipling, Rudyard -- Biography. Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936 -- Biography. Authors, English -- Biography. English literature -- Kipling, Rudyard -- 1865-1936 -- Biographies English literature -- Kipling, Rudyard -- Biographies Amis, Kingsley]