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A.G. Ambekar Illustrator: .

Mechanical Vibrations and Noise Engineering

PHI Learning 0000
ISBN 9788120329003

New Softcover . This book, which is a result of the author's many years of teaching, exposes the readers to the fundamentals of mechanical vibrations and noise engineering. It provides them with the tools essential to tackle the problem of vibrations produced in machines and structures due to unbalanced forces and the noise produced thereof. The text lays emphasis on mechanical engineering applications of the subject and develops conceptual understanding with the help of many worked-out examples. What distinguishes the text is that three chapters are devoted to Sound Level and Subjective Response to Sound, Noise: Effects, Ratings and Regulations and Noise: Sources, Isolation and Control. Importance of mathematical formulation in converting a distributed parameter vibration problem into an equivalent lumped parameter problem is also emphasized. Primarily designed as a text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of mechanical engineering, this book would also be useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students of civil, aeronautical and automobile engineering as well as practising engineers. Contents Preface. 1. Fundamentals and Basic Concepts. 2. Undamped Free Vibrations. 3. Damped Free Vibrations. 4. Harmonically Excited Vibration (Systems with Single Degree of Freedom). 5. Systems with Two Degrees of Freedom. 6. Multi-Degree of Freedom Systems. 7. Whirling Motion and Critical Speeds. 8. Continuous Systems. 9. Sound Level and Subjective Response to Sound. 10. Noise: Effects, Ratings and Regulations. 11. Noise: Sources, Isolation and Control. Bibliography. Answers to Selected Review Questions. Index. Printed Pages: 412. First edition

[Schlagwörter: Mechanical Vibrations and Noise EngineeringA.G. Ambekar9788120329003]

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