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[Joyce, James] Joyce, Stanislaus / Eliot, T.S. My Brother's Keeper - James Joyce's Early Years. Edited, with an Introduction and Notes by Richard Ellmann. Preface by T.S.Eliot. New York, The Viking Press, 1958. ; fester Einband / hard cover ISBN: B0006AVEBI
Stanislaus Joyce (December 17, 1884-June 16, 1955) was an Irish teacher, scholar, and writer who lived for many years in Italy. He was the brother of James Joyce. Considered a "whetstone" by his more famous brother, who shared his ideas and his books with him, Stanislaus was three years younger than James, and a constant boyhood companion. Stanislaus rebelled against his native Ireland as his brother had done, and in 1905, he joined James's household in Trieste on Via Caterina, 1. He worked as an English-language teacher in the Berlitz School alongside his brother. In 1903, he had already begun to keep a diary that recorded his own thoughts on philosophical and literary matter as well as those of his brother; he later resumed this diary in Trieste. This "Book of Days", as he called it, sheds light on James Joyce's life between the years 1906 and 1909. The diary indicates that Stanislaus, truly "his brother's keeper", was called upon to rescue his brother from financial difficulties time and time again. After 1908, he maintained his own address, although he may have lived with his brother again for a time in 1909. Arrested as an irredentist on December 28, 1914, at the beginning of World War I, he was interned by the Austrians at Katzenau, near Linz. After his release, he moved in with his sister Eileen's family. Stanislaus took his brother's teaching position at Trieste's Scuola Superiore di Commercio "Revoltella" in 1920; this school later became assimilated into the University of Trieste and he continued on as a non-tenured professor of English until his death. On August 13, 1928, Stanislaus married Nelly Lichtensteiger. They had one son -James- who was born in February 1943. Due to his anti-Fascist views, Stanislaus moved to Florence sometime in 1941, where he may have been protected from the Germans by various wealthy Italian and American families. He later published Recollections of James Joyce (1950); published after his death on June 16 ("Bloomsday") were My Brother's Keeper (1957) and Dublin Diary (1962). In the 1950's, Stanislaus had also assisted Richard Ellmann, his brother's biographer, with Ellmann's monumental James Joyce (1959). Stanislaus often fought with his brother, as well as with his brother's wife Nora Barnacle, but they shared a common literary philosophy despite the fact that Stanislaus had received less advanced schooling than his brother. Stanislaus, however, would channel these instincts into sober academic study rather than wild flights of literary fancy. Of his brother, Stanislaus wrote, "It seems to me little short of a miracle that anyone should have striven to cultivate poetry or cared to get in touch with the current of European thought while living in a household such as ours, typical as it was of the squalor of a drunken generation. Some inner purpose transfigured him." He died in Trieste, and is buried at the Via della Pace cemetery. (Wikipedia)

8°. XXII, 266 pages with an extensive Index. Original Hardcover with original dustjacket. The jacket torn - the volume itself in very good+ condition. Enclosed are two newspaper-clippings related to the Joyce-family.

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[Joyce, James] Potts. Portraits of the Artist in Exile. Edited by Willard Potts. Dublin, Wolfhound Press, 1979. ; fester Einband / hard cover ISBN: 0863270263
Includes for Example: Alessandro Francini Bruni- Joyce Stripped Naked in the Piazza; Recollections of Joyce/ Silvio Benco: James Joyce in Trieste/ August Suter: Some Reminscences of James Joyce/ Nino Frank: The Shadow that had Lost Its Man/ Philippe Soupault: James Joyce/ Adolf Hoffmeister: James Joyce; Portrait of Joyce/ Ole Vinding: James Joyce in Copenhagen/ Jan Parandowski: Meeting with Joyce/ Louis Gillet: Farewell to Joyce; The Living Joyce/ Jacques Mercanton: The Hours of James Joyce/ Carola Giedion-Welcker: Meetings with Joyce/ Paul Ruggiero and Paul Leon: James Joyce's Last Days in Zurich; In Memory of Joyce etc. Potts has collected memoirs and miscellaneous commentaries on Joyce by friends, associates and casual interviewers in Trieste, Zurich, Paris and other European centres.

23.4cm x 15cm. xvi, 304 pages. Original illustrated softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Rare. Endpaper with small cut (former preowners name probably removed with scissors !).

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John Gross, Matthew Hodgart, Harry Levin, John Wyse Jackson, Peter Costello, Rosanna Negrotti et al: Collection of 7 Books Relating to James Joyce, , London Published by Fontana, Jonathan Cape, Routledge & Kega Paul et al , 1944-97
, Dust wrappers on 2 volumes, in very good condition Octavo

, collection of 7 volumes including; Joyce, The Essential James Joyce, James Joyce a Student's Guide, James Joyce a Critical Introduction, James Joyce the Artist and the Labyrinth, John Stanislaus Joyce The Voluminous Life and Genius of James Joyce's Father, Joyce's Dublin An Illustrated Commentary Reprints and First Editions Octavo Hardbacks and paperbacks , book covers a little rubbed and marked, paperbacks are a little creased, books in good to very good condition , Various

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Joyce, James - CATO, Bob u. Greg Vitiello (Hrsg.): James Joyce Bilder. Mit einer Einführung von Anthony Burgess. A.d. Amerikanischen. (Mit ca. 90 schwarzw. Abb. u. Faksimiles.) - Ffm.: Suhrkamp 1994.
ERSTE DEUTSCHE AUSGABE. - Zahlreiche Künstler, Fotografen, Bildhauer und Karikaturisten schufen Bilder von James Joyce (1882-1941), von seiner Familie und seinen Kollegen. "Viele Bilder sind verdientermaßen bekannt - von Man Ray, Berenice Abbott, Brancusi, Matisse, Jo Davidson und Gisele Freund -, andere sind sogar eifrigen Joyce-Verehrern unbekannt geblieben. Zusammengenommen bilden diese 90 Bilder die umfassendste Sammlung von Joyce-Bildnissen, die jemals für ein einzelnes Buch zusammengetragen worden ist." (Umschlag). Die Originalausgabe erschien unter dem Titel 'Joyce Images' 1994 im Verlag W.W. Norton & Comp., New York. - Bob Cato (1923-1999), preisgekrönter amerikanischer Buchgestalter, Bildhauer, Maler und Collagist. - Greg Vitiello hat zahlreiche Bücher herausgegeben, geschrieben und hergestellt. - Anthony Burgess (1917-1993), britischer Schriftsteller und Komponist. - Umschlaggestaltung und -abbildung von Bob Cato. - Besitzvermerk a.d. Innendeckel. - Beilagen: I. Zehn-Pfund-Note mit einem Porträt von Joyce auf der Vorder- und den Anfangszeilen von 'Finnegans Wake' auf der Rückseite, ausgegeben von der Central Bank of Ireland im September 1993; II. Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Internationale Ausgabe. Nr. 137, 15./16.6.1996, Ss. 49-50, mit 3 Beiträgen über James Joyce ('Ein Fest für rastlose Geister. Zum 15. James-Joyce-Symposium in Zürich' von Fritz Senn; 'Die künstlerische Integrität des Textes. Joyce auf chinesisch - Probleme und Programm der Übersetzung' von Jin Di; 'Himmelfahrt und Höllensturz. James Joyce und Samuel Beckett' von Friedhelm Rathjen).

111 Ss. 4°. Bordeauxrotes Ln. mit goldgeprägt. Rückentitel u. illustr. Umschl.

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